Girls who lift: Beth Trueman speaks out

“I’ve always been a bit of a fitness fanatic, but it was actually my boyfriend that got me into lifting. I joined X4L around a year ago, and never ventured from the cardio section for about 2 months. It wasn’t until I started lifting that I really started to enjoy my training, and it was then that I started seeing the best results!”

“When I began training again I set myself goals, the long term being to develop my physique and be comfortable in my own skin again. Goals have to be smart, and it is important to set short goals that will all lead you up to achieving the end goal. Competing was one of those goals, and it sure has pushed me the last stretch of the way.”

Beth Truman of Xercise4Less Rotherham performing free weights

“I currently follow flexible dieting (IIFYM – ‘If it fits your macros’) but ensure I still eat clean and get my micronutrients in as well rather than purely focusing on my macronutrients.”

“In terms of training, I try and lift weights 4/5 times a week – and as my diet progresses towards my competition my cardio increases.”

“At the minute my split is working on two upper body days and three lower body days as I find my upper body progresses quicker than my lower. This is then split into: Back and biceps, shoulders and triceps, quads and calves, hamstrings and then glutes.”

“I currently have Personal Training sessions once/twice a week with Matt Seaman who has really helped develop my weakness and motivate me on days when I could have just thrown the towel in.”

“There has been lots of challenges, but the most important thing is that I’ve overcome them and come out stronger from it. Everyone is going to experience set backs along the way, but it is important to get back up and continue fighting for what you want.”

“My biggest challenge has probably been my digestive issues – I struggle with IBS/IBD and over the past 3 months have been really poorly and under a lot of medical investigation. For me it has been trying to overcome the physical feeling of giving up and just stopping my day to day activities because of my illness. If anything, physical activity and the gym is my release and my focus. It helped me get through it all.”

“On top of that, one thing that I know everyone can relate to is slow progress. I remember there has been plenty of times when I have looked in the mirror and thought “but I look no different” and that is hard. It’s hard when you work your backside off and then don’t see results. But progress is progress, and you don’t realise at the time but you are progressing you just don’t realise it.”

“It’s not until you compare yourself to when you started you realise just how far you’ve come – and that is the best motivation to continue!”

“I’ve been training for almost a year now, but decided to do a show in winter of 2014. I began my ‘cutting phase’ of my diet back in February with my coach Lainey Keogh, but then postponed my show from the 3rd May to 19th July as a result of me being particularly poorly these past few months. My macros have now increased to ensure I don’t peak too early, but my training is remaining the same – just slightly less cardio at the minute (which I’m not complaining about!).”

“My biggest goal is to just inspire and motivate others. I would love to be an influence into someone’s fitness journey, and to think that I could have helped them in some way would just be amazing.”

“With consistency anything is possible! That is always my favourite piece of advice – if you want something enough give 110% into it every day, no half measures. Also, don’t be afraid to lift weights! There is so much stigma around women lifting weights and getting ‘big’ and it’s not true. Since starting lifting I’ve seen the most progress, I have been lifting heavy all this time and I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes!”