Demi Anderson – Transformation Story

 Demi Anderson from Xercise4Less Cumbernauld has achieved an amazing 4 stone loss over 1 year.

‘’Before starting my fitness journey I was very unhappy with myself and my confidence levels were so low I stopped making any efforts. Before, I would just eat and not think of consequences, I didn’t learn how to cook properly, it was all oven food and takeaways. With time I realised I couldn’t live the rest of my life like this and only I could fix the issues with myself and make a change.

Finally, I managed to get the motivation to make a change – I started eating better, I learnt how to cook and learnt what my body needed (I’m vegetarian), and I started to feel better and started to see the weight coming off and felt more energised.

I then started exercising, I joined Xercise4Less Cumbernauld when it opened, I was very excited (but nervous), I wasn’t fit at all but felt relaxed at the gym, having the ladies only section was great for me and I was able to see a massive change in the first month to my fitness levels and it has only increased as the weeks went by! So far I have lost 4 stone in a year, I have learned to love fitness and working out and I have gained so much confidence!

My future goal is to be more toned and to build muscle, to be stronger. Losing weight gave me confidence and I am no longer hiding in the corner or scared of cameras! I am healthier and more active and I can actually enjoy going out and spending time with friends without being knackered all the time.

”My advice to anyone who wants to see results is simple: do it! Push yourself as you need to make the change and you need to make your own happiness.’’

Incredible transformation achieved by Demi Anderson, massive well done from all of us at Xercise4Less, we are so proud! 

Cara Readle – Celebra

Cara Readle, well-known for her role in the popular children’s TV series Tracy Beaker, was born with cerebral palsy. 

She is a regular member of Xercise4Less and recently completed a duathlon in her local branch in Swansea; prior to which, she trained twice a week with her PT, Emma, in preparation the challenge ahead!

She walked 5k on a treadmill and 5k cycle on a static bike in her local Swansea gym – and although she knew this would be challenging, she was determined to raise money for Cerebra. 

“It may take me all day but I have started training for this and I have lots of support.”

About Cerebra

Cerebra are the charity who work wonders for children with brain conditions.

Their vision is that every family that includes a children with a brain condition will have the chance to discover a better life together. 

Their Mission is to listen to families that include children with brain conditions. They use the stories that are shared with them to inspire the best research and innovation. Then they help put the knowledge into practice so families can discover a better life together.


Cara is a Swansea born actress who achieved a first class degree in preforming arts at the University of Wales Trinity St David. She’s now a model and has been an ambassador for the children’s charity Cerebra for seven years.

Find out more about Cara and  her amazing journey over on her social media channels below. 



Student Gym Memberships from Xercise4Less Gyms. Get Fitter, Faster.

University Sports – How to Find Friends and Fit In

There’s nothing more likely to exhaust you than trying to pick a sport to play at university. If you’re keen to stay active in uni, you can choose from a heaving array of college sports teams. Most university sports clubs cater for everyone from the complete novice right through to the almost-professional athlete. And even if you’ve never stepped inside a gym and even if you think you hate exercise, you should join a university sports club as a fresher.


Let Xercise4Less Gyms give you a few good reasons for getting ahead of the game in your first year in uni.

The Real Benefits of Student Sports

Signing up to a university team is a huge help in finding like-minded students. You’ll make far more friends if you’re active in the uni sports world. Find your own tribe that are game for some fun activities and keep you fit for your college career. You’re at university now so you’re no longer dependent on the whims of your PE teacher or the demands of school sporty types. You’re free to make your own sporting choices and that really can be anything at college.

Whether you try archery, golf or even dodgeball, there’s also a great social aspect to university sports. College clubs will be enthusiastic to sign you up as a fresher so there’s an opportunity to try lots of different sports and meet lots of people you might not meet otherwise. Take part in something active and take it as seriously as you feel like. Have some fitness fun and work off some of those late night pizzas!

If you’re really not into sport, join a uni sports club for the health benefits. Playing for a team will help with isolation and loneliness, minimize stress, provide a break from the library and boost your mental and physical health. What’s not to like about that!

But what if you want to take university sports more seriously?

A Personal University Sports Academy

If you’re a serious sports person, you should consider joining your local Xercise4Less gym. We’re the sensible student choice for uni sports because we provide access to the latest equipment in huge numbers. You’ll be fitter than your uni sports friends when you can work out using over 400 pieces of state-of-the-art gym equipment from battle ropes and free weights to treadmills and spin bikes.

Our student gym membership provides you with access to a ferocious combat area including boxing ring, functional fitness zone and a private and self-contained Women Only gym area for female members. Whatever university sports you play, you’ll play them better with the fantastic range of fitness equipment you can use. 

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Find the Fittest Friends at Xercise4Less Gyms

Tired of working out just with your college sports team? At your local Xercise4Less gym you’ll find a whole cohort of new gym buddies to challenge and motivate you to new personal bests. Push yourself to fresh heights when you exercise alongside a new fitness partner. They can even suggest new routines to keep you interested and keep your muscles working hard. Try a new group exercise class and widen your fitness network. Working with our expert Personal Trainers will also give you a technical edge over your university sporting peers.

A University Sports Gym that Delivers Results

With an Xercise4Less student gym membership you’ll get your university sports career off to the best possible start. Sprint away from your college sporting rivals with a great value uni gym membership and no joining fee. Make fitness friends fast and give yourself an amazing sporting life at university.

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Go nuts!

Up your nut butter game with our guide to the best nut butters! 

With National Peanut Day and National Nut Day being our excuses to indulge in a whole host of spreads; we thought what better way than to spread the love thick on our favourite nut butters.

Gone are the days when the only option was peanut butter  ?  , you can now find tonnes of deliciously mouth-watering nut butters on supermarket shelves, but in a world of such diversity, how do you choose THE best?

With everything from chocolate orange almond butter, to cocoa peanut butter with coconut & honey gracing our Instagram feeds, we’ve weighed up some of the most popular flavours & brands which have exploded the market and whilst we provide nuggets of delightful details of products throughout this blog, we’d always recommend that you check out the nutritional labels yourself in order to maintain a balance diet!

We spoke to a few influential ladies within the health & wellness social hemisphere to bring you some of their favourite nut butters on the high street.

Two London based fitness, food and lifestyle bloggers who are also best friends/wannabe-sisters share their passion for leading a healthy, active and balanced lifestyles through @gains4girls.

Their favourite nut butter is the Pip & Nuts Chocolate Orange Almond Butter. Speaking of chocolate orange, why not try their Jaffa Cake Protein Truffles for a perfect post workout snack?

_Bethjohns, a confident, resilient, optimistic and avid gym go-er, also expressed her love for Pip & Nut, however, her flavour of choice was chocolate hazelnut.

We managed to speak to Veronica, the naturally nutty marketing intern from the famous Pip & Nut themselves.  She’d recommend the crunchy maple peanut butter, coconut almond butter or honey almond butter. But we’d recommend trying all three. In one sitting.

Madeline Shaw will get you glowing from the inside out. As a nutritional therapist, blogger and healthy chef who promotes recipes, wellness and self-care to a following of over 270k, we trust that when she says she loves the Meridian cashew butter, we would too! In fact, she recently used this in her chocolate collagen bars. Full of protein & (of course – as it says on the tin) collagen, they’re perfect for your morning commute, elevenses, afternoon pick-me-up & dessert after a lengthy day, why not give them a whirl this weekend?

Get the recipe here!

If you’re trying to get your head around how to be healthy, then look no further than Madeline’s 10 point golden guide to healthy living, which covers elements from hydration to deprivation and stress elimination!

Go nuts for these scrumptious spreads:

The original one: Peanut

Peanut butter is packed with monounsaturated fats and contains, vitamins and fibre but we most commonly associate the amount of protein per serving with this spread – and that’s all good being said, but what even IS monounsaturated fat and WHY is the fact its rich in fibre beneficial?

Well, monounsaturated fat is heart-healthy, it’s one of the ‘healthy fats’ and eating moderate amounts can benefit your health in terms of lowering your LDL (bad) cholesterol as well as helping manage blood sugar (particularly beneficial for those with type 2 diabetes).

Fibre is commonly known for the ability to regulate the digestive system, but contrary to popular belief, fibre is a carb, and a “healthy carb” at that. Did you know that over a third of the carbohydrate in peanuts is fibre?

Even though you shouldn’t use peanut butter as a dominant food source, its fine to eat every now & then in small amounts – moderation not deprivation!

The Instagram famous one: Almond

Whilst the popular peanut butter still dominates supermarket shelves, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that almond butter has been at the centre of the nut butter boom in recent years. 

We’re bombarded daily with healthy foodies generously drizzling and dolloping this nut butter atop their acai bowls and overnight “proats” (protein oats, of course); and with disruptive marketers such as Pip & Nut contributing to our desire for something sweeter, sales are soaring.

With a high calcium and copper content, almond butter is said to keep the brain sharp and skeleton strong, so similar to peanut butter, studies have shown links to reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and strokes – but which is healthier the peanut or the almond?

In terms of “actual” nutrients, almond butter is said to be healthier than peanut butter because it contains more vitamins (predominantly vitamin E) minerals (magnesium and iron) and fibre, however, both are calorie and sugar similar and we wouldn’t like to say either are “better”; because at the end of the day, the only downside of there is overconsumption (and unfortunately, we can’t help you with that!)

The not so cheap one: Cashew

Fun fact: Cashew nuts are actually the seeds of the cashew apple, which is the ‘fruit’ of the cashew tree. The actual ‘nut’ (as we know it) grows inside a hard (and highly poisonous) shell; which makes the extraction tremendously tricky – and that’s why cashews come at a higher price than other nuts!

Cashew butter contains amino acids and healthy fats, which like our other choices, can keep your heart healthy. It also contains higher volumes of magnesium which speeds up your metabolism and improves your immunity.

Pro – high in protein; con – high in calories; so just like with other butters, it is important you don’t overindulge (sorry!)

Cashew nuts also contain a high carb content, which is why if you are on a low carb diet you should monitor how much of it you consume.

The one which reminds us of Nutella: Hazelnut

Although similar to the above listed butters in many ways, hazelnut butter is not as high in protein as the others, so if you want to stay fuller for longer, then we’d recommend pairing this one alongside another protein rich snack.

Previous research has linked hazelnuts with healthy ageing and decreased anxiety levels. #worldmentalhealthday2018

However, be warned. Hazelnut is usually coupled with chocolate when it comes to spreads (think Nutella… and pancakes… and French toast… and a good tablespoon); and although harmless as a treat, too much chocolate spread is likely to harm your diet and possibly your health.

If you want that cocoa fix with your hazelnut, we’d recommend the meridian cocoa and hazelnut butter – made with 100% natural ingredients, with no added salt, sugar flavours or preservatives. Why not pair with some fresh strawberries… or some French toast!?

We could go into scientifically proven stats surrounding the health benefits of the nut butters, but what you really want to know is:

  • Where can I discover?
  • How can I devour?

From Aldi and Lidl to Waitrose and Selfridges, you can find a nut butter in almost every supermarket. And if you can’t, there’s a whole host of websites with a variety to choose from!

Here are some of our fave brands & a taste of their tastes:

The protein works

Cacao almond butter, almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter, rawetlla

Pip & Nut

Peanut butter, choc hazelnut, choc orange almond, honey almond, crunch maple peanut, coconut almond

My Protein

Peanut, almond, power peanut, organic peanut, cashew, whey protein peanut, triple nut, rice protein peanut


Almond, cashew, rich roast peanut, peanut with salt, coconut peanut, peanut with sunflower & sesame, cocoa peanut butter with coconut & honey.


Peanut butter with honey

Bioana organic

Crunchy, chocolate, coconut

Take nourishment to the next level.

Not sure what to rustle up for breakfast this weekend? Fear not, toast isn’t always boring. Try banana & chocolate orange almond butter on a slice of sourdough this Saturday morning!

And if you fancy something savoury? Why not try adding a dollop of peanut butter into your stirfry?

 On that note, we’re off for some snacks.

Molly Foster – Transformation Story

Molly Foster from Xercise4Less Manchester Middleton has lost an amazing 2 and a half stone.

Molly’s starting weight was 14 stone. Her motivation to start her fitness journey came from following Xercise4Less social media pages and influencers. She was inspired by seeing other people’s progression and decided she wanted to begin her own fitness journey. After 4 months Molly hit the 1 stone 8lbs weight loss, but struggled to lose anymore.

She quotes: ‘‘My weight wouldn’t shift and I felt I wasn’t making any progress, so I continued to keep going and I finally started to see so many more improvements.’’

To lose the extra weight Molly doubled her cardio time in the gym and she started to do light weightlifting. After 6 months she was able to lift heavier weights and started seeing the definition of her muscle coming through. #girlgains

Molly’s addiction to the gym increased and she now attends the gym every night and loves doing so. She created her own diet of which she shares on her social media pages. Her advice to those in the same situation as her is ‘For anyone who’s trying to lose weight is to be really persistent and patient with your weight loss, it will come and it doesn’t happen overnight, try to do things in the gym you enjoy so that it encourages you to go more!’

Molly now weights 11 stone 7lbs, meaning she has had an amazing 2 & ½ stone loss! 

Well done Molly! Absolutely amazing transformation!