Techniques to Help You Perform Stronger in the Gym

Man Using Leg Press
Man Using Leg Press

How to Perform Better in the Gym

Everyone has different goals and targets and most importantly, fitness journeys. However, there are things that all of us can do to help ourselves perform better in terms of fitness and to become a stronger, healthier, fitter and happier version of ourselves.

Whatever your goals are, use this time at home to focus on a few different training techniques and styles that your mind and body will thank you for once you step foot back into your Xercise4Less gym that you’ve so badly missed. We can’t wait to welcome you back and we want to make sure you have the best possible experience.

Squats on Squat Rack

Focus on Your Form and Maximise Results

If you’ve been trying to grow certain muscles or target areas for a while now but haven’t been seeing the results that you want, this may be down to your form. By really focusing on the form whilst you’re away from the equipment and environment, once you step back into the gym, you’ll be back like you never left and amazing results will soon come your way.

When working out, especially with weights, it’s really important that your form is right. With the correct form, you’re going to minimise the risk of injury but also make sure that you’re hitting your muscles right every time. This encourages your muscles to grow and your strength to increase.

If you’re a fan of squats and regularly use our squat racks, now that you’re at home without one, focus on your form to make sure your posture is right. Get your feet positioned correctly, keep your back straight, look forward and really sit into your heels. Sometimes equipment can distract us from form because we’re just focusing on the weight or hitting PBs but once you get the perfect bodyweight squat, we can assure you that those PBs will come a lot easier. Similar with deadlifts. Perfect your form with a lower weight or not weight at all and once your back in the gym, you’ll see results in no time.

Woman Stretching on Yoga Mat

Pay Attention to Mobility and Flexibility

This pandemic and lockdown has definitely made some of us realise that our lives sometimes ran at 100mph and we’re grateful for this period of slowing down. We would usually hurry ourselves into the gym, do our session and then rush out again. This is fine but we rarely stretched or took time to focus on mobility. Does this sound familiar? Now that you’ve got the time, work on your flexibility and mobility more often.

Stretching techniques are what will help you with mobility and flexibility the most. Note down what your problem areas are or what you’ve struggled with in the past. For example, if you’ve never been able to really improve the depth of your squat, try working on your hip mobility. By opening up your hips and releasing tension, you should be able to start squatting lower which means that you’ll feel it more in your legs and glutes.

If you’ve always wanted to be able to perform a bodyweight pull up but have struggled in the past, now is the time to really work on stretching out your lats and lower back muscles before your workout. By doing this, you’ll be increasing your chances of being able to do this in the future.

Being away from the gym may have been hard but by remaining focused on your goals, you’ll ensure that you can perform stronger and better once our gyms reopen. Your body may have been tight and calling out for a rest that meant you could come back better and bigger, so really listen to your body and do what you can to help yourself make amazing progress once you’re back in the gym.

Stay Focused on Your Fitness

At Xercise4Less Gyms, we understand how important your fitness goals are to you and we respect our varied fitness community. We’ve put together a wide range of @Home Workouts and now offer exclusive Live Stream and On-Demand Fitness Classes online that are both suited to all fitness abilities and people with weight loss goals, strength building goals and much more.

If you’re without equipment at the moment, don’t worry, we’ve put together a number of workouts that you can follow such as HIIT, HIIT Lower Body, HIIT Upper Circuit and more. All of these require only your bodyweight and will help you smash your weight loss goals whilst we’re temporarily closed. If you’ve got some gym equipment at home then that’s great because we also offer workout routines and Fitness Classes such as L1FT, Les Mills BodyPump and Indoor Cycling that will allow you to use the equipment and work really hard from home.

Having Fun with Fitness During Lockdown

Man Using Smith Machine - Weight Training, Resistance Training
Man Using Smith Machine - Weight Training, Resistance Training

Making Fitness Fun

The most important thing when it comes with fitness is to make it fun. If you don’t enjoy it, it will always seem like a chore and that will probably delay your progress and results. Whilst we’re at home and unable to go to the gym, use this time to try new things and most importantly have fun with fitness.

Play around with different styles of training to see which one works best for you and most importantly, which puts a smile on your face and makes you feel amazing. If you’re not sure where to start, let us help you.

HiiT Workout at Home

Finding the Positives of Cardio Training

Sometimes when people think about cardio fitness and cardio training they think dull. People automatically assume that this means spending hours running on the treadmill or cycling until your bum is numb but this isn’t the case. There are lots of different ways to put your body through cardio training in short and fun ways.

One of those ways is interval training. Whether you opt for HIIT or Circuit Training, interval training means that you perform an exercise for a certain short period of time and then move onto something else. As you’re never performing one specific movement for long, the time flies by. For example, say you’re following a circuit of Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Jumping Jacks, Sprints and High Knees and performing these movements for 30 seconds each, once those 30 seconds are up you’re moving onto something else so whether you love them or hate them, they don’t last long enough to give it much thought at all. This type of cardio training is really effective for boosting your heart rate and allowing your body to burn a lot of calories so if you’ve never tried it before, give it a go and really push your fitness to the max.

Don’t forget that low intensity walking is an amazing type of cardio. Aim to for 7,000 – 10,000 steps a day and burn away excess calories and body fat with a really simple type of cardio training.

Man doing Home Workout with Weights

Lift Weights to Lift Your Mood

At Xercise4Less, we love weight training. We provide a huge range of equipment and facilities to allow our members to work on their strength and build their muscles in our gyms. We’re aware that weighted equipment has been difficult to get hold of during lockdown but if you’ve managed to get hold of some, you can really maximise your fitness and have fun with weights.

When it comes to weight training, there are a few different styles of training you can follow. Again, try a few of these and just see what sticks; see which one you enjoy the most. You could do time under tension, progressive overload, low weight high reps and more. If you’ve got limited equipment, play around and see what works for you. You’re still able to build muscle and increase your muscle mass whilst working out at home, even if you don’t have much kit, so don’t give up on your 2020 goals just yet. This is all something that can keep you going until we reopen our doors and you have free reign of the equipment and facilities again.  

Online Training is Fun, Friendly and FREE!

We’ve been working hard during lockdown to ensure we’ve been able to offer our members and everyone who has an interest in fitness to stay active and healthy whilst gyms are temporarily closed. We’re proud to offer a wide range of digital solutions to help you keep smashing your fitness goals from home.

One of our best loved things about Xercise4Less Gyms is our motivational and inclusive group exercise classes and you asked, so we delivered! We’re now delivering a wide range of virtual classes including Les Mills BodyCombat, BodyPump, BodyBalance, HiiT, Yoga, Legs, Bums and Tums and many more. Whatever your fitness goals, we have something to help you focus on that from the comfort of your living room or back garden.

You can book onto our scheduled Live Stream classes or catch our pre-recorded On-Demand classes whenever and wherever you like. If you’re wanting to really have some fun with your fitness during this lockdown, our classes will offer you that and so much more so download the X4L app and book onto them now.