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£2.50 FM & £0 JF Promo
£2.50 FM & £0 JF Promo

Kickstart your fitness with a low price membership

Want a friendly place to workout with a wide range of fitness equipment to meet your exercise demands? Xercise4Less Gyms is the place for you. Join now for an exceptional, low-cost gym membership. Pay just £2.50 for your first month’s membership. What’s more, you have the added benefit of not paying a joining fee.

Simply enter promo code ‘LOWGYM’ to activate your membership and make your training count in our friendly, inclusive gym environment. 

With a range of first class fitness equipment, you can tailor your workout to suit your own personal goals. Boost your cardiovascular fitness, improve your muscle definition and strength in our dedicated resistance area or attend fun fitness classes to maximise your membership.

Great value fitness: train across the country

In addition to our high-quality equipment, friendly atmosphere and inclusive to all levels of fitness; you can use your membership throughout any Xercise4Less Gym. If you are working away, going on a weekend break or visiting family up and down the country and want to squeeze in a workout, you can use your membership wherever you are.

Gain all the benefits for just £2.50. Activate your membership and get your first month for an incredible price. This is a limited time offer so do not delay. Get involved and be part of the Xercise4Less gym community. 

fitness for life - sam chia x trainer

Xercise4Less Gyms - the gift that keeps on giving

Not only are we offering exceptional value gym memberships, we are also throwing in a few perks to help fuel your fitness and get you looking the part.

When you sign up with this promotion, you will also receive £15 off your first four HelloFresh boxes and a £10 gift card for adidas or Nike.

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Secure 30% Off MyProtein | Get Fit For February

MyProtein - Rewards LP
MyProtein - Rewards LP

Fuel your fitness with MyProtein - 30% Off

Xercise4Less Gyms have partnered up with leading sports nutrition brand MyProtein to deliver a range of quality products including powder, vitamins and minerals to supplement your fitness workout. MyProtein also offer high-protein foods, snack alternatives and performance clothing for a healthy lifestyle and improve your general wellbeing as you exercise.

Having the additional nourishment provided by MyProtein will enable you to supercharge your workout with an abundance of high-energy and high-protein snacks to deliver the requirements you need to gain the most from your fitness session. Additionally, MyProtein offer a range of post-workout goods to keep your energy levels up and boost recovery so you are ready for your next visit to the gym.

How to redeem your MyProtein reward

What’s in it for you? Here at Xercise4Less Gyms we are giving you an incredible 30% off RRP as well as free delivery. Simply sign up to your local Xercise4Less Gym to redeem this reward. Once you have activated your membership, you will be able to access this limited time only offer. Enter the promo code at the checkout to apply the 30% discount and have your delivery for free.

Once you’ve joined, head to My Rewards at rewards.xercise4less.co.uk or through the Xercise4Less app.

Who are MyProtein?

Founded in 2004, MyProtein is now Europe’s No. 1, and based out of their Manchester offices they operate in over 70 countries through a diverse and dedicated team of staff, athletes, and active influencers. Every day MyProtein work to inspire people of all ages and genders to believe in their fitness potential, then fuel them to achieve it.

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Why join Xercise4Less Gyms?

We provide over 400 pieces of exercise equipment, up to 40 fitness classes per week and even a dedicated combat zone to enhance your boxing and mixed martial art skills. Ladies can work out in an exclusive female only training zone. With a specific cardio and resistance area as well as an extensive free weight area, you can maximise your performance to cover all your fitness needs.

With your membership you can also access any one of our gyms, whether you are working away, travelling across the country for the weekend or just fancy a change of scenery within your region. Your membership will also enable you to gain expert advice from our in-gym Xercise4Less team.

Resistance Training Is Key For Your Weight Loss

Resistance training - leg press
Resistance training - main

Burn the calories with resistance workouts

You may have heard the phrase ‘muscle burns fat’ but what does that actually mean? Resistance training helps you build muscle and the more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body will burn at rest. Why? Simply put, muscle burns a much higher percentage of calories at rest than body fat which expends far fewer calories. Each pound of muscle on your body uses about 30-60 calories per day. So, if resistance training can get your metabolism firing 24 hours of the day, even when you’re just sitting around on the sofa, you’ll find yourself burning calories. That’s why a resistance training workout is the exercise routine you need if you’re trying to lose excess weight.

Resistance training - leg press

The weight training afterburn

Cardio is an important part of any weight loss gym programme but when you’re done on the elliptical machine, your calorie-burning time is pretty much done too. It’s not quite the same with a strength training workout. With resistance training you’ll benefit from the fabled afterburn effect or EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). That means you’ll continue to burn calories for at least an hour after you’ve finished a fitness session in your Xercise4Less gym. Depending on the intensity and length of your weight training you can in fact enjoy a post-exercise calorie combustion of up to 48 hours. Just think, you could be sleeping and fat burning at the same time! If weight loss is a goal of yours, incorporating strength training into your fitness routine is a real no-brainer.

Resistance training for better health

This may be an obvious point but it’s one still worth making; resistance training makes you stronger and fitter for everyday life. Lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises will of course add tone and definition to your muscles so you look good, but it will also make lifting, bending, and pulling far easier too. Your general health and wellbeing will also be enhanced as strength training protects your bone health and muscle mass, particularly important as we age. Work out using resistance training and you’ll develop better body mechanics and enjoy better balance. Weight training will even improve your mood and boost your energy. That’s why a great Xercise4Less Gyms exercise program for weight loss will always include some resistance training.

Resistance training - lifting dumbbells

Resist unwanted fat with Xercise4Less resistance training

Put some muscle behind your weight loss journey and try some resistance training at your local Xercise4Less gym. Our gym facilities are packed with calorie-burning equipment for you to use as well as innovative workout areas that help you burn fat quicker like the Ladies Only Gym Zone. Choose from up to 40 fitness classes designed to get your heart racing and your metabolism ramped up. Or work out with expert Personal Trainers in our fat-burning Boot Camps. You can always depend on the Xercise4Less gym community to be right by your side as you fight the battle of the bulge!

The Benefits Of Mixed Martial Arts Training

Benefits of MMA training - combat
Benefits of MMA training - main

The physical benefits of MMA fitness

Want to improve your fitness through combat? Xercise4Less gyms feature a dedicated combat zone with a boxing ring and MMA cage. Combat training is one of the most intense workouts, designed to work every part of your body. Kick, punch and grapple to build up your legs, arms and core.

Giving your body a full workout will help to blast the calories, shed fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness to really get your heart pumping. Whether you are new to fitness, or a seasoned pro, MMA training caters for all needs and there is no limit on how hard you can push yourself through MMA fitness.

Benefits of MMA training - kicks

Improve your strength in the Xercise4Less combat zone

Step into the MMA cage at your local Xercise4Less Gyms to build-up your strength. Give your body a complete workout and focus your attention on all the key muscle groups. Combining the explosive power of boxing and kickboxing with the enduring strength needed for grappling make MMA training a key component for building your functional strength.

Benefits of MMA training - sparring

Clear your head with MMA fitness

Due to the intense nature of combat training, and specifically MMA training, you will need to implement all your focus into your exercise, giving you the full physical and mental benefits of this type of workout. For most people, combat training is stepping out of their comfort zone, which can be very challenging, but it can also be a great way to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Regular exercise is a sure-fire way to release endorphins and reduce stress. Practicing an activity such as MMA on a regular basis is not only beneficial to your physical health, but for your mental health and wellbeing, too.

Build your social network through combat training

Whilst you can shadow a lot of MMA exercises, it is not the same as having a sparring partner or if you like, an opponent. Get one of your friends to join you in the octagon and don a pair of pads for you to kick and punch, working those muscle groups and improving your fitness. As well as delivering obvious physical benefits, MMA training can be a fun way of getting to meet new people in the gym. You can easily rotate the exercises between yourself and your partner, think of it as a rest break, ready to push yourself to the limit the next time you’re up!

If you feel comfortable enough to try contact exercises with your sparring partner, then grapple exercises are as effective as any for burning calories and giving you the physical workout you are craving.

Benefits of MMA training - combat

Why join Xercise4Less Gyms?

With a friendly, inclusive gym community, we’re suitable for people of all fitness levels. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve fitness or increase muscle, we have the equipment and facilities you need to achieve your goals.

Fight The Calories With Our Dedicated Combat Training Zone

Combat Training - Main
Combat Training - Main

Build your fitness with a combat workout

Pick up the intensity and give yourself a combat workout to smash your fitness targets with Xercise4Less Gyms. Put on the boxing gloves or make your way into the MMA cage to improve your cardiovascular fitness and burn calories.

Combat sports offer a fantastic way to get fit, engage with friends and develop your self-confidence through real fitness. Combat exercises will get your heart going with periods of high-intensity exercises, building up your fitness and endurance in the process.

Try different combat exercises at Xercise4Less Gyms

Here at Xercise4Less Gyms we provide you with the facilities to enhance your fitness, and the combat zone is no different. Come with a friend for sparring sessions, or train on your own with the punch bag. Whether you have had a busy day at work, want to get your heart pumping or just want to de-stress from day-to-day life, get involved at one of our friendly, inclusive gyms.

In addition to solo workouts, we offer a range of body combat fitness classes to supplement your training. Classes such as BODYCOMBAT are ideal to get your pulse raising and keep you motivated throughout your session. BODYCOMBAT is totally non-contact, which is perfect for those not comfortable with direct sparring.

Combat Training - Boxing Ring

The benefits of combat training

Combat is a great way to rapidly improve your fitness, as it helps to bolster your heart and lung function as well as benefitting your posture, core strength and stability. A rigorous workout, combat exercises such as boxing and MMA maximise your calorie burn, both during and after your workout. Not only does combat training boost your cardiovascular fitness, it is also a great source of muscle toning and developing your bones and ligaments. This also helps to give you better muscular endurance, meaning you can perform physical activities for longer whilst offering resistance to fatigue or trauma.

Boxing Fit - Action Shot

Why join Xercise4Less Gyms?

With a friendly, inclusive gym community, we’re suitable for people of all fitness levels. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve fitness or increase muscle, we have the equipment and facilities you need to achieve your goals.

Get Fighting Fit With Boxing Exercises

Get Boxing Fit - Main
Get Boxing Fit - Main

Punch up your fitness goals with a boxing workout

Enhance your cardiovascular fitness with a real boxing workout at Xercise4Less Gyms. With a full-size boxing ring, pads and punch bags, we have the tools you need to gain the most from your boxing workout. Put on the gloves and get yourself in the ring to burn the calories and get your heart pumping. Whether you want to take on the punch bag, spar with a friend or hammer the pads; we have the workout for you.

Reduce stress with intense physical activity

Intense physical activity such as boxing can help to decrease your stress levels. Exercise increases endorphins to boost your mood and improve your sleep, all of which helps to reduces stress. Boxing is a great outlet for stress as you typically transition between high intensity bouts of exercise and moderate intensity recovery periods. When you are exercising in the high intensity period, your mind will be focused on the task at hand and not worrying about whether you have locked your car door, left your phone at home or remembered to take the rubbish out. During rest periods, you will be able to remain focused on the task at hand, ensuring you are recovering to go through the next phase of boxing fitness. This all helps to lower your stress levels and maintain your focus.

Boxing Fit - Equipment

Boxing clever: improve your hand-eye coordination

Not only does boxing offer physical fitness benefits, it also works to improve your balance and coordination, making your reaction times and reflexes a lot sharper. If you are punching the bags or sparring with a partner, you must be able to repeatedly hit a target, and hit that target whilst it is moving. Having faster reaction times will help boost your physical coordination, and this is particularly beneficial to an individual through age as it will help to reduce the risk of falling.

Boxing Fit - Sparring

Building strength through combat fitness

In addition to burning calories and fat as well as your general fitness and wellbeing, boxing also significantly helps to increase your strength. Due to the high-intense nature of the activity, boxing works a range of muscles, so you’ll really be able to pack a punch. During a boxing workout, you may punch or kick a bag multiple times, requiring your whole body to be put through its paces.

Boxing Fit - Action Shot

Why join Xercise4Less Gyms?

With a friendly, inclusive gym community, we’re suitable for people of all fitness levels. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve fitness or increase muscle, we have the equipment and facilities you need to achieve your goals.

Weight Loss Success Story – Debs Knight

Weight Loss Success Story - Debs Knight
Weight Loss Success Story - Debs Knight

Tackling Snowdon made me climb my own fitness mountain

Losing weight can feel like you are at the bottom of the highest mountain and have no way of conquering the obstacle facing you. For Xercise4Less Rugby member Debs Knight, this was a literal realisation as it took for her to climb Mount Snowdon to realise she needed to begin her weight loss journey.

“I took part in a charity climb of Snowdon. I really struggled to complete it and had to keep stopping. People kept asking if I was alright as I was so out of breath.”

“I knew I had to do something to improve my fitness and general health.”

Improving fitness and health through Xercise4Less classes

Since taking on Snowdon, Debs has signed up to her local Xercise4Less gym and attended several classes to get herself on the right path and gradually begin to lose weight through fitness and exercise.

“The classes I go to are BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Boxercise, Pilates and Zumba.”

All these classes help towards improving your cardiovascular fitness as well as burning significant calories. The classes are a great way for you to interact with like-minded members, going through similar journeys to you, and most of all, are friendly and inclusive in your membership.

Looking and feeling better

Over the course of a typical week, Debs attends the gym on numerous occasions in her battle to lose her target weight of 5-7 stone. Training in the Ladies only zone, using the treadmill, Debs has already found herself having more energy and her general health improving. Debs also attributes the gym to some other physical and mental benefits.

“Going to the gym helps me to clear my head, and that is one of the reasons I keep coming back. Group exercise has also helped me to lose weight.“

Great work, Debs!

Weight Loss Success Story – Chelsie Brown

Weight Loss Success Story - Chelsie Brown
Weight Loss Success Story - Chelsie Brown

Holiday photos were the turning point

We all work hard to pay for treats such as holidays, and Doncaster member Chelsie Brown is no different. Unfortunately for Chelsie, her holiday was overshadowed by feelings of insecurity and being extremely self-conscious of how she looked.

“I was incredibly self-conscious on holiday, and the photos reflected what I was worried about. I was upset about the shape of my body, and the wobbly bits that stood out on pictures.”

“Even though I never considered myself fat, I was always maintaining a size 12. I just saw the photos and I knew my diet and exercise had to change to bring me some confidence.”

Staying motivated with Xercise4Less Gyms

As a result of the holiday photos, Chelsie signed up to her local Xercise4Less gym where she has participated in group classes such as 15/15/15, Abs Blast and Legs, Bums and Tums as well as bootcamps to help kickstart her weight loss journey. This is something which Chelsie cites as the catalyst to her success.

“Seeing my progress through the bootcamp was a great motivator. By measuring and weighing myself every two weeks I knew I was doing a great job, even if sometimes it didn’t seem that way!”

“The group class leaders are fantastic and are always around to offer help and advice when needed.  Also, the message board is brilliant for keeping up to date with all the latest news.”

Chelsie’s brother and sister-in-law join in with the Bootcamps for additional support and motivation.

Seeing the results

Noticing the results makes a massive difference when it comes to a weight loss journey. Seeing visible differences can inspire you with confidence to push on and further achieve your goals or give you the satisfaction of being able to see the fruits of your labour. For Chelsie, seeing results was a milestone moment.

“Everybody is so complimentary and pleased for me since they can see my happier in my own skin. But best of all, dropping a dress size was the best feeling and seeing a slimmer and more toned body in smaller clothes just made me burst with pride, because my hard work did that!

Maintaining a new figure and a new home

Not only is Chelsie succeeding in the gym, she has also bought a new home. Obviously, this has taken up a lot of her time and effort, but she has still managed to attend the gym and continue her weight loss journey.

“I’m still working through it! After Christmas I got the keys to my new home which needs renovating. It’s very hard at the moment to find time to get to the gym. I’m doing my best to get to as many classes as possible, or weight training if it’s just for 30 minutes.”

“In addition, I plan to come back to the gym full force as soon as my house is finished, maybe another bootcamp!”

Keep up the great work, Chelsie!

Weight Loss Success Story – Tim Bell

Weight Loss Success Story - Tim Bell
Weight Loss Success Story - Tim Bell

Focusing fitness around shift patterns

Having mixed shift patterns can make going to the gym and getting into a workout routine very difficult. For Chesterfield member Tim Bell, he has to juggle his fitness journey around his changing work schedule.

“When I’m on the morning shift, I go straight to the gym after work. This means I tend to get home around 5:30pm, which is ideal as I still get a few hours with my family before bed.”

However, when Tim is on the later shift, he sees his training time reduced, meaning he does not attend the gym as often as he does when on the morning shift.

“On the late shift, I leave for work at 8:30am and don’t get home until 10:30pm. This makes it very hard as I don’t go to the gym as much as I do on the opposite shift.”

“When I’m on the late shift, I need to drag myself out of bed and get to the gym as early as possible.”

Balancing weekends off with family time

Even though Tim does not attend the gym as frequently as he would like when he is on the later shift, he still makes sure he gets his training done at the weekend.

“At weekends I get to the gym as early as possible. This means I have the rest of the day to go out with my wife and kids, or just spend time at home with them.”

Losing weight and maintaining that 'happy place'

Tim has been on his weight loss journey for a number of years, and he has had his ups and down during this process, but he is now in a place where he can consolidate and maintain a weight he is happy with.

“I’m 4 years in from where I started and have lost well over 3 stone in weight. I don’t lose as much these days, but my main focus is keeping the weight I have already lost off. I’m in a happy place with my weight.”

Staying focused and on track

It has not always been plain sailing for Tim, and he sometimes needs a reminder of how far he has come and the work he has put in place to get to this position.

“I stay focused by looking at how I used to be and seeing how I look now is all that it takes for me really. Seeing how far I have come and reminding myself I do not want to go back to that.”

Great work, Tim!

Weight Loss Success Story – Jodie Kissack

Weight Loss Success Story - Jodie Kissack
Weight Loss Success Story - Jodie Kissack

Losing weight to be more active for my son

The turning point to lose weight for Sheffield Hillsborough member Jodie Kissack came when she took her son to the funfair and was unable to accompany him down the Helter Skelter. This was the moment that kickstarted Jodie’s weight loss journey.

“When my son was at the top of the Helter Skelter and too scared to go down on his own, I couldn’t go down with him because I was too big.”

Setting an example to my family

Since then, Jodie has set herself a target of losing 5-7 stone and is well on her way to achieving this. Setting a good example to her family, as well as the obvious health reasons, she used her family as an additional source of motivation to lose the required weight.

“I wanted to set a good example to my family. They showed me great support and encouragement. “

Looking and feeling better through fitness

Enhancing your fitness and shedding the weight can have a positive on the way you feel about yourself, giving you confidence to wear different clothes, go to busier places and even improve your general self-esteem. For Jodie, she has found confidence through fitness and from being a regular visitor to her local Xercise4Less Gym.

“I look and feel better. At my biggest I could barely breathe and did not feel good about myself at all. Now I am more confident and able to feel better when I am exercising.”

Jodie used a range of fitness equipment during her training sessions, finding the stepper beneficial to losing weight and improving her cardiovascular fitness in the process. She also used free weights to tone up and give herself more definition once the weight began to come off.

Excellent progress, Jodie!