Weight Loss Success Story – Samantha Hunt

Weight Loss Success Story - Samantha Hunt
Weight Loss Success Story - Samantha Hunt

Using cardio to improve fitness

The thought of an intense cardio workout can often be daunting or intimidating. For Samantha, she has found cardio workouts to be the most effective for weight loss. Sticking to similar training patterns, routines and outputs for her results.

“I tend to stick to an hour and a half of cardio when I go to the gym. This is normally made up of 30 minutes on the bike, 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the stepper. To have variety when I’m exercising, I often mix it up by doing a walk on incline, sprints and interval training.”

“In future, I would like to attend the classes but right now it is difficult to fit them around my shifts.”

Supportive gym, supportive friend

Here at Xercise4Less gyms we are all about friendly service and an inclusive feel, generating a comfortable atmosphere for all our members to work out in. Samantha found this particularly resonated with her weight loss journey, as she remarked on the environment created by our helpful, professional staff.

“The staff are always happy to help and are very friendly. It makes a massive difference! Having the separate female only zone also helps a lot.”

As well as finding help through Xercise4Less, Samantha has enjoyed sharing her fitness journey with a close friend, who has also supported her along the way.

“Going with my friend has supported me during this journey because during days where I’ve really felt like I’m lacking motivation, having the support from my friend, knowing we’re going together gives me the boost to just get to the gym. When I’m at the gym, I usually have the motivation to have a good session!”

Cleaning up eating habits

Eating well is also important to a fitness journey, as you want to supplement your exercise with a healthy diet. Samantha has made a conscious effort to improve her diet so that her hard work in the gym has the best chance to pay off.

“I’ve made a change to my eating habits. I find going to the gym and working hard to burn calories makes it easier to stick to better eating.”

“I also try and go to the gym on days off instead of previously, I would opt for a cinema trip or have a lazy day in front of the TV!”

Slow and steady wins the race

It can be difficult to stay motivated or keep the faith, especially when you don’t instantly see results. Typically, positive weight loss results do not happen overnight, and it is a gradual process. As difficult as it may seem at the time, you must keep searching for the drive to succeed. It might not be a visible result, as Samantha can recall, she found she was able to perform exercises for longer and that kickstarted her motivation to continue.

“Sometimes I do really struggle with motivation. My weight can often be up and down due to shifts at work, and unpredictable sleeping patterns. When I feel like this, I just remind myself of how far I have come and even if I go to the gym and only do a 30-minute workout, it is still 30 minutes more than if I hadn’t gone. I track my workouts on my Fitbit, so this keeps me motivated as I can see progress.”

“I had a few weeks off over Christmas, so I am feeling it at the moment. I enjoy seeing results. For example, a few months ago I could only do 5 minutes on the stepper – now I can get up to an hour!”

Great work, Samantha!

Weight Loss Success Story – Andy Toynton

Weight Loss Success Story - Andy Toynton

'Tackling A Long Term Weight Issue'

Weight Loss Success Story - Andy Toynton

Xercise4Less Burnley member Andy Toynton has had a long-term battle with his weight, trying various diets and programmes which have not been successful for him. This led to Andy having a ‘final straw’ moment and getting on top of his physical health by using his family as the motivational tool to embark on his weight loss journey.

“I want to be able to set a good example to my family and not only lose the weight but also manage to keep it off as I have failed with previous attempts. This has been an ongoing battle for a number of years.”

“I also don’t want to look fat in my swimming shorts on holiday. The turning point for me was when my son asked me if I was having a baby.”

Andy’s ultimate goal is to lose up to 3 stone, and he is well on his way to achieving this. Noticing results within 3 months has helped Andy to keep his confidence and motivation up to reach and surpass his targets.

Family Support And Learning From The Past

We all need support and a gee-up from our loved ones from time to time. Andy was given a huge lift when his wife decided to join the gym and help support him through his weight loss journey. This was a real confidence boost and pivotal moment for Andy.

“My wife joined the gym as well in order to support me. My whole family have been very supportive, even if there are too many carbs in the house!”

“Unfortunately, in the past, I have had my fair share of injuries which has not helped me to get the weight off or stay fit. 

'Fitness Classes Helped Me Reach Targets'

Andy found that attending a range of our fitness classes helped him make positive strides in his weight loss journey, giving him confidence and energy to make his goals become a reality. 

“I attended classes to help improve my fitness. I went to HIIT, indoor cycling, BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT classes.  I wanted to mix up my training and test myself.”

Classes are a great way of exercising, as you can seek advice and support from your peers as well as fitness professionals. All our classes strive to provide a friendly, inclusive service whilst delivering functionality and success for each individual.

For Andy, attending the gym a few times a week enabled him to notice progression and his varied training of classes and doing cardio work on the treadmill offered a successful routine, sustaining heightened fitness over a period of time. This is something Andy is grateful for.

“Xercise4Less are run by a friendly bunch of professionals who give encouragement, advice and motivation to keep me focused.”

Excellent Work, Andy!

Weight Loss Success Story – Georgia Simpson

Weight Loss Success Story - Georgia Simpson

'Feeling Uncomfortable On Holiday'

Weight Loss Success Story - Georgia Simpson

For many of us, we want to look and feel our best for our well deserved holiday. A holiday is supposed to be a time where we totally switch off, relax and spend time with our family and friends. Unfortunately, Doncaster member Georgia Simpson spent the most of her holiday wanting to improve her health and well-being.

“I went to Florida in September 2019 and just didn’t feel comfortable or healthy. Nothing felt as easy to do as it did before. Things like exercising, buying nice clothes and even crossing my legs was a struggle.”

“When I saw the pictures I decided something needed to be done before it got too late. It made me finally accept I was bigger than I thought I was.”

Starting My Weight Loss With Xercise4Less Gyms

After her holiday, Georgia got herself signed up to the gym and began to start her fitness journey. Small steps were taken to help her to begin to feel confident and focused on the task at hand.

“I wanted to lose 3 to 5 stone.”

Georgia used weights and resistance machines to kick start her regime, finding them extremely beneficial and noticing results quite quickly. 

“I found the dumbbells the best piece of equipment for weight loss. I noticed results and the praise I received from other people motivated me to continue.”

We know losing weight is a real difficult battle, and the diet can be more problematic than the exercising. This is something Georgia knew she had to grasp in order to reach her targets and goals.

“I had to be strict on my diet. I started to see results and although I had a spell where I went off the rails a bit, I then became more conscious about what I was eating.”

“My diet gave me more energy, especially due to eating whole foods rather than processed food. I also reduced my sugar intake and cut out junk completely.”

Working out at Xercise4Less has helped provide Georgia with confidence and the ability to train in a friendly, inclusive environment.

“The Xercise4Less community is friendly, I like how I can come to the gym and get on with my own workout and other people around me seem to do the same.”

Finding Motivation And Self Belief

It is one thing to begin a fitness journey, and another to perservere with it. Having unconditional support from your family and friends can help spur you on to perform above your expectation levels, and guide you to your targets on days where you are finding it difficult or contemplating excuses to avoid going to the gym. 

Throughout her weight loss battle, Georgia has always had the support of her family, especially her parents.

“Everyone has been so supportive. My parents said I looked so much happier and healthier because of the weight loss. This meant a lot to me.”

“There were times of struggle. Sometimes motivation to go to the gym is lacking when you’re busy with work but I always feel better after I’ve been and I use that as motivation to go.”

The Next Step Of The Journey

Whilst she has made incredible progress, Georgia still feels she has a way to go to be at her optimum weight.

“I feel really good but I’m not there yet. I feel so much better and happier. I would just like to lose a little bit more.”

Keep going, Georgia!

Weight Loss Success Story – John Jordan

Weight Loss Success Story - John Jordan

'Lose weight or risk Diabetes'

Weight Loss Success Story - John Jordan

Health is arguably the most important commodity in life. When this is jeopardised, we realise there is no alternative but to amend our ways. Xercise4Less Wigan member John Jordan was severely at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. He knew at this point he had to do something about his weight. 

“In December 2018, after a blood test, my doctor told me that I was at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It was this that convinced me to do something about my weight to improve my health.”

This was obviously a massive shock to John, and gave him the impetus to start a fitness regime, subsequently joining our Wigan club in his quest to lose up to 4 stone.

Starting My Weight Loss Journey With Xercise4Less Gyms

At the age of 42, John had never been in a gym before and wanted to be part of an environment where he felt welcome and be given the confidence to succeed on his weight loss journey. 

“It was difficult at first because of my weight and my age, but all the staff and the PT were extremely helpful, taking time to show me how to use all the machines and equipment.”

John also revealed how he struggled with certain exercises, but was ably assissted by the PT in order to ensure he performed the exercise correctly and it would be beneficial for him to achieve his goals.

“I particularly remember trying to do a plank on the first day and was very unsuccessful. Since then, my PT has helped me with my technique and to gradually lift heavier weights. He is also readily available on social media and over the phone if I need him.”

The friendly, inclusive nature of Xercise4Less has provided John with the comfort of being able to perform the exercises he needs to do, in the time frame he wants to do them, and without feeling the pressure of being intimidated by the presence of supremely fit or muscle-bound people.

Developing Fitness With Specific Gym Workouts

In order to succeed in his weight loss journey, John has a plan of action to attack each and every gym session he attends. He feels that weights and resistance training works best for him.

“I believe that working with weights has been the best solution for me. At first, I needed cardio to lose weight but my PT explained how lifting weights can burn more calories. I have gradually improved my technique and increased my weights with exercises such as; deadlifts, squats and shoulder presses.”

The Benefits Of Exercising: My Success Story

After training regularly for the best part of a year, John has seen a dramatic increase in his health. Not just through losing weight, but also his general physical condition and well-being have improved.

“Nearly a year to the day since I started working out, I took another blood test which found my blood sugar levels were at a normal, healthy rate. This meant I was no longer at risk of developing diabetes. I was amazed and so proud of myself for being able to accomplish this.”

In addition to his health being improved, John has new-found confidence in the way he looks and feels.

“I have a physically demanding job which has been made easier through weight loss and fitness. I look better and now I enjoy going into the studio at the gym and feel comfortable looking at my reflection in the mirror. It is a pleasure to work out in there now because of my improved physique.”

Great work, John!

Weight Loss Success Story – Sarah McCutcheon

Weight Loss Transformation - Sarah McCutcheon

Not Being Wedding Dress Ready: 'I Knew Something Had To Be Done'

Weight Loss Success Story - Sarah McCutcheon

For many, getting into shape for their big day is the greatest motivation. But for Sarah McCutcheon, it was after the wedding she felt like action needed to be taken. This was the real lightbulb moment for Sarah, who explains how she felt.

“When I couldn’t fit into the wedding dress I had longed for, and paid for, I knew that was it and time to do something about it. I had to get forced into it on my special day and that sickened me.”

Her weight became an issue and it began to have detrimental effects on both her physical and mental well-being.

“It was affecting my mental health, my relationships and my general appearance. My self esteem and confidence were at a low.”

Getting Over That Brick Wall

When beginning her weight loss journey, Sarah began to doubt herself and how she would be able to get down to the target weight.

“I have previously attempted diets before and tried Slimming World but there has always been too many temptations.”

Thankfully, with the help of Xercise4Less Wakefield, Sarah has been able to fully commit to exercise, partaking in a range of classes to guide her through the weight loss journey.

“I go to different classes about 2 or 3 times a week. These are mainly 15/15/15, BODYPUMP, Les Mills and Zumba which have all been great for losing weight.”

Also, the positive vibe at the gym has helped to give Sarah the confidence and motivation she needed to embrace her fitness journey.

“The Xercise4Less community has had a huge impact on me. I can’t thank the staff at Wakefield enough for what they have done for me. I am more confident and more happy than I have been before.”

'I'm Stronger Than I Think'

A weight loss journey can help people to discover things about themselves, discover traits they never thought they had. For Sarah, she has realised she is a lot stronger than she thinks.

“I feel in a much better place now. I’m still not 100% happy but I am a lot stronger than I think. I definitely have a lot more confidence in how I am and what I wear. I am happy to go anywhere and enjoy sharing posts and photos of myself and my progress.”

As a result, Sarah is enjoying a much more active lifestyle.

Whilst it is important to have the drive and motivation to succeed, you cannot do it alone. Family and friends become crucial to your weight loss journey, which has been vital for Sarah to succeed.

“My family help me a lot. They help me shop, cook and support me to every session or every class. My family always compliment me and tell me how proud of me they are.”

“I have lost 3st 3lbs in just under two years.”

We're Proud Of You Too, Sarah! Keep It Up!

Weight Loss Success Story – Smaira Malik

Smaira Malik - Weight loss

Overcoming adversity to lose weight

Smaira Malik - Main

Stoke-on-Trent member Smaira Malik has overcome adversity in her quest to reach her weight loss target. In just over 18 months, Smaira has reduced her weight dramatically – falling from 16 stone down to 9 stone. This has been an incredible transformation, filled with struggles and battles along the way. 

Smaira’s health began to deteriorate and she had a miscarriage as well as the tragedy of a still born baby. As a result of these incidents, Smaira decided it was time to lose weight and put her health and fitness towards the top of her priority list. Juggling a busy family life makes fitting in exercise and attending the gym a lot more difficult.

“I was focused on bringing up my children and devoting my time to family. After an ankle operation I was embarrassed about my weight and scared of getting diabetes and arthritis. I needed to make a change.”

'Xercise4Less classes gave me confidence'

At Xercise4Less gyms we have an array of fitness classes which have been specifically designed to suit a range of fitness needs, helping our members to achieve their goals and targets in the process. Smaira regularly attends classes to help with her weight loss journey, and they have helped fill her with confidence and motivation to succeed. 

“Before attending classes I just did low intensity workouts. Within 12 weeks I switched to high intensity training, which led me to classes.”

“The classes helped me immensely, not just physically but also mentally as the more I attended the more confident I felt as I was able to face different people from different backgrounds with contrasting physiques on a daily basis.”

The classes in which Smaira participates in are; BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT, HIIT as well as Bums, Legs and Tums.

'Using family support to motivate me'

We all have our sources of motivation and inspiration in life, and for Smaira, her drive was through her loving and supportive family – keeping her motivated through every step of her weight loss journey.

“With the support of my amazing family I have been able to stay determined regardless of results. I always hoped the goals would be achieved and I have found through this I am a very strong-willed person. I look back on what I have achieved already, and this helps me to continue.”

Eat well to keep the weight off

Smaira knows that eating well both pre and post exercise will help her to maintain her weight loss, giving her the best chance of meeting the ideal weight. She gave us an insight in to what she eats to try and be as healthy as she possibly can.

“My diet is made up of high protein meals, including chicken, eggs and salad boxes. I reduced my sugar intake and do not allow myself any cheat days, so I snack on plenty of fruit and always try to have veg!”

“This is a real struggle at times, especially when the kids are off school. I fear going off track but I take each day as it comes and I can proudly say I survive them.”

Well done, Smaira!

Weight Loss Success Story – Lee Smith

Weight Loss Transformation - Lee Smith

'I wanted to lose weight to be there for my family'

Weight Loss Success Story - Lee Smith

Our Newport member Lee Smith cites his family as the main reason for embarking on his weight loss journey. Family life is important to everyone and this is something which Lee felt he needed to prioritise and gave him all the motivation he needed to make his transformation complete, losing just shy of 5 stone in the process. 

“I weighed 19 stone before I joined Xercise4Less. I was struggling to run around with my children and play football with them. I was always out of breath and could not do fun things which began to have a huge impact on my life and more importantly, on my children’s lives. This was the turning point in my life, and I decided to get myself fit.”

Being able to workout at his local Xercise4Less gym has given Lee the ability to see gradual results in his fitness, weight loss and general well-being. A transformation is something which requires a lot of time, patience and dedication. This is a familiar story for Lee as he found going back to basics the best way to begin his journey.

Using the treadmill to improve my fitness

At Xercise4Less, we have a plethora of equipment and facilities in our clubs to help suit any fitness needs or accomplish any targets. For Lee, he found the treadmill the best way of losing weight. Starting off steady and gradually increasing intensity was the name of the game, ensuring he was comfortable and confident in the program he had set himself to lose the required weight.

“I began by using the treadmill for 40 minutes with an incline of 15. This helped me to gradually increase my fitness and burn the calories. I would do this routine a few times a week and began to notice the results.”

After a period of time with this routine, Lee stepped up the intensity as he strived for further weight loss and improved fitness. 

“Once I got more confident, I started to run on the treadmill rather than walk. I increased the speed and time on a month by month basis. Now, I am able to run 10km on the treadmill which is an amazing progression.”


How losing weight changed my life

Now Lee has put in the hard yards and achieved his targets, he reflects on how losing the weight will dramatically improve his life.

“Before losing the weight I visited the doctor and was told I was overweight with high blood pressure and cholesterol. While this was not too serious, I knew I had to do something about it.”

“I have more energy and I feel a lot more confident about myself. People around me have been amazed by the amount of weight I have lost in just over a year. I have dropped from 19 stone to 14.6 stone. The reaction from my family and friends has been amazing.”

Setting realistic targets and goals

Lee feels that setting small, realistic targets was the best way to start his fitness journey and help him lose the weight gradually without placing undue pressure on himself to lose his target weight in an unrealistic time frame. This was admittedly a struggle at the beginning, but something he eventually became accustomed to.

“The biggest struggle was knowing where to start. I set myself realistic targets and goals. I proved to myself once I put my mind to it, I could commit and began to see the benefits.”

“Throughout my fitness journey I found Xercise4Less to be friendly and inclusive.”

Great work, Lee - well done!

Chris Nelson – Transformation Story

Struggling with mobility after sustaining a serious injury, 48-year-old Chris Nelson sheds nine stone in one year and now hopes to do a half marathon to inspire others.

Chris Nelson is a design engianeer working in Newcastle but originally from South Lanarkshire, Scotland. In April 2015, Chris was in a car accident which left him with soft tissue injuries of his spine, neck and lower back. A few months later, in July, Chris fell down a two feet deep sink hole in a park, breaking his left knee, requiring surgery.

“I limped around for over a year afterwards with mobility issues and still experience pain today. My poor mobility led to chronic pain which resulted in significant progressive weight gain over the next few years.

“I was then diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea in 2017 and was prescribed treatment of breathing apparatus.”

In November 2017, at his peak, Chris weighed 23 stone 10lbs. He had a poor fitness level, higher blood pressure than normal and other weight related issues. By the end of 2017, Chris decided he needed to start taking control of his weight and so in January 2018, he began his health and fitness improvement journey in a bid to change his life for the better.

The first changes Chris made involved his diet: “I switched from fried food with buttered toast to healthier low sugar, high fibre wholegrain cereals mixed with dried fruit for breakfast.

“I also made adjustments to lunch and dinner and cut out mid meal treats almost entirely, apart from fresh fruit.”

Chris also gave up alcohol in June 2018. Through making these changes to his diet, eating healthily on a lower calorie diet and with normal daily activity like walking during his lunch breaks, Chris managed to reduce his weight down to 18 stone 5lbs by early July 2018. Chris reached a point where he felt he’d be able to undertake more exercise and so joined Xercise4Less Gyms, enrolled in his first transformation camp and began One-to-One personal training sessions.

“At the age of 48, I joined a gym for the first time to rebuild lost muscle, gain strength and improve my fitness and body shape.

“After just one transformation camp, I lost 15lbs and reduced my waistline around the navel by 10cm!”

At his most recent transformation camp, and with the help of his PT Karl McGuire, he has lost an amazing 32lbs, further reduced his waist measurement by another 10cm and increased body muscle mass by using a mix of cardio exercise and regular weight training. Chris has entered the New Year nine stone 4lbs lighter than in 2018 and feels great, weighing 14 stone 6lbs.

“I’m not entirely pain free from my past injury but many of my other health issues are resolved. I feel a lot fitter, physically stronger and generally happier within myself.

“I couldn’t have done it without the genuine support and expert advice from my PT Karl, he motivated me to work harder when he knew I could but also protected me from overexertion.” “Joining Xercise4Less Gyms, signing up for a transformation camp then PT sessions was one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

Chris now wants to use his experiences to inspire others to make a change to their lives: “The key is just to believe in yourself and go for it, enjoy it and always keep positive. His goal for 2019 is to hopefully sign himself up for a running event in 2019, raising money for a good charitable cause.

“If things improve with my leg, I would love to ultimately enter the Simplyhealth Great North Run in Newcastle.”

Incredible transformation achieved by Chris, massive well done from all of us at Xercise4Less, we are so proud.

Personal Trainer – Ryan Price

Working Out is Essential for Your Mental Health

As we know at Xercise4Less gyms, working out is wonderful for your body. Regular fitness sessions have many benefits from preventing disease and reducing high blood pressure to aiding rehabilitation after serious illness or injury. The endorphins and serotonin released by regular workout sessions also make you feel more energetic throughout the day and, importantly for getting in shape, sleep better at night.

But that’s only part of it. Exercising consistently also has a massive impact on your mental health. Taking some exercise will help improve your mood, and if you’re exercising at a local gym like Xercise4Less, it’ll get you out the house, helping to reduce any feelings of isolation.

One of our top Personal Trainers at the Xercise4Less Darlington Gym understands the importance of this mind-body link from tough first-hand experience. Ryan suffered from two minor strokes in 2016 and had to leave the British Army after a full ten years of service. As part of Mental Awareness Week Ryan would like to share his story of how working out made a real difference to his mental state when he was at a very low point.

Exercise is an Ally in Your Mental Struggle

Ryan struggled with his mental health when he was discharged from the Army on health grounds. “I went from being confident and fit and serving my country” to being “no longer fit to serve.” Ryan was left with a “loss of strength, a speech impediment and nerve problems in the left side of my head”, physical problems that he still suffers with today. Those injuries and the end of his Army career affected Ryan’s mental health considerably, “being told my Army career was over after it was all I’d known from the age of 16 made me break down.” But Ryan didn’t give up.

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How Exercise Can Lead to Improved Mental Health

Ryan took stock and received professional help, having someone to talk to, he “realised I needed to give myself a kick up the back side.” So, instead “of sitting around allowing my mind to go into overdrive thinking negative thoughts, I signed up to a local gym, Xercise4Less Darlington Gym.

Ryan started off slowly with daily training sessions but then “increased to two sessions a day, morning and night, making it part of my daily routine throughout the week and socialising on the weekend.” Three years on and Ryan is “back to the positive, confident, physically fit individual I once was” and now working at the gym where his fightback started, Xercise4Less Darlington Gym!

Exercise is the Best Motivation for Mental Health

Ryan really knows how important physical exercise is for your mental health. “Exercise can definitely help improve your mental health, it will take your mind off things when you are in the zone and training.” Even though you may at first struggle to find motivation, or even staying motivated for exercise in the gym, don’t despair. “I used to question the benefits myself, but after experiencing the positive change it had on my life, I know anything is possible.” Ryan counsels that “you have to believe in yourself. Think positively, find a path you are happy with and stick to it. Making exercise a part of your daily routine helps keep you in a positive state of mind. Think about ways you can make exercise part of your daily routine and lifestyle. Choose something you enjoy and then keep on that path even if you get out of the house to take a dog for a walk.”

Ryan recommends that anyone who has mental health issues use exercise to help occupy their mind and get their life back. He has experienced positive mental health changes from exercising and has overcome minor strokes and mental health challenges. And that’s why Ryan now works as a Personal Trainer at Xercise4Less Darlington Gym, to “help others feel confident and get their lives back”.

Work on Your Mental Health with Xercise4Less Gyms

At Xercise4Less Gyms, like Ryan, we see exercise as a vital part of improved mental health and well being. We see the mental strides our members make every day from working out in a highly energetic Les Mills exercise class or working hard with Personal Trainers like Ryan who help inspire and motivate them on their mind and body journey.

If you’re having problems motivating yourself to get into shape, why not try joining your local Xercise4Less gym? Start transforming your health and fitness today just as Ryan continues to do.

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Demi Anderson – Transformation Story

 Demi Anderson from Xercise4Less Cumbernauld has achieved an amazing 4 stone loss over 1 year.

‘’Before starting my fitness journey I was very unhappy with myself and my confidence levels were so low I stopped making any efforts. Before, I would just eat and not think of consequences, I didn’t learn how to cook properly, it was all oven food and takeaways. With time I realised I couldn’t live the rest of my life like this and only I could fix the issues with myself and make a change.

Finally, I managed to get the motivation to make a change – I started eating better, I learnt how to cook and learnt what my body needed (I’m vegetarian), and I started to feel better and started to see the weight coming off and felt more energised.

I then started exercising, I joined Xercise4Less Cumbernauld when it opened, I was very excited (but nervous), I wasn’t fit at all but felt relaxed at the gym, having the ladies only section was great for me and I was able to see a massive change in the first month to my fitness levels and it has only increased as the weeks went by! So far I have lost 4 stone in a year, I have learned to love fitness and working out and I have gained so much confidence!

My future goal is to be more toned and to build muscle, to be stronger. Losing weight gave me confidence and I am no longer hiding in the corner or scared of cameras! I am healthier and more active and I can actually enjoy going out and spending time with friends without being knackered all the time.

”My advice to anyone who wants to see results is simple: do it! Push yourself as you need to make the change and you need to make your own happiness.’’

Incredible transformation achieved by Demi Anderson, massive well done from all of us at Xercise4Less, we are so proud!