How To Lose Real Belly Fat With Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercise to burn belly fat - main
Cardio exercise to burn belly fat - main

Ditch belly fat with cardio workouts

Is cardio the best way to get rid of belly fat? Well, there are three things you need to focus on when you want to lose weight: your diet, strength training and lots and lots of cardiovascular exercise! The best way to lose stomach fat is aerobic exercise like running on a treadmill because cardio usually burns more calories than pure strength training. Even the most efficient cardio sessions at your local Xercise4Less gyms won’t discriminate on where to pull the fat from though but a cardio workout will help you burn calories all over your body including your belly.

While doing up to 60 minutes of cardiovascular activity a day will really help weight loss, 30 minutes should be your baseline workout time. With cardio you also have plenty of flexibility on the type of fitness session you’re want to do so you can pick an exercise or gym machine that you’re already comfortable with or try something new to change up your fitness plan. So, what’s the best type of cardio to burn belly fat? There are two main methods of using cardio effectively for weight loss. Let’s look at them both now.

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HIIT cardio is a belly fat blaster

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, as it is commonly known, is not for the faint-hearted, but it is very effective in blasting fat. In medical studies HIIT has been shown to produce a decrease in fat mass percentage as well as lower body mass indexes and lower cholesterol. HIIT burns more fat than other types of cardio and in a quicker time frame but you will need more recovery time. In a typical HIIT cardio workout you’ll work out in short bursts of all-out effort followed by short periods of rest or lower-intensity effort for an equal or slightly longer period of time. You might like to include HIIT cardio in your Xercise4Less gym plan up to three times a week but make sure you avoid consecutive days of HIIT training.

For HIIT it’s important to work out at close to or at your maximum effort so you should have a heart-rate monitor to keep your cardio efforts honest. Figure out your maximum heart rate and the optimum level to burn belly fat by subtracting your age from 220. You can then ensure you’re exercising at the right intensity for the more tiring periods of your HIIT cardio. Make sure you warm up and cool down properly as you’re putting your body under more pressure than usual with a HIIT cardio session. Use any type of cardio you enjoy to perform a HIIT workout from stationary bikes and treadmills to the rowing machine or an elliptical trainer. The key is keeping up a real fitness intensity over the 10-30 minutes of your cardio workout. If you want to lose belly fat you want to try HIIT cardio at your nearest Xercise4Less gym.

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Lose belly fat with a low intensity cardio workout

LISS or low-intensity steady state is the complete opposite of HIIT but can also be just as effective in helping you lose belly fat. LISS is a cardio workout that aims for 30 to 60 minutes in your local Xercise4Less gym at about 60 percent of your max heart-rate. That heart-rate monitor will come in handy again! Supporters of LISS cardio point out that staying at that moderate intensity for a long period can ramp up your fat loss, increase blood flow, and improve oxygen delivery within cells. When you exercise with low intensity cardio, your body can produce energy using oxygen and allows you to burn a higher percentage of fat for fuel. You won’t use up more fat in total but staying at that heart rate will burn a greater percentage of calories from fat as you continue to work out in your LISS session.

Low-intensity steady state cardio is also safer than HIIT with less strain on your joints and knees. Engaging in lower-intensity exercise means less chance of injury and more chance of you going to the gym regularly. LISS is gentle enough that you can exercise every day as well as being a nice change up from the high intensity of a HIIT cardio session. You’ll use the same cardio machines as HIIT like steppers, treadmills, ellipticals but with LISS cardio you’ll be able to keep up a conversation and make some new gym friends while you’re working out. LISS is really great for helping you lose belly fat and build the real body you’d like to have.

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Leave your love handles behind with Xercise4Less Gyms

Join Xercise4Less Gyms and you’ll achieve your exercise goals quicker. Whether you want to lose belly fat with some efficient cardio sessions or strength train for weight loss, you’ll find the right gym facilities and equipment for your personal fitness programme. Joining a real gym community like Xercise4Less means you can expect friendly support right through your fitness. Our gym provides innovative dedicated workout areas like our Ladies Only Gym Zone or Combat Zone with MMA cage and full-size boxing ring as well as up to 40 inclusive exercise classes evert week. When you want to lose those love handles, you want to join Xercise4Less Gyms.

Resistance Training Is Key For Your Weight Loss

Resistance training - leg press
Resistance training - main

Burn the calories with resistance workouts

You may have heard the phrase ‘muscle burns fat’ but what does that actually mean? Resistance training helps you build muscle and the more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body will burn at rest. Why? Simply put, muscle burns a much higher percentage of calories at rest than body fat which expends far fewer calories. Each pound of muscle on your body uses about 30-60 calories per day. So, if resistance training can get your metabolism firing 24 hours of the day, even when you’re just sitting around on the sofa, you’ll find yourself burning calories. That’s why a resistance training workout is the exercise routine you need if you’re trying to lose excess weight.

Resistance training - leg press

The weight training afterburn

Cardio is an important part of any weight loss gym programme but when you’re done on the elliptical machine, your calorie-burning time is pretty much done too. It’s not quite the same with a strength training workout. With resistance training you’ll benefit from the fabled afterburn effect or EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). That means you’ll continue to burn calories for at least an hour after you’ve finished a fitness session in your Xercise4Less gym. Depending on the intensity and length of your weight training you can in fact enjoy a post-exercise calorie combustion of up to 48 hours. Just think, you could be sleeping and fat burning at the same time! If weight loss is a goal of yours, incorporating strength training into your fitness routine is a real no-brainer.

Resistance training for better health

This may be an obvious point but it’s one still worth making; resistance training makes you stronger and fitter for everyday life. Lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises will of course add tone and definition to your muscles so you look good, but it will also make lifting, bending, and pulling far easier too. Your general health and wellbeing will also be enhanced as strength training protects your bone health and muscle mass, particularly important as we age. Work out using resistance training and you’ll develop better body mechanics and enjoy better balance. Weight training will even improve your mood and boost your energy. That’s why a great Xercise4Less Gyms exercise program for weight loss will always include some resistance training.

Resistance training - lifting dumbbells

Resist unwanted fat with Xercise4Less resistance training

Put some muscle behind your weight loss journey and try some resistance training at your local Xercise4Less gym. Our gym facilities are packed with calorie-burning equipment for you to use as well as innovative workout areas that help you burn fat quicker like the Ladies Only Gym Zone. Choose from up to 40 fitness classes designed to get your heart racing and your metabolism ramped up. Or work out with expert Personal Trainers in our fat-burning Boot Camps. You can always depend on the Xercise4Less gym community to be right by your side as you fight the battle of the bulge!

Get Rid Of Your Love Handles In The Gym

get rid of your love handles - main
get rid of your love handles - main

Lose your love handles at Xercise4Less Gyms

Get yourself to your nearest Xercise4Less gym and get ready to get rid of your annoying love handles. Say goodbye to a bulging waistline or middle aged spread when you can work out effectively at our inclusive gym in dedicated fitness zones like the cardio exercise area. Transform your hate handles or spare tyre into a flatter stomach with far less belly fat. Improve your health and wellbeing by shedding the flabby fat deposits around your hips and stop dangerous visceral fat from building up around your organs. Here’s how you can Get Rid of Your Love Handles in your local Xercise4Less gym.

Love a clean diet

You won’t get far in your quest to lose your love handles without an improved diet. The first thing you can do to lose unwanted fat is to stop eating unhealthy, fatty and processed foods and replace them with healthier foods loaded with nutrients. Begin gradually by including one healthy meal a day and progress from there. Soon you’ll enjoy eating fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, legumes and even fish. Try a healthier food diet and you’ll massively improve your chances of making those dreaded love handles disappear.

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Burn excess fat all over your body

Exercise is obviously an important part of losing love handles but what gym exercises should you do to lose excess weight from around your middle? Forget about spot reduction for your love handles and shift your calorie burning focus away from purely abdominal exercises. When you want to lose belly flab, you need to step away from that ab crunch machine and do cardio and strength exercises that burn lots of calories all over your body.

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Cardio exercising machines are your fat losing friends

When you want to shift extra weight, cardiovascular exercise can be a real friend. Make it easier on yourself and pick your favourite cardio machine to lose your love handles. Choose cardio workouts that you’re more likely to stick to when working out three or four days a week for 45 to 60 minutes. The treadmill and the rower are great calorie-burning machines but if you prefer the elliptical or the stair climber then use those machines instead to prevent a bulging waistline. Ramp up your fat burning efforts by adding some HIIT (high-intensity interval training) with cardio machines. HIIT’s short bursts of maximum effort followed by a quick rest period ensures your body burns plenty of calories even after your cardio workout is over.

get rid of love handles - rowing

Strength training is no flabby workout

Don’t neglect strength training when you’re trying to shed unwanted weight. Make sure to include compound exercises with free weights like burpees, squats, triceps dips and lunges in your fat loss programme and hit multiple muscle groups all at once. Use strength training exercises too that strengthen your abdominal area like planks, leg raises, and knee pull-ins. Make your obliques (hidden under your love handles) work hard too with Russian twists, weighted side bends and bicycle crunches and don’t leave your lower back out with strength training exercises such as glute bridges or Supermans. Adding muscle helps you burn fat and tone the muscles underneath the fat at same time. Deflate that spare tyre with more strength training in your weight loss plan.   

get rid of your love handles - plank

Hold back middle age spread with Xercise4Less Gyms

We’re always there to offer you support wherever you currently are on your weight loss journey. Work out and burn fat in our dedicated fitness zones like the private Ladies Only Gym Zone or in our large free weights area. Xercise4Less Gyms provides everything you need to lose those love handles for good from up to 40 inclusive fitness classes to plenty of cardio machines and a spacious Spin Studio. Get rid of your love handles quicker when you have an inclusive Xercise4Less gym membership.

Rowing Machine Workouts For Effective Weight Loss

get rid of love handles - rowing

Lose Weight With Rowing Machine Workouts

The rowing machine may lie relatively neglected in the cardio zone of your local Xercise4Less gym. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t harness the superb weight loss capabilities of one of the most versatile pieces of cardio equipment in any gym. You may not be drawing oars on a river, but you will accelerate your weight loss journey as a full-body workout on the rowing machine strips fat and builds lean muscle. A rowing machine workout combines both strength and cardio training, engages practically all of your major muscles from your arms and core to your legs and gets your heart rate up to the max. While it’s low-impact on your joints, rowing machine exercises are high impact for weight loss as you burn a ton of calories with each workout on the rower. Your workout on the rowing machine doesn’t even have to be that long; consistency is key. Lose more weight long-term with 30-50 minutes on the rower three times a week.

Ready to give the rowing machine a go? Let’s take a quick look first at proper rowing technique so you get the most from our Rowing Machine Workouts for Weight Loss.

get rid of love handles - rowing

Correct Rowing Technique

Allow your rower seat to slide forward as you sit up straight. Hinge at the hips so your shoulders are in front of your hips, with arms straight and your hands beyond your knees. Keep your back, shoulders, arms, and core engaged as you drive with your legs, pushing the seat away from the rowing machine flywheel. As you drive with your legs, open your hips so your body swings back to about 11 o’clock. As your body swings back, bring your hands in toward your lower ribs to complete the rowing stroke. Reverse those motions to return to the starting position in one smooth motion by releasing your arms forward and letting your body swing forward and the seat slide forward at the same time.

Make sure you warm up before every session on the rowing machine with 5-10 minutes of gentle rowing and cool down for the same period after a fat burning rower session. Now you understand the right way to exercise on the rowing machine, here are some effective weight loss rower workouts for you to try.

Row Repeats for a Rowing Fat Burner

Jump on the rowing machine in your Xercise4Less gym for some fat-shredding Row Repeats. Put the resistance setting on the rowing machine at 10 and make sure you’re properly positioned on the rower with your feet fully fastened. Take an overhand grip on the bar and ensure that the rower screen is on and that you can clearly see the time and distance data. Row at a comfortable pace for 5 minutes then row for 250 metres as fast as possible trying hard to maintain the correct stroke technique. Rest for 60 seconds, then row another 250 metres as hard as you can. Keep this pattern going for ten all-out 250 metre rows to burn plenty of calories.

Lose More Weight as You Build Endurance

Your rowing workout will always benefit from some endurance work and this 20 minute rower workout will help supercharge your weight loss programme. Start building your cardio endurance at an easy clip for five minutes to warm your body up. Then row for 20 minutes at the fastest pace you can consistently sustain for that period. When your 20 minutes is done and you’ve burned lots of fat, record your average stroke rate and average speed so you can challenge yourself for your next rowing machine workout.

correct rowing technique - fat burn rowing

Intense HIIT Rowing Workout To Burn Fat

A high-intensity interval-style workout is always effective for weight loss and this HIIT Rowing Workout really burns some serious calories. Warm up with a lightly paced 5 minutes of rowing. Then row as hard as you’re able for 30 seconds before resting for 30 seconds. Repeat for a total of 6 rounds, then take a 3-minute rest. You’ve just finished one HIIT rowing set, now do two more to complete this workout!

Time Trial for Effective Weight Loss

A rowing Time Trial workout over 2 kilometres is always a key component of any rower weight loss routine and perhaps the toughest challenge. Start off trying to cover 500 metres four times as fast as you can with one minute of rest in between. As you drop weight and add muscle, gradually reduce your rest time by 5 seconds and challenge yourself to doing the full 2 kilometres in one full-paced effort.  

500m Sprint Repeats to Lose Weight

If you thought the Row Repeats were tough, wait until you try these 500m Sprint Repeats! Remember though, as you’re grinding it out on the oars, how effective these rowing machine workouts will be for your weight loss targets. Warm up with 5 minutes of steady rowing. Sprint row for 500 metres while trying to keep each sprint under two minutes. Do these rowing sprint repeats 8 times with 40 seconds of rest between each one to feel a real calorie burn. If you’re finding the rest time insufficient at first, take up to 60 seconds but try not to rest for longer. Don’t worry, it won’t be long before you’re back to the shorter rest period.

rowing machine exercise - fat burn rowing

Real Weight Loss Results with Xercise4Less Gyms

Whether you want to row, run, or weightlift your way to your weight loss targets, you’ll get there quicker with Xercise4Less Gyms. We don’t just offer fat busting gym facilities like our Ladies Only Gym Zone or Combat Zone with MMA cage; we provide our membership with a real gym community of friendly members and expert personal trainers ready to be your cheerleader on your fitness journey. Enjoy up to 40 inclusive exercise classes in our spacious fitness studio or spend your workout time on the stationary cycles in your spin bike studio. Anything you need to supercharge your weight loss including plenty of rowing machines is available to you at your local Xercise4Less gym.

How to Lose Weight with HIIT Exercise Sessions

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How to hit your fat loss targets? Use HIIT!

Lose weight faster with some High Intensity Interval Training at your local Xercise4Less gym; it’s simply one of the best weight loss tips we can give you. You’ll see an increase in both lean muscle mass and an improvement in calorie burn with a successful HIIT weight loss routine. With a HIIT workout you set yourself up for successful fat burning every time you exercise. Achieve more calorie burn in just 15 minutes of HIIT than in an hour jogging on the treadmill. It’s that helpful in your quest to lose weight quickly.

Not only do you burn more calories during a HIIT workout you’ll increase the rate of your metabolism and lose more fat in the 24 hours after your high intensity workout than you would after any steady-state exercise. You won’t lose muscle either as the intense nature of your HIIT fitness session ensures most of the weight lost comes from existing fat stores. You even strengthen your heart muscles and you won’t have a chance to get bored either. So, where do you start? Here are some suggestions for how you can put HIIT to the test at your nearest Xercise4Less gym.

Accelerate Fat Loss with a Stationary Bike Sprint

HIIT really works when you want to slim down and a Stationary Bike Sprint will work your quads and hamstrings intensively. Put some resistance on your spin bike before you start to really add to the intensity. For this HIIT fat burner you pedal as hard and fast as you’re able for a full 30 seconds. Just keep focused on pedalling at a fast pace for that time. Then turn the bike wheels over slowly for 60 seconds at an easy pace and then back to the fast pedal. Repeat for 10-20 rounds, depending on how long you want your HIIT session to be. Let the weight loss begin!

Fight Weight Gain with Battle Ropes

Blitz your belly fat with Battle Ropes at an Xercise4Less Gyms near you. This HIIT exercise couldn’t be simpler or more effective in the fight against weight gain. The key here is to keep going at a really fast pace to get your heart racing. Grip a pair of battle ropes and start some battle rope slams or waves for 30 seconds. Rest for 60 seconds. Repeat your battle rope moves for 10 rounds and learn exactly why this is such a good way to lose weight.

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Incinerate Calories with the Rowing Fat Burner

The Rowing Fat Burner will leave you breathless and your abs and glutes furiously melting calories. Sit on a rowing machine in your Xercise4Less gym and set the distance for 2,000 metres. Row for 60 seconds and then get off the rower at 1:00. Do 5 hollow rocks then immediately sit back on the rower and start rowing until the time is 2:00. Get off the rowing machine and then do 6 hollow rocks. Start rowing again. Continue this HIIT cycle until you have rowed all 2,000 metres, adding one hollow rock each time. By the time you finish you’ll certainly feel the calorie burn!

The Calorie Burning Treadmill Sprint Interval

If you want a leaner and more toned body, you want the fat burning properties of a Treadmill Sprint Interval. This HIIT session is easy to apply and very effective for shedding weight. Start off with a 3 minute jog to warm up and then sprint as fast as you can on the treadmill for 15-20 seconds. Jog at a slow pace for 60 seconds before sprinting again for 15-20 seconds. Repeat this HIIT routine for 10 rounds and you’ll end up with 15 minutes of pure fat loss.

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HIIT Weight Loss Results with Xercise4less Gyms

Smash your fitness targets with Xercise4Less Gyms. We don’t just provide impressive gym facilities like our Ladies Only Gym Zone or Combat Zone with MMA cage; we offer new members a real gym community of friendly members and expert personal trainers ready to support your weight loss programme. Enjoy HIIT sessions of your own creation or work with our personal fitness staff in up to 40 inclusive exercise classes in our spacious fitness studio. Anything you need to help you lose weight quicker is available at your local Xercise4Less gym.

Get Rid of Belly Fat Quicker with Real Fitness Sessions

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How to Lose Belly Fat with Xercise4Less Gyms

The straightforward truth is that belly fat is harmful to your health and many of us are carrying far too much weight around our middle. Stomach fat is visceral which means it’s wrapped around our internal organs and can lead to diabetes, heart disease and a whole host of other medical issues.

So how do we get rid of belly fat? Xercise4Less Gyms has picked out some powerful types of exercise that will really help your body burn fat. With these great routines you’ll torch fat, including visceral fat, all over your body by igniting your core muscles. Read on to stop your waistline expanding and move closer to that dream washboard stomach!

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Reduce Excess Belly Fat on the Treadmill

Running on a treadmill can be an effective approach to losing belly fat. But to start shedding pounds you’ll want to run at an incline which has been shown to increase total calorie burn by as much as 50 percent. So, when you’re in your local Xercise4Less gym, start running on the treadmill at an incline and you’ll soon see the belly-fat-burning effects. Try this calorie-shredding treadmill routine: start out walking on a treadmill at an incline for 5-10 minutes to warm up before jogging for 10 minutes. Then run for 5 minutes before returning to a jog. Continue changing it up on the treadmill with 5-10 minutes of jogging followed by 5-10 minutes of running until you hit 30 minutes. If you want to burn even more visceral fat, then keep going until 45 minutes have elapsed and start losing those love handles.

circuit training workout - treadmill running

Rid Yourself of Love Handles on the Rowing Machine

Rowing is a fantastic fat-blasting cardio workout and should be a part of your Xercise4Less gym programme. You’ll boost belly fat loss with the heart rate increase a rowing machine workout provides and the afterburn it offers. Work out the muscles in your legs, core, arms, shoulders, and back and burn calories all over your body as you work hard on the rowing machine. Why not try this great 4-minute rowing circuit? Row for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. See how many metres you’ve rowed in that 20 seconds. Now repeat this rowing routine eight times, trying to beat your distance record every time. When you’ve done this four-minute circuit, row 500 metres as fast as you’re able to blast as much stomach fat as you can. The time you’ve set is the target for your next belly fat rowing session.

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Blow Belly Fat Away with a Real HIIT Session

The intense bursts of fast-paced cardio that a HIIT gym session provides is one of the best workouts possible for losing belly fat. Keep muffin tops at bay with this high intensity workout that burns total and visceral fat. Even better it’s over quicker than normal gym sessions! Try this HIIT workout after warming up for ten minutes: do as many reps as possible of your favourite exercise like squats, push-ups, kettlebell swings or single-arm rows in 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds and then try a different exercise for another 30 seconds. That’s one round. Continue your HIIT belly-fat-losing session at your local Xercise4Less gym for 10 rounds in total and look forward to a stronger, leaner core.

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Strength Training Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Boost your metabolism by putting on more muscle. Put on more muscle by trying some anti-belly fat strength training exercises. Enjoy the afterburn effect of weightlifting as you gradually increase the muscle load during your strength training session. Compound strength training exercises such as deadlifts, squats, leg presses and lunges hit every major muscle group and are more effective in reducing body fat than isolation movements like biceps curls or triceps dips. Weightlifting exercises best for burning belly fat include bench presses, chest presses and push-ups as well as pull-ups, pullovers and rows. Power lifts such as clean and jerks and snatches are also great exercises for losing belly fat quicker at your local Xercise4Less gym.

Weight Training

Yoga Classes to Reduce Belly Fat

You might not have been expecting Yoga to be helpful in the struggle to lose belly fat, but yoga plays an important part in switching on the abdominal muscles in your stomach. You won’t burn as many calories as running on an incline or strength training, but you will build muscle and muscle endurance which will in turn boost your belly-fat-shredding metabolism. Join a group Yoga class at your local Xercise4Less gym and practice the best calorie-blasting yoga poses including Plank Pose, Seated Forward Bend, Chair Pose, Chaturanga Dandasana, Sun Salutation, Wheel Pose or Mountain Pose.

Yoga Class

Losing Weight with Xercise4less Gyms

Whatever you need to accelerate weight loss Xercise4Less Gyms can provide. We offer all the tools you need to blast belly fat from amazing gym facilities like the Combat Zone and Ladies Only Gym Zone to up to 40 inclusive fitness classes including fat-burning Yoga sessions and transformative Boot Camps. Our supportive gym community with friendly gym members and expert personal trainers is always on your side in the battle against bulging bellies!

Gary French – Transformation Camp Winner

Transformation from truck stop diner to Porsche owner as HGV driver from County Durham wins a brand-new sports car

Fitness challenge at his local Xercise4Less gym wins Gary French a Porsche – and a five stone weight loss.

When Gary French, a 50-year old HGV driver from Hartburn, nervously walked into a gym for the first time in January 2018, little did he know it was the start of a journey which would lead him to a complete body transformation – and behind the wheel of a brand new Porsche.

Above: Gary French, Marketing, Fitness and CEO.

National gym chain Xercise4Less launched a competition at the start of 2018 to provide additional motivation to people undertaking one of its 4FiiT eight-week Body Transformation Camps. Over 14,000 people took part in the Transformation Camps in 2018, and 14 of those with the most praiseworthy physical transformations were selected by the Health & Fitness team and invited to tell their story, after which a public vote was held on Facebook to choose the winner.

Gary was chosen as the winner after revealing his commendable two stone weight loss, achieved during his first Body Transformation Camp, before enrolling in many further camps – he’s currently starting his eighth!

Above: Gary French.

After years of no exercise, truck stop treats and full English breakfasts, at the start of 2018 Gary realised his body was suffering the consequences of his unhealthy lifestyle, finding himself out of breath climbing the stairs and unable to touch his own toes. Motivated by a fear of missing his children’s big milestones, Gary overcame his nerves and joined Xercise4Less Stockton-on-Tees, booking in a personal training session with Natasha Livingstone. Several weeks later he joined his first Body Transformation Camp.

Gary said: “I’m so excited to have won this car. As the competition was coming to an end, there were two Porsche Boxters parked outside the Porsche garage nearby, and I said to my wife: “this car has my name on it”. Little did I know, it actually did! It’s an amazing added bonus to my transformation and the perfect way to celebrate how far I’ve come.

“I wanted to lose five stone so I could still be around in 20 years to see my little girl walk down the aisle and to watch my son walk out for Middlesbrough as their first team goalkeeper! It was nerve-racking walking into the gym that first day, but I was quickly put at ease. The camp was fantastic – I formed great relationships with everyone, and we all shared information and support. Our camp came to an end, but I was totally hooked and so were the rest of the camp. I had lost two stone in eight weeks and I was over the moon.

“As well as the personal training sessions with a phenomenal and extremely helpful personal trainer who was on hand to answer any of our questions, the camp also helped me get to grips with my diet and improved my mental health. It lifted my spirits, confidence and wellbeing and helped me deal with the daily grind of life. I can safely say if I hadn’t walked into the gym that day, I think I could have been looking at heart failure, a stroke or worse in the future.”

Above: Gary French.

Gary’s next challenge will be to take on the annual coast to coast cycle ride in August. He hopes to complete it in 24 hours, raising funds for the Children’s Heart Foundation at Freeman’s Hospital in Newcastle.

Peter Wright, Xercise4Less CEO, said: “We’re delighted for Gary, he’s a very well deserving winner of this amazing Porsche prize. He has worked so hard, never losing sight of his goals, but I think surprising himself by how much he enjoyed it along the way. If you’d have told him he would be signing up for eight of our Body Transformation Camps and taking on a Coast to Coast cycle ride 18-months ago, I don’t think he would have believed you, but there’s no stopping him now.”

Above: Fitness Manager, CEO and Gary French. 

The Xercise4Less Body Transformation Camps include three personal trainer led sessions every week, access to the personal trainer and other camp members for support and advice via an online community hub, plus complimentary access to the Xercise4Less mobile app. Click here for more information.

Above: Fitness Manager, CEO and Gary French.