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Here’s a step-by-step process for members to gain access to the X4L Online Gym which allows members to follow @home workouts, view the class schedule and book onto the live stream and on-demand classes:

Step 1:

Open your X4L app and on the home screen of the app, tap ‘My Club’ or clicking on the arrows in the top right hand corner of your screen.

GX Classes Book - Mobile (3)

Step 2:

Once the name of your club appears, you need to tap ‘switch club’. If that option doesn’t appear, please click on the arrows in the top right hand corner. Once you’ve done that, then tap on the ‘+’ in the top right hand corner.

GX Classes Access - Mobile (6)

Step 3:

Once you’ve tapped on the ‘+’ it should then open up a map of the UK. Tap on the search bar and type in ‘Leeds’. It doesn’t matter where your home club is in the UK, you need to do this to access the virtual club.


Step 4:

Once you’ve clicked search, an ‘X4L Online Gym’ on Kirkstall Road option should appear. Tap this and then ‘add to my clubs’ to gain access to the information you need.


Step 5:

Switch over to this club to access the schedule and to book both the live stream and on-demand classes. When you’ve finished, switch back to your original home club to use the app as you usually would.

Download the Mobile X4L App Today

Download the Xercise4Less Gyms app today and to access your account for your phone and stay focused on your fitness goals. Click the workouts icon for all our @Home Workouts and click on the classes icon to book all of our live stream and on-demand GX classes. There you can browse the weekly exercise class schedule to find the right class for you. Choose the fitness class in that you want to attend and click book. You’re now ready for your live virtual class at home.

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