Benefits of Free Weights Training in the Gym

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Use weights to smash your fitness goals at Xercise4Less Gyms

Lifting free weights in our gyms has a number of positives that will you to help you to get stronger not only in the gym but in daily life too. To move one step closer to those all-important fitness goals, start lifting weights in our free weights gym zones and you’ll soon notice the benefits! Using dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells will boost your workouts and your fitness to a whole new level.

All Xercise4Less gyms across the UK have a wide range of free weights equipment that you can use at your will to take your gym sessions up a notch. Whether you’re looking for a wide range of weighted dumbbells, want to use Olympic lifting platforms to train for your next powerlifting competition or want to practice your barbell squat form, our gyms can provide all the equipment you need.

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Regular weight training helps weight loss

Make the most of the free weights gym zones available to you as part of your great value membership with Xercise4Less Gyms. It provides you with all the equipment you need to smash your personal fitness goals. A big benefit of weight training is that it helps with weight loss.

By following a weight training routine, your heart rate will increase and you’ll start to burn calories at a quick rate. When people think of weight loss, they usually think of using cardio machines, but you can follow a cardio-style workout in the free weights zone to help you lose weight quicker. For example, kettlebell swings are a great cardio exercise and fat burning exercise. Dumbbell squat jumps and medicine balls slams are other exercises that require free weights equipment but really help with weight loss and fat burning. Once you’ve finished a free weights workout, your body will continue to burn calories for a longer period of time compared to a cardio machine workout. So, for weight loss free weights training seems like a no brainer, right? A combination of cardio training and free weight training is the perfect recipe for weight loss and to improve your body confidence

Woman using Cables, Bench, Weights

Free weight exercises will improve strength

Most people use free weights equipment to build their muscle strength and increase their muscle size. Lifting, pushing and pulling free weights is by far the best way to build muscle and get stronger in your everyday life.

The best way to push your muscles and strength to the limit is to following a workout routine involving a number of compound movements. Compound movements are exercises such squats, deadlifts, pull-ups and bench presses. By doing compound exercises, you’ll be pushing numerous muscles at one time which will eventually result in them getting stronger and bigger. By working multiple muscles at one time, you’ll be improving your balance and coordination. Performing an exercise such as a barbell deadlift isn’t easy but once you get your form right, you’ll smash it and start improving the strength in your back, arms, legs and glutes.

Combining the main two benefits of free weights training – weight loss and muscle gain – will leave you with muscles that are much more defined and prominent. Whatever your level of weight training experience, using the free weights gym zone is something we encourage all Xercise4Less members to do. It’ll benefit your general physical health in daily life and also help to strengthen your mental health.


Join Xercise4Less Gyms today

Become a part of the Xercise4Less community today and take those all important steps towards improving your fitness and reaching your fitness goals. Try strength training in our free weights gym zones or lift weights in our resistance machines zones – either way will help you to gain muscle and burn excess calories quickly. We provide members with the private ladies only gym zone too to help women workout with confidence. Don’t forget about our wide range of group exercise classes including the famous Les Mills workouts.

Whatever your fitness level; whether you’re an experience gym user or never used a gym before, join Xercise4Less Gyms today and start transforming your physical and mental health.

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