Building Staff Morale with Group Fitness Classes

Building Staff Morale with Group Fitness Classes   

It’s worth reminding ourselves how important working out is for our working lives. Staying physically fit has so many positive knock-on effects for both our professional lives and personal health that it’s almost become a cliché. But in my job as Head of Marketing for Xercise4Less Gyms, I see and feel the benefits of exercise every day. Whether training at one of our gyms or seeing our members working out hard in the gym. When I’m doing my modest workout, I like to get the endorphins rushing as I mentally process and work through what’s on my mind in my personal or professional life. I’ve personally found the main benefit of exercise to be enabling me to focus my mind, but the extra benefits of being a little healthier don’t go unnoticed.

Many companies now offer employees a gym membership, often in a gym close to the office but the take-up isn’t always brilliant. A great way to motivate your team to get into the gym regularly is to encourage them to sign up to a group fitness session, something we specialise in at Xercise4Less. Their health will benefit, your team’s morale will improve, and your bottom line can only increase by having a team of employees with excellent mental wellbeing. 

Exercising During Work Hours 

Getting desk bound employees to take part in regular exercise to stay fit and active isn’t an easy sell. Staff already spend 60% of their waking hours in the workplace so getting them to commit to another task in or out of working hours won’t be simple. It is necessary, though, for the future of business culture- not just in the UK but the world. 

Sitting at a desk for 8 to 10 hours does serious damage to your health and mental wellbeing. Combatting the negative effects of sitting must be a priority in the workplace and exercising as a team can be very helpful in that department.  

Your company doesn’t have to be a multi-national to be able to afford to send your staff to a gym to take part in group fitness exercise or classes. Xercise4Less offer, as part of our corporate gym packages, exercises that cater for all levels of fitness, whether that means a small group doing personal training as a team activity or larger fitness classes such as Zumba, Boxercise, Spin Cycling, Legs, Bums and Tums for example. We provide a variety of workouts and support so your staff will have no chance of becoming bored with exercise. Get your employees out of their chairs, into a fitness class and see their health bloom. 

Impressive Health Benefits for Your Whole Company 

Encouraging fitness in the workplace has huge upsides for the health of your employees. Those exercise endorphins fight off stress and stimulate more positive attitudes during work hours. With more self-confidence and energy from working out comes more creativity and productivity amongst your staff. Employees who feel happier and healthier are far less likely to fall sick so your short-term and long-term absenteeism could decrease sharply. This is a real opportunity for your business to review the costs of fitness versus absenteeism. A low-cost corporate gym membership could save your company more in the long term than any ongoing absenteeism.  

In addition, all these benefits follow from providing staff access to a gym near your place of work so employees can make use of health benefits during the working day whether it’s before work, at lunch time or after work.  

Together You Can Boost Team Morale  

Providing access to group exercise classes shows your workers that you really care about their health. That statement boosts staff morale by itself. Add in the positive impact of exercise on long-term physical health, and an increased ability to ward off the effects of stress and you’re onto a winner in the team stakes. Your company will also find it easier to retain staff as the office atmosphere will be so much more positive. How could your team fail to bond as they work hard together in a group exercise session in the gym, cheering each other on to do one more lunge, press-up or lap of the running tack. 

With the variety of group exercise classes we have on offer at Xercise4Less, your employees will face a different challenge every time. As they build up their strength and conditioning, you’re empowering their resilience for the fast-changing workplace. You can also use boot camp classes to create a sense of camaraderie among your team. Or, use the group spin class as a form of team-building activity to work towards a common goal like a company cycle. 

Group fitness sessions are a great way for your team to learn personal accountability. If everyone is signed up to a class, it’s just much harder to skip the group workout. Besides the personal growth, group fitness classes are simply fun and make exercise more enjoyable. As a bonus they’re a great way to get some team stress out! 

The Spending Power of Spending Time in the Gym  

Finally, your company will benefit from the bottom-line improvement. The time spent on exercise during the day is returned with interest thanks to improved staff productivity. I see my colleagues at Xercise4Less return from 4FiiT Friday workout sessions (one of our team building activities), feeling refreshed, happy and enjoying plenty of friendly banter. After that energising gym workout, we’re all energised and far better focused on our day to day activities.  

Teams are also better able to keep calm when work gets hectic. It’s not surprising to me that in a Harvard Business Review study, they found that for every dollar invested in health and fitness by US companies, the average return was $2.71; that’s a great business return on investment. 

Your company also benefits from fewer lost working days. In the UK, work-related illness costs the economy over £13 billion a year with more than a million people absent from their jobs due to sickness. With group fitness classes and regular exercise, your business will be far less affected.  

Great Fitness Classes for Your Staff   

Varying the fitness classes your team attends will increase the positive effects of exercise, keeping the muscles guessing and supercharging their metabolism. By avoiding repetition, and taking part in the large portfolio of group classes we offer, your employees are less likely to lose interest- and by extension, less likely to quit.

Try yoga or Pilates classes to improve mental and physical flexibility as they’re the perfectly calming answer to a tough day at the office. You can sign your staff up to a Boxercise class session, so they develop strength and stamina for stressful situations. Or, how about a Zumba session to get your team really pumped about getting into shape. They’ll even be whistling tunes when they get back to their desks! Variety is the perfect spice to add to your group fitness brew. 

Free 7 Day Corporate Gym Pass  

Xercise4Less are offering all employees of every UK company a free 7 day corporate gym pass. If your firm is interested in setting up an employee gym package, we can help you create a corporate solution that works for your individual business.  

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Joseph Gourvenec 
Head of Marketing 
Xercise4Less Gyms 

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