Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff when You Start University

The car boot is crammed full of your stuff. You’ve said goodbye to your family and it’s time to start up the engine on a great new adventure. Starting uni or college can be both a hectic time and a stressful experience as the 500% increase of students reporting mental health problems over the last ten years underlines. Leaving home for the first time, trying to get used to new freedoms and new routines while you’re meeting new people from all over the world can be daunting but Xercise4Less Gyms are here to remind you not to sweat the small stuff! University is a time to be enjoyed, not endured, so here are some student tips on how to last the distance in your new college life.

Set Yourself Up for Success on Campus

When you finally start higher education you might find you have less time to sleep and less time to think about your health and wellbeing. Socialising, boozing, eating fast food late at night is all part and parcel of student life. But this life-changing experience doesn’t have to come at the cost of your physical or mental health.

That’s why we put our heads together at Xercise4Less to offer an easy way for you to stay fit as a fresher. Until 30th September we’re offering a fantastic student fitness deal of £0 Joining Fee and your First Month for just £1. Our student gym membership also comes with a Free 3-month tastecard and 2 Personal Training Sessions. If you want to try us before you join you can take up our 5 Day Free Gym Pass, available until 30th September. You won’t run out of steam during your first few months at university when you can join your nearest Xercise4Less gym!

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Never Running Out of Steam

Take the weight off your new student life with a fitness routine to work off the partying excess and keep you on a good academic track. Exercising regularly boosts your energy levels, enabling you to fully experience the best student life has to offer, and come out with a respectable result afterwards. When you sit down with an Xercise4Less Personal Trainer to plan your fitness programme, don’t limit yourself to exercises that you’ve always done. University life is about experimenting so play around with free weights, a Les Mills BodyBalance class or virtual cycling.

University is about making friends, too, so find a new workout buddy to extend your uni network. Create a fitness plan that you’ll stick to with achievable and measurable goals. Schedule your workouts to fit within your weekly class schedule. Exercise consistently improves your cognition as well as boosting your memory so workout during your college day. You can even cram for an exam while you do cardio on the stationary bike!

Keeping the Weight off Student Life

It’s easy to wander off a healthy nutritional path when you’re caught up in the excitement of student life. Take a breath though to focus on your food. Eating a balanced diet can help you feel better, cope with stress and perform well in the classroom. Learn to cook on a student budget. Don’t spend all your money on takeaways or microwave food when you can whip up a delicious home-cooked meal for less. Cook food in bulk then freeze it in meal-sized portions so it’s even quicker to heat up than microwave meals!

Avoid having too many fattening snacks in your student accommodation. Why not keep healthy snacks like mixed nuts and Greek yoghurt on hand for those late night study sessions. Or use your free 3-month tastecard for a healthy restaurant meal at a fraction of the normal cost. Remember to reward yourself too and indulge in your favourite cheat food every now and then.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Going to university is an amazing opportunity to step into independent life but it can take a toll on your mental health. A deterioration in mental health is now a real problem for students in the UK. The suicide rate of UK students has increased 56% over the last ten years with over 15,000 first year university students reporting mental health issues in their first year.

We’ve talked about the physical benefits of exercising and taking care of your diet but working out is just as important for your mental health. In fact, exercise is considered vital by mental health professionals for reducing stress and keeping a balanced mental state. Fitness also demonstrably improves your concentration and recall so exercise is ideal in the run-up and during exams!

We like to keep our university fitness offers affordable on a student budget. Sign up to Xercise4Less Gyms before 30 September for only £1, pay a £0 joining fee and receive a free 3-month tastecard and 2 Personal Training sessions to boot. Or you can try our student 5 Day free gym passes, also up to September 30th. You don’t need a third level education to know that’s a great bargain!

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