How to tone your muscles

Everyone has their own fitness goals, whether it’s to bulk up or slim down, or to just improve your all around health. There are countless goals for you to achieve from working out in the gym, but today we are going to talk you through how to reach a popular goal, to tone up.

Toning your muscles requires time and patience, similar to any other goal, it is not achieved overnight. Consistency is key. You can stay consistent by working out 4-5 times a week, don’t work out every single day, much like your phone your muscles need to rest and re-charge. Aim to work out on these days for at least 30 minutes. But this is a marathon not a sprint, everyone starts at different stages.

Incorporate weights into your exercise. Use weights that challenge your strength, but ensure you can manage just over 2 sets of 10 repetitions. Start off low and add weights as you go, don’t go heavy too quickly as this can cause injury. Body weight exercises work wonders for toning your muscles, these are exercises such as push ups or planking.

To tone your muscles, full body exercising helps a great deal. Cardio is the best day to do this, all cardiovascular exercise will allow you to tone all areas of your body, as well as lowering the risk of mental and physical health problems! High intensity interval training is a quick, effective method of cardio that helps burn fat and tone your muscles. This requires performing exercises at a high intensity for short periods of time, resting and repeating! To try this you can head to one of our treadmills, set the treadmill as fast as you can go for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds, please take precaution when running at a fast speed.

Toning requires building muscle and reducing body fat to increase the appearance of muscles. It is essential in every major fitness change to have consistent diet alongside regular exercise. Ensure to have plenty of fruit and vegetables and aim to reach your 5 a day. Carbohydrates such as brown rice, oats, quinoa and pasta are also helpful in reducing the body’s intake of saturated fat, which will increase the appearance of your muscles. And finally, ensure you eat a sufficient amount of protein as this helps you build muscles, foods such as eggs, chicken and almonds are great protein sources for an all-round balanced diet.

Why not take advantage of a complimentary consultation to discuss with your 4FiiT PT how to achieve this in a way best suited to you?

Don’t forget, everyone has their own methods and goals, this is just some advice to support you along the way if your goal is to tone up! 

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