Improving Your Stability and Balance

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The Importance of Mobility

How often do you focus on your stability and balance? For most of us, it isn’t very often. However, it should be. Regularly focusing on these two things will have a great impact on your fitness and your progress. With better balance, workouts such as Yoga and Pilates will become a lot easier and with strong stability, you’ll be able to perform heavy lifts such as squats and deadlifts better and even push closer towards those all important PBs!

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Take Time to Work on Your Balance

Improving your balance shouldn’t just be for those who love Yoga and Pilates, it should be something that we all do as regularly as we can. Working on your balance has a lot of benefits that make your workouts and gym sessions better but also mean that your day-to-day life activities become a lot easier.

By working on your balance regularly, you’ll prevent any falls. This is because you’re a lot stronger on your feet so that you’re less likely to fall and injure yourself if you’re doing something that requires you to balance for a long period of time. Improving your balance also means that you’re reducing the risk of injuries in your knees and ankles because you’re able to take some weight off those areas and balance instead. Finally, don’t forget how much balance will help you progress. If you are a keen Yoga or Pilates person, you’ll be able to start performing much more advanced movements by spending just some time every day or week focusing on your balance.

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Stability will Help You Get Stronger

Stability is again one of those things that are sometimes neglected. However, with all the extra time we have at home, now is the perfect time to work on this a bit more.

By working on your stability regularly, you will improve the amount of control you have over every single movement. Whether you’re working out in the gym or at home, stability is your friend! This will allow you to build strong muscles all over your body, especially your core and legs as you can really concentrate on the movement that you’re performing and how you can control it to allow you to reach your desired results.

Want to sit lower on your squat? Want to increase the size of your biceps? Whatever your muscle and strength gaining goals, working on your stability will allow you to get there quicker. To allow yourself to really smash your 2020 fitness goals, these two types of training – balance and stability – are really important and you should try them as often as you can.

Exercise at Home to Suit You and Your Goals

Do you remember why you joined one of our gyms in the first place? Whether that was to help you lose weight, build up strength and muscle, tone and condition or have a positive impact on your mental health, you can still do that at home whilst our gyms are temporarily closed.

It’s important not to cancel out any of that hard work by continuing to exercise at home whether it’s low or high intensity. We understand how important your fitness journey is to you and that’s why we’ve created a wide range of @Home Workouts and Virtual Classes that you can follow to suit you and your fitness goals. Really make the most of this extra time you have at home whether that’s in the mornings, evenings and weekends and keep working towards your fitness goals.

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