NEW Les Mills – August 2019

FEEL IT ALL speaks to all the notion that every one of the LES MILLS group fitness programs makes us feel something different. It’s the feeling strong in BODYPUMP, feeling fierce in BODYCOMBAT, or calm and renewed in BODYBALANCE. It’s how we feel ahead of a workout, when we’re in the depth of the workout and the reward in achieving it – it’s what keeps us coming back for more. 

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BODYPUMP – This feels strong. This feels good. This is how it feels to change with every rep. To lift your own bar higher. 

BODYCOMBAT – This is where your first comes alive. Where you feel power in every punch and change in every kick.  Where you feel doubt fall away. 

BODYATTACK – How does it feel to mix adrenaline and energy? To feel connect? To move as one? This is how you find out. Where is where you #feelitall

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