Build Up Muscle With Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening Exercises - Sam Chia Legs

Increase muscle strength in the gym

There are many ways in which you can build muscle. It can be through cardio, resistance or just by general exercise. But how can you develop your muscle with specific exercises, and what are the long-term benefits of strengthening? Read below to find out more on how to build up your strength with simple exercises you can incorporate into your fitness workout.

What are strength exercises?

Specific strength exercises are designed to give your muscles a more rigorous workout than they are typically used to. This works to increase the strength of the muscle as well as the size and power, giving you more of an output to create explosive movements. Furthermore, strength exercises also improve the endurance of your muscles, giving you extra dynamism to complete more intense exercises, for longer.

Strength activities usually involve you using your body weight or working against a resistance to generate extra difficulty and exertion. This is something you are better off building up over a period of time to help prevent the risk of injury or discomfort which may hamper your body in the long run.

Typically, you should look to do two or more sessions of muscle strengthening exercises a week. This is so you are not placing too much strain or pressure on a particular part of the body. Remember, building up slowly is the key to increased muscle strength. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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Examples of effective strength exercises

As previously mentioned, there are a number of strengthening exercises you can complete at your local Xercise4Less gym. You do not have to devote a whole fitness session to strength, you can put in some work before or after the main component of your workout. Cardio exercises such as cycling, walking on an incline and using the stepper machine are ideal for improving strength. Alternatively, resistance exercises have a benefit to your muscles, with lifting weights being the main source of adding strength. If you have already got your fix of cardio or resistance training, then why not try some core stretches and exercises to help build up your muscle. Push-ups, sit-ups and squats are the most effective exercises to boost your strength workout.

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