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University Sports – How to Find Friends and Fit In

There’s nothing more likely to exhaust you than trying to pick a sport to play at university. If you’re keen to stay active in uni, you can choose from a heaving array of college sports teams. Most university sports clubs cater for everyone from the complete novice right through to the almost-professional athlete. And even if you’ve never stepped inside a gym and even if you think you hate exercise, you should join a university sports club as a fresher.


Let Xercise4Less Gyms give you a few good reasons for getting ahead of the game in your first year in uni.

The Real Benefits of Student Sports

Signing up to a university team is a huge help in finding like-minded students. You’ll make far more friends if you’re active in the uni sports world. Find your own tribe that are game for some fun activities and keep you fit for your college career. You’re at university now so you’re no longer dependent on the whims of your PE teacher or the demands of school sporty types. You’re free to make your own sporting choices and that really can be anything at college.

Whether you try archery, golf or even dodgeball, there’s also a great social aspect to university sports. College clubs will be enthusiastic to sign you up as a fresher so there’s an opportunity to try lots of different sports and meet lots of people you might not meet otherwise. Take part in something active and take it as seriously as you feel like. Have some fitness fun and work off some of those late night pizzas!

If you’re really not into sport, join a uni sports club for the health benefits. Playing for a team will help with isolation and loneliness, minimize stress, provide a break from the library and boost your mental and physical health. What’s not to like about that!

But what if you want to take university sports more seriously?

A Personal University Sports Academy

If you’re a serious sports person, you should consider joining your local Xercise4Less gym. We’re the sensible student choice for uni sports because we provide access to the latest equipment in huge numbers. You’ll be fitter than your uni sports friends when you can work out using over 400 pieces of state-of-the-art gym equipment from battle ropes and free weights to treadmills and spin bikes.

Our student gym membership provides you with access to a ferocious combat area including boxing ring, functional fitness zone and a private and self-contained Women Only gym area for female members. Whatever university sports you play, you’ll play them better with the fantastic range of fitness equipment you can use. 

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Find the Fittest Friends at Xercise4Less Gyms

Tired of working out just with your college sports team? At your local Xercise4Less gym you’ll find a whole cohort of new gym buddies to challenge and motivate you to new personal bests. Push yourself to fresh heights when you exercise alongside a new fitness partner. They can even suggest new routines to keep you interested and keep your muscles working hard. Try a new group exercise class and widen your fitness network. Working with our expert Personal Trainers will also give you a technical edge over your university sporting peers.

A University Sports Gym that Delivers Results

With an Xercise4Less student gym membership you’ll get your university sports career off to the best possible start. Sprint away from your college sporting rivals with a great value uni gym membership and no joining fee. Make fitness friends fast and give yourself an amazing sporting life at university.

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