The Ten Best Gym Tips to Kickstart Your Gym Membership

You’ve just joined Xercise4Less Gyms. You’re ready to commit to working out regularly. But you’ve never used a gym before and aren’t quite sure where to begin when it comes to exercise. Don’t worry, help is at hand. Our expert Personal Training staff have come up with a list of the Ten Best Tips to Kickstart Your Gym Membership, so you start your new fitness routine with just the right momentum.

1: Understand What You Want from Working Out

Before you step into your new Xercise4Less gym, it’s important to be clear about what your fitness goals really are. Adding muscle? Losing weight? Or do you have a more specific target like a race or competition to get fit for? Your fitness targets will change but having a compelling reason for exercise will keep you committed to your new gym and help determine your fitness programme when you start.

2: Your Initiation into All Things Fitness

Sitting down with our friendly personal training staff in your inclusive 1-2-1 personal training session is a great first step to building on those initial goals. Get a feel for how the gym works and use the expertise of our PTs to create an individual fitness programme that will works for your goals. You can also check out our blog on Gym Etiquette here.

3: Stick to Your Individual Fitness Plan

You have a good idea of why you’re exercising in the gym. Now you know how your new gym works and you’ve created your workout plan. But getting fit doesn’t happen all at once. Progress can be slow so try to stick with your gym workout even if you think you’re failing. Be realistic and you’ll find that you’re progressing towards your targets even if it’s only inch by painful inch! Your commitment to working out is the key and you’ll commit more easily when you have a realistic plan to follow!

4: Ask for Help When You Need It

Were you an expert on your first day at work? No? Well, the Personal Trainers in every Xercise4Less gym know what they’re doing. When it’s not going well in the gym, stop and ask for their help. Our PTs are very approachable and always ready to provide guidance when you need it. Don’t be embarrassed; our friendly fitness staff love helping out our gym members.

5: Set a Workout Schedule that Works for You

Committing to a regular work out isn’t always an easy habit to maintain. Make it easy on yourself by scheduling a time that you’ll be able to manage on a regular basis. Whether you have Off Peak membership, a Flexible membership or a monthly subscription pick an exercise time that fits your work and home timetable and you’ll find working out easier. Make sure too to plug in some time to recover after your toughest sessions. There’s no benefit to overworking at the gym.

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6: Show Commitment That’s a Class Above

Share the workout pain with some of the other Xercise4Less members and commit to some group fitness classes. We offer an amazing range of up to 40 exercise classes a week at every Xercise4Less gym so there’s have plenty to choose from. Work up a sweat and create some camaraderie among the other members in spin classes or Les Mills sessions. Commit to going every week and you’ll soon see real improvement.

7: Find New Gym Buddies

Group fitness classes are also a great place to make new friends when you first join a new gym. Bond with some new gym buddies while trying to breathe and chat after an exhausting Core4FiiT. Try our Body Transformation Camps and make friends for life over an intensive 8 week period. Or work out with other like-minded female members in our Women Only gym zones. At Xercise4Less we’re a very friendly community full of members ready to meet and greet.

8: Get into the Zone

Sometimes you just want to work out on your own without distraction. You know your fitness plan, so get into your exercise zone and focus on cranking out those reps. No-one else is interested in how much you’re sweating; they have their own workout difficulties! Stay focused, commit to your own plan and see the benefits start to flow.

9: Smash Your Targets with a Stunning Playlist

And what better way to get you into the fitness zone than a killer playlist. Curate all your favourite up-tempo tracks from rap and rock to disco and pop into a smashing exercise playlist and you’re your gym session much more fun. Great music will energise you and soon all you’ve have to do is press play to kill your workout.

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10: Track and Measure Your Goals

Finally, on our list of ten tips for starting out at your new gym, track your progress through measurable goals. Create short, medium and long-term goals that you can really commit to. Give yourself something real to aim for and celebrate when you hit your targets. Don’t beat yourself up though if you don’t always achieve what you’re aiming for, focus on making positive strides overall.

The Benefit of Joining Xercise4Less Gyms

Sign up to our inclusive gym membership and you’ll soon feel part of a real community of new fitness friends. You’ll never have to worry about fitting in or finding out what to do in the gym. We’re always here for you and not just on your first day at an Xercise4Less gym. Don’t miss out on our free 1-2-1 fitness session when you first join and kick off your fitness journey with the right tools.

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