Tips for busy mums

Being a mum is a 24 hour, 7 day a week job, and with such a responsibility sometimes it’s hard to fit in your ideal fitness regime! That’s why we’ve put some tips together to give you, well deserving mothers, the self-care that you need.

Struggling to find an hour or so to train? Try HIIT! High intensity interval training allows you to do your weekly cardio, for half the time! Short spurts of maximum effort keeps your heart rate high and your blood pumping, you’re guaranteed to work up a sweat in as little as 15 minutes and you’ll feel great after. Trust us, it’s worth the extra effort for that short space of time.

Take your family with you! Outdoor hiking, cycling or running is a great way to bond with your family, and keep everyone fit. With the weather slowly improving, there’s no excuse to postpone family time for some fresh air. Why not exercise while spending time with the people you love the most?

We know it’s hard to stick to a balanced diet when ensuring all your children’s nutritional needs are fulfilled, meal prep the key! Prepare all of your meals in advance to ensure you receive your share of a balanced diet, keep these in Tupperware and store them in your fridge/freezer. This is perfect way to reach your goals if you’re stretched for time. Just pop it in the microwave to heat it up and PING! You’re good to go.

Mum time. Book a class through the Xercise4Less app that fits in with your schedule, within just 30-60 minutes, you’ll to come out the gym glowing and feeling great. Not only this, you’ll meet fellow mums with the same goal as you – to feel your best. Book your class today.

Whatever your fitness goals are as a mum, don’t be afraid to want to feel your best. It’s okay to not exercise every day! You’re doing a great job, and Xercise4Less are here to support your journey every step of the way. 

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