Week 2 – Tracking Your Intake

Tracking Your Intake

This week we are looking at the importance of tracking your calorie intake and how to do it.

Your first week is over and you now have a few workouts under the belt, and the knowledge that the only way to lose weight, is to be in a calorie deficit. You all should have done your best to eat healthy the past week, but now its time to step it up a gear and start tracking those calories!

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of tracking your calorie intake.

  • You’re going to learn how many calories you consume. Spoiler alert – its likely going to be more than you think!
  • Your food choices will be better. Becoming accountable leads to amazing things! Often, healthier foods have much less calories. You will soon realise that the large caramel latte and slice of white toast with butter on in a morning is better replaced with a good old bowl of oats (or whatever your new go to may be).
  • You increase your chance of success! This is one of the main reasons for joining our Transformation Camp, right? You want to see a successful Transformation! By accurately counting your calories each day, you are taking out any guesswork. If you didn’t count calories, how would know for certain you were definitely in a calorie deficit each day?
  • It will help you understand your body better. By having a log of the foods, you have eaten, it’s easier to understand what does and doesn’t work for you. For example, you may have had digestion problems after a certain meal. By having this information on hand, you can simply look back and understand why this may have happened and what food caused it. This then allows you to alter your diet for a food that doesn’t create this problem.

Remember, liquid calories count as well! Track everything. Calories still exist in sauces and drinks! If you’re a fan of fizzy drinks, swap to a zero or lower calorie option. You can also find a large amount of lower calorie sauces available now.

Tracking via our app is super easy, even if you haven’t ever tracked your calories before. Just to be on the safe side though, we have created a little step by step process to follow below to make sure you get off to a great start.

  1. To download the app now, search on the Apple or Play Store ‘Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter’ by Virtuagym.
  2. Enter your log in details. These are the same as your Xercise4less Fitness App log in.
  3. Enter the details you are prompted for. These include your personal information, your lifestyle and goals. The app will then create your plan. We recommend durable!
  4. From the main screen, you can see how many calories you have left for the day. You can also log any food you eat from here, by pressing the orange plus in the bottom corner.
  5. You can search for foods you have eaten by clicking the orange search button in the bottom right corner. Alternatively, you can click the barcode in the top right corner to scan foods.
  6. You can then input how much of your chosen food you ate. By returning to the main page, you can see how many calories you have eaten and how many you have left for the day!  Be careful you don’t go over your calories for the day!

We hope this helped!

Be sure to ask your 4FiiT Coach any questions if you are struggling using the app.

See you in week 3!

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