Bodybuilding: 5 Tips To Sculpt Your Body

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If you are just beginning your bodybuilding journey, or want to dramatically change your physique through fitness, then we have some top tips to help you meet all your training goals here at Xercise4Less Gyms. These tips will help you a lot, but please, do not expect instant results. Muscle mass naturally develops at a slow rate, so it is important to have patience, keep focused and stick to your regimes. The results will come!

1. Learn the correct form

It is highly tempting to start with higher weights in the quest for faster results. Whilst this may be a devilish temptation, it is one you must refrain from giving in to. On one hand, you know your own body better than anyone, but also you must be aware of your limitations and know that the key to success is to build muscle at a gradual rate. The best practice for bodybuilding is to start with lower weights, learning the correct form of each exercise you participate in. Having the correct form is vital as you will begin to build the muscle you want to achieve, as well as lessening the risk of potential injury or discomfort by having a poor technique.

If you are unsure on the correct form, feel free to speak to our friendly staff for advice, or have a word with people in the gym. There will be someone who has been in your position, and able to guide you through any exercise you are unsure of. Our friendly, inclusive environment means we are open to all levels of fitness with a culture you can grow in and broaden your social network through fitness.

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2. Have a program and stick to it

Having a plan and being able to implement it into your workout is arguably the most critical part of attending the gym. Before you come and start your session, you must know what it is you want to achieve and how you intend on going about doing it. You should not just turn up to the gym and do whatever you see fit at that given moment. If you come with this attitude then you are likely to make elementary mistakes, hampering your bodybuilding progress and even risk injuring yourself in the process.

Your bodybuilding program should include the exact exercises you need to do to achieve your results, the number of sets and reps and what you will do in each session. Like with learning the correct form, there will always be a member of staff of an advanced bodybuilding member on hand to give you any support or answer questions you may have.

3. Be in a caloric surplus

The simple principle of building muscle from a nutritional perspective is to eat more calories than you burn. The best way to achieve accurate results is to find out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and measure that according to how active you are. If you have a passive job, or one where you are sat down for most of your day then you will need to take on board fewer calories than someone who has a more active profession. On a typical day you should be looking to have four or five meals, eating every three to four hours. Avoid being hungry as it could restrict or hamper your training session.

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4. Gradually increase the weights

Once you have become comfortable with your program, it is then advisable to lift the intensity by increasing the weights. This should be done periodically, giving yourself small but realistic targets to achieve the next phase of your bodybuilding journey. Make a note of how much you are able to lift on each exercise you complete, and slightly increase the weight every couple of weeks. This will help you to improve your strength and lead to muscle gains, putting you well on track to smash your fitness targets.

5. Rest and recover

There is no shame in having a day off or a rest day when you are bodybuilding. You do not have to hammer the weights every single day, and your body needs time to repair. One of the best ways to recover is by getting plenty of sleep on a night. A rough guide would be to try and get around 8 hours of sleep per night. You should also recover by adapting your lifestyle to suit your training, avoiding smoking, alcohol and other typically unhealthy habits. You will find a routine that best suits you, fitting in the gym around work and family life can be difficult, but in order to gain the optimum results you will have to make some sacrifices along the way.

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We are proud of our friendly staff and inclusive community in our gyms and welcome people from all backgrounds and experiences to join us. Whether you’ve never stepped foot into a gym before or are an experience gym goer, join the Xercise4Less community today and take those all-important first steps onto your health and fitness journey.

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