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HiiT Lower Body 2 Home Workout

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HiiT Lower Body Workout Guide at Home

We want to ensure everyone is still able to stay fit, active and continue working towards their fitness goals. At Xercise4Less Gyms, we’ve put together a number of home workouts that will help you focus on your fitness whilst at home, despite our gyms being closed on Government instruction from the 20th of March 2020.

If you’re not yet an Xercise4Less Gym member, we’re giving everyone free access to our online gym portal, providing dedicated workouts you can do at home or back in the gym once we re-open. To re-assure you, we’ll continue to provide everyone with free access even past the initial 90 days should we need to extend our home fitness option to the UK public while we all battle the Coronavirus pandemic. Stay well, fit and healthy and follow our at home workouts for free.

What Is a HiiT Lower Body Workout?

HiiT stands for high intensity interval training. What you can expect from a HiiT workout is a lot of high-energy and high-impact movements that will help to raise your heart rate and ultimately help with weight loss too. HiiT workouts tend to involve jumping movements that require your full energy for a period of time following by a period of rest. Rest periods are short and exercise periods are longer; that’s the magic of HiiT workouts. At Xercise4Less Gyms, we are proud to be inclusive and fun. That’s exactly why this workout guide is accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender and ability. Simply repeat 3 exercises 4 times and give your maximum energy throughout to help with weight loss and burning calories.  

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What You Need For a HiiT Lower Body Workout

Besides yourself, there is nothing else you need. This is workout requires no equipment at all as it’s a mixture of 3 bodyweight exercises that you can perform no matter your ability, age or gender. Create a big enough space in your house to complete the workout comfortably whether you’re in the living room, garden or back in our gyms once we re-open. Now, grab your gym kit and a comfortable pair of trainers and let’s start working on that lower body. 

Exercise 1: Lunges

For the first exercise, you’ll be working on your quads with some simple lunges. Start with your feet shoulder width apart and step your left leg out in front and lower yourself to the ground. Return upright and then switch over to your right leg. Keep alternating your legs until you complete all of the reps required. It’s important to keep your back straight to avoid injury. Try to engage your core with every lunge you do. 

Complete 20 reps and move onto the next exercise without rest.  

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 *Check out ALL of our @Home Workout Guides*

Remember we’re giving everyone free access to our online gym portal, providing dedicated workouts you can do at home or back in the gym once we re-open.

Exercise 2: Squats

Next, move onto some squats which are another great quad-focused exercise. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and simply sit down into a squat, hold for a second and then stand upright. Try to get as low to the ground as you can for the best possible results – this will also target your glutes a bit better. Remember to keep your back straight and not hunch over. To raise your heart rate and burn calories quicker, aim to complete your reps as quick as you can. 

Complete 20 reps and move onto the next exercise without rest.  

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Exercise 3: Floor Tap Jumping Lunges 

Let’s get that heart rate up with our final exercise in this HiiT workout routine. Just like you did before, lower yourself into a lunge with your left leg forwardonly this time bring your arms down to tap the floor. Next, swing your arms up to help you jump in the air. As you jump, switch over to your right leg and touch the floor again.  

Complete 20 reps and move onto the next exercise without rest.  

Once you’ve completed all 3 exercises, rest for 30 seconds and repeat all exercises again. Once you’ve completed this HiiT Lower Body Workout, you should have repeated these exercise 4 times in total. 

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 *Check out ALL of our @Home Workout Guides*

Remember we’re giving everyone free access to our online gym portal, providing dedicated workouts you can do at home or back in the gym once we re-open.

Watch Our Personal Trainer Video:​

Not sure how to perform each exercise? Want someone to coach you through each movement? Watch our Personal Trainer Lewis as he guides you through this full HiiT Lower Body Blast workout.

HiiT Lower Body Workout Guide Summary:



Weight Loss / Get Fit 



None required  

Fitness Space 


2m x 2m clear area like a living room, garden or dining room.  






20 minutes 

Days per week 



Cycle Duration 


1 Weeks 



1 or 2 times a day  

Xercise4Less Home Workout Guides

Our HiiT Lower Body Workout may just focus on your legs and glutes but we have a wide range of workouts that you can work on whenever and wherever you like. Split your training into upper body, HiiT and other types of training with our range of workout guides that you can follow at home or in our gyms once we reopen. Try our HiiT Lower Body Home Workout by signing up to our exclusive member community today and get access to our motivational member forums, insider nutrition tips and much more! 

Don’t Postpone Your Goals; Get Fit and Strong at Home

Being at home can still have a positive impact on your fitness journey. If you’ve got fitness goals you want to achieve, follow our home workouts and still make encouraging steps towards smashing those goals. All of the exercises that you find in our HiiT Lower Body Workout from home can be performed in the comfort of your home or back in the gym. You can access the workout wherever and whenever you like from your phone, laptop or smart device.  

Home Workout Safety Information

Before following the workout, make sure that you have enough space to perform movements freely to prevent any injury. If you need a piece of furniture to perform an exercise, make sure that it can stand your weight and that the movement feels comfortable. If you’re struggling, please switch the exercise for something that feels more natural. There isn’t much different in terms of safety when it comes to home workout vs gym workouts; just practice correct form to stay safe and prevent injury.

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Join our fun and inclusive fitness community

During this difficult time, we’re encouraging people to come together. Focus your love for fitness and the gym into our new series of home workouts that still allow you to work towards your goals and health in the comfort of your own home. Share your workouts with us and show us how you’re using this time to continue on your fitness journey with Xercise4Less Gyms. Once you’ve repeated the exercises at home and built up confidence, make a visit to the gym once we’re back open and use our wide range of quality equipment and facilities to improve your strength further.

All Xercise4Less Gyms provide members with access to a range of top quality kit as part of our great value gym memberships, including:

  • Private and self-contained Female Only gym zones for female members
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