Amelia Livingston Fitness Journey

The Start of a Livingston Fitness Journey

When Amelia joined her local Xercise4Less gym in Livingston recently, she had some definite goals in mind to kick start her fitness journey. “I’m going on holiday soon so wanted to tone up and lose some weight”. Amelia understood that “dieting alone wouldn’t be enough” so she vowed to take a first step “to do more”. As an inclusive fitness community, Xercise4Less gyms are all about supporting you to do more!

While Amelia is brutally honest in saying that “there is nothing I love about my body at present”, she knows that regular exercise is the key to a change in body outlook. As we talked about in previous blog posts on exercise and mental health, a negative body attitude is quite common and even at Xercise4Less Gyms we don’t always feel happy about how we look.

However, Amelia knows that the more she goes to the gym the more her body confidence will improve allowing her to start liking her body shape. Like Amelia, at Xercise4Less Gyms we know that it takes time to achieve your fitness goals though but we’re here to help her stay the course even though she admits, “I’m impatient!”.

So, what can a newbie to the Xercise4Less Gyms gym experience expect when joining our supportive fitness family?

No Judgement at The People’s Gym

Xercise4Less Gyms welcome beginners and our first focus is how we can help you achieve your exercise goals. Amelia did the right thing on joining the Xercise4Less Livingston Gym, she asked for help from our friendly staff. She explains that “when I joined about 6 weeks ago, I signed up for Personal Training sessions”. The impact of our supportive PTs has been huge. They’ve motivated Amelia so much that despite not being one for exercise classes as she finds them “too intimidating for me” she still works out at her local gym even outside of her PT sessions.

That’s great to hear as Xercise4Less Gyms want to provide our members with a non-intimidating and supportive environment for you to exercise in. We provide all the latest exercise equipment not to intimidate you but to provide all the fitness tools that you need to work towards your personal fitness goals.

If you’re a woman just starting your fitness journey or feeling anxious about being judged or bothered by other members when working out, you can use our female friendly gym zone separate from the main fitness area. For gym members like Amelia, we’re there to help you burn through your fitness anxieties to realise your health and wellbeing ambitions.

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Your Very Own Personal Training Programme

Whether you’re getting in shape at our Livingston gym or working out at any of the Xercise4Less Gyms around the country, you’ll find the same friendly professionalism focused on your fitness goals. We really make working out about ‘you’. That’s certainly how Amelia feels.

Already she loves going to the gym because “all the staff know who I am and make me feel welcome every time I go in.” Not only that but “they motivate me to my best each time I’m there and the staff do everything to assist, nothing you ask is too much bother.” As for the Personal Trainers in Xercise4Less Livingston Gym, they “really boost me when I have my sessions, will push me 110% and not let me slack”.

Amelia still feels it can be a struggle to make it to the gym at times but “once I’m there it’s great”. Yes, Amelia, we’ve all been there!

Why Work Out Anywhere Else?

As an authentic low-cost gym, Xercise4Less will provide all the equipment and encouragement you need to get into shape without charging you a fortune for it. For Amelia, Xercise4Less is “very good value for money”.

Why? “The amount of different equipment you can use, all the classes they run” and she feels other gyms in Livingston just don’t compare. They’re “a lot more expensive, don’t have the friendly atmosphere, friendly staff or nearly as much freedom to use the equipment”. Sounds pretty convincing but is there anything Amelia would change about her local gym? “The one thing I would change is that the gym is very hot at times and I sweat a lot so to have it a bit cooler, especially in the summer months would be great”.

Ready to join our great value gyms and transform your health and wellbeing like Amelia?

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At Xercise4Less Gyms we’re focused on providing a non-intimidating, friendly and inclusive environment for members at every stage of their fitness journey. For Amelia, her local gym in Livingston provides exactly what she’s been looking for. “I honestly can say that Xercise4Less Livingston is a fabulous gym to have joined and all the staff are so friendly, and I wouldn’t change going there for anything!”. Now that’s a recommendation that we’re proud to share!

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