Bethany Mcmanus #ComeAsYouAre

Bethany McManus, 20, lives in Cumbernauld. After suffering from borderline anorexia, Bethany hit rock bottom from persistent bullying. As a result, her relationship with food and exercise became unhealthy.

At what point did you feel like you had hit rock bottom?

I hit rock bottom when I was debating what my life was worth. I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t have an identity, I felt worthless.

Can you describe what your relationship with food and exercise was like during this time?

I didn’t eat a lot as I thought that it would help me lose all the weight. Cardio, cardio, cardio. That’s all I did.  

Can you describe how this made you feel mentally?

Mentally and physically drained.  

Please explain your key motivation(s) to change your eating and exercise habits?

I believed that I could take control of my future and create a new path. I believed I would be a strong woman who was happy and healthy. I researched heavily into nutrition and exercise and went onto college to study a HND in sports coaching.

Once you’d highlighted the concerns you had with your eating and exercise, what was your first step to recovery?

Getting out of bed and making a change because I knew that the only person who could make a change was myself. 

What was your first training program once you’d decided to make a change to your exercise regime and how did Xercise4Less facilitate this?

I didn’t have a specific training program but I understood the fundamentals of specific exercises for a certain muscle so I split my sessions to help isolate different muscle sets. Xercise4less has so much equipment which is helpful, some of which I had never seen which funnily enough I love now.

What advice would you give to anybody currently suffering with body image / self-esteem issues?

Believe in yourself. Believe that you have the power to create your own path. Want to change and want to be the best version of yourself. 

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