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We love finding out just why our members exercise at their local Xercise4Less gym. So, when you feel like you can’t manage another rep or find another breath, just consider the inspiring exercise experience of Danny, a gym member of Xercise4Less Liverpool Belle Vale.

Danny has always worked out despite suffering from cystic fibrosis. An inherited condition that primarily affects the lungs, Danny wasn’t expected to live past his twenties. Thankfully, due to significant medical advances, life expectancy for cystic fibrosis sufferers has doubled. Danny is now 32 years of age and he continues to exercise, even with an oxygen tank!

Working out at his local inclusive Xercise4Less gym, Danny’s condition is really not an issue. Danny feels that he can “walk into the gym focused” and get on with his fitness session. Sometimes, “other members glance over” but it doesn’t bother him. Working out in our supportive gym community has never been a problem for Danny.

What exactly is cystic fibrosis and how does it affect those suffering from this genetic condition?

Working Out How to Exercise with Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis affects the movement of salt and water in and out of cells causing sticky mucus to build up in both the lungs and digestive system. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for cystic fibrosis and the body slowly deteriorates but there are treatments to control the symptoms and make it easier to live with.

And physical activity helps greatly. That’s why Danny works out regularly with our friendly Xercise4Less gym members and staff.

Despite belonging to our exercise community for over three years, it hasn’t always been easy for Danny to work out. When he joined Xercise4Less Liverpool Belle Vale he was in a “much better state of health”. Over time though he began to “struggle more and the negative feedback from my body outweighed the positive feelings from exercise.” This even led to him cancelling his gym membership for a short time.   

But then Danny decided that wasn’t the end of his fitness journey.

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Danny’s Fitness Challenge at Xercise4Less Liverpool Belle Vale

Danny spent five weeks in hospital recently and was prescribed oxygen for the first time. As a result, his cystic fibrosis team raised the possibility of having a lung transplant. For that to happen though he would have to get his body into the best shape possible. That would take a huge commitment to exercise, “a commitment that would benefit myself without putting too much strain on my body but would be effective enough to help slow my lungs deterioration”.

Working with his clinical physiologist, Danny determined that he could maintain a mile on oxygen and work out five times a week at his local gym. Worried about losing his motivation to exercise though, he decided to harness the power of social media through his ONE365 Challenge. He committed online to one mile per day for a year and the response from the pulmonary community has been amazing. Danny says that cystic fibrosis patients who are on oxygen tell him he has “inspired them to go the gym with their own oxygen”.

All the Motivation You Need to Exercise at Xercise4Less Gyms

Danny’s ONE365 Challenge isn’t the only thing that keeps Danny going though. “My biggest motivation is simply to stay as healthy as I can”. And he has a special ambition relating to his health and wellbeing. “It won’t be long until me and my partner get married so I’d love to be able to do our first dance without the need for oxygen.”

Despite all the positive encouragement Danny gets from his friends, family and staff at Xercise4Less Liverpool Belle Vale, exercise is not easy for him. Due to his condition, “I feel pain often”. Danny doesn’t let perfect get in the way of good however, as he gets “more positive feelings when I’ve finished exercise” and his feelings of self-accomplishment “transcend everything else.”

Exercising within a Supportive and Inclusive Community

Danny has come so far and has no intention of halting his fitness journey anytime soon. He will not only be “continuing my fitness journey with Xercise4less gyms, he hopes to “expand on what exercises I can do and make full use of the facilities.”

At Xercise4Less gyms we see ourselves as a supportive community. We provide the motivational support our gym members need whether you’re training for your own marathon like Danny or just looking to get into shape.

We’ll let Danny have the final word though on why he loves working out at his local Xercise4Less gym. “It offers me a way of getting my daily mile completed when it’s raining or too hot and best of all a treadmill can allow intensity changes at will.” Our low-cost gym also gives him the opportunity “to keep my health in check at an affordable price and I can commit to my health all year round.”

Well done Danny!

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