Demi Anderson – Transformation Story

 Demi Anderson from Xercise4Less Cumbernauld has achieved an amazing 4 stone loss over 1 year.

‘’Before starting my fitness journey I was very unhappy with myself and my confidence levels were so low I stopped making any efforts. Before, I would just eat and not think of consequences, I didn’t learn how to cook properly, it was all oven food and takeaways. With time I realised I couldn’t live the rest of my life like this and only I could fix the issues with myself and make a change.

Finally, I managed to get the motivation to make a change – I started eating better, I learnt how to cook and learnt what my body needed (I’m vegetarian), and I started to feel better and started to see the weight coming off and felt more energised.

I then started exercising, I joined Xercise4Less Cumbernauld when it opened, I was very excited (but nervous), I wasn’t fit at all but felt relaxed at the gym, having the ladies only section was great for me and I was able to see a massive change in the first month to my fitness levels and it has only increased as the weeks went by! So far I have lost 4 stone in a year, I have learned to love fitness and working out and I have gained so much confidence!

My future goal is to be more toned and to build muscle, to be stronger. Losing weight gave me confidence and I am no longer hiding in the corner or scared of cameras! I am healthier and more active and I can actually enjoy going out and spending time with friends without being knackered all the time.

”My advice to anyone who wants to see results is simple: do it! Push yourself as you need to make the change and you need to make your own happiness.’’

Incredible transformation achieved by Demi Anderson, massive well done from all of us at Xercise4Less, we are so proud! 

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