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Working Out is Essential for Your Mental Health

As we know at Xercise4Less gyms, working out is wonderful for your body. Regular fitness sessions have many benefits from preventing disease and reducing high blood pressure to aiding rehabilitation after serious illness or injury. The endorphins and serotonin released by regular workout sessions also make you feel more energetic throughout the day and, importantly for getting in shape, sleep better at night.

But that’s only part of it. Exercising consistently also has a massive impact on your mental health. Taking some exercise will help improve your mood, and if you’re exercising at a local gym like Xercise4Less, it’ll get you out the house, helping to reduce any feelings of isolation.

One of our top Personal Trainers at the Xercise4Less Darlington Gym understands the importance of this mind-body link from tough first-hand experience. Ryan suffered from two minor strokes in 2016 and had to leave the British Army after a full ten years of service. As part of Mental Awareness Week Ryan would like to share his story of how working out made a real difference to his mental state when he was at a very low point.

Exercise is an Ally in Your Mental Struggle

Ryan struggled with his mental health when he was discharged from the Army on health grounds. “I went from being confident and fit and serving my country” to being “no longer fit to serve.” Ryan was left with a “loss of strength, a speech impediment and nerve problems in the left side of my head”, physical problems that he still suffers with today. Those injuries and the end of his Army career affected Ryan’s mental health considerably, “being told my Army career was over after it was all I’d known from the age of 16 made me break down.” But Ryan didn’t give up.

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How Exercise Can Lead to Improved Mental Health

Ryan took stock and received professional help, having someone to talk to, he “realised I needed to give myself a kick up the back side.” So, instead “of sitting around allowing my mind to go into overdrive thinking negative thoughts, I signed up to a local gym, Xercise4Less Darlington Gym.

Ryan started off slowly with daily training sessions but then “increased to two sessions a day, morning and night, making it part of my daily routine throughout the week and socialising on the weekend.” Three years on and Ryan is “back to the positive, confident, physically fit individual I once was” and now working at the gym where his fightback started, Xercise4Less Darlington Gym!

Exercise is the Best Motivation for Mental Health

Ryan really knows how important physical exercise is for your mental health. “Exercise can definitely help improve your mental health, it will take your mind off things when you are in the zone and training.” Even though you may at first struggle to find motivation, or even staying motivated for exercise in the gym, don’t despair. “I used to question the benefits myself, but after experiencing the positive change it had on my life, I know anything is possible.” Ryan counsels that “you have to believe in yourself. Think positively, find a path you are happy with and stick to it. Making exercise a part of your daily routine helps keep you in a positive state of mind. Think about ways you can make exercise part of your daily routine and lifestyle. Choose something you enjoy and then keep on that path even if you get out of the house to take a dog for a walk.”

Ryan recommends that anyone who has mental health issues use exercise to help occupy their mind and get their life back. He has experienced positive mental health changes from exercising and has overcome minor strokes and mental health challenges. And that’s why Ryan now works as a Personal Trainer at Xercise4Less Darlington Gym, to “help others feel confident and get their lives back”.

Work on Your Mental Health with Xercise4Less Gyms

At Xercise4Less Gyms, like Ryan, we see exercise as a vital part of improved mental health and well being. We see the mental strides our members make every day from working out in a highly energetic Les Mills exercise class or working hard with Personal Trainers like Ryan who help inspire and motivate them on their mind and body journey.

If you’re having problems motivating yourself to get into shape, why not try joining your local Xercise4Less gym? Start transforming your health and fitness today just as Ryan continues to do.

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