Terri Hill – Transformation Story

 Woman who drank three cans of coke a day achieves life changing transformation by dropping an unbelievable three dress sizes in the space of just three months.

Terri Hill joined an Xercise4Less weight loss transformation camp to help her lose three dress sizes in just three months, enabling her to address her unhealthy lifestyle and totally regain her confidence. Terri Hill, 29, from Darlington, had always eaten whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, without having to worry about her weight.

“I never really realised the consequences physically as I skated regularly. It was about a year after I stopped skating that I noticed myself feeling sluggish and not as confident in myself.”

Terri’s diet was a huge contribution to her weight gain. She would often eat two breakfasts, fast food – such as KFC or McDonald’s – for lunch, two or three bars of chocolate and three cans of coke a day. Terri felt her weight gain was holding her back. She didn’t feel as confident in herself as she used to be and she felt embarrassed. Her friends and family also began to make comments, which made her determined to lose weight.

“They would say things like, ‘Do you want a biscuit? Of course you do!’. A friend of mine once said they couldn’t make me look slim in my friend’s wedding pictures because, although they were good at photoshop, they weren’t a magician.”

In January 2018, Terri organised a weight loss competition at work to encourage both herself and her colleagues who wanted to lose weight to get fit in the New Year. She then joined Xercise4Less in Darlington in February 2018 when she felt she was beginning to hit a wall with her training goals. It was there that she signed up to a life changing Xercise4Less transformation camp, which ran for eight weeks between March and May 2018.

“The Xercise4Less transformation camp was a great kick start and helped me get to know the gym, the staff and make some friends too.

“I also met a personal trainer there who I worked with for a few months afterwards to keep me on track!”

Since starting her weight loss journey, Terri has changed her mindset from wanting to be skinny, to wanting to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She has ditched the KFC lunches and Coca-Cola multipacks in favour of lighter lunches, fruit and protein bars.

“I am motivated to find balance in my life between my health, being stronger and also eating the occasional pizza!

“I spent a lot of time on Instagram looking at other people’s transformations and loved reading about the difference people could feel in their mental state.”

The results of her change in lifestyle have been incredible. Since joining Xercise4Less Terri has dropped an amazing three dress sizes in the space of just three months, going from a size 14 dress size to a size 8. Working out up to five times a week at Xercise4Less, she has shed the pounds in that time, dropping from more than 12 stone to just 10 stone. It has been an incredible weight loss journey for Terri over such a short space of time, highlighting the life changing impact of an Xercise4Less transformation camp which everyday people can enjoy.

“I train between three and five times a week, depending on the week! I usually do spinning once or twice and weight train two or three times.

“I was able to look forward to enjoying Christmas this year without feeling guilty. It’s about balance for me, I want to train on days I can and eat Christmas pudding on other days!”

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