5 Reasons Why Exercise Lifts Your Mood

treatment. At Xercise4Less Gyms we see our members increasing their energy levels daily; feeling better about their bodies and improving their confidence and self-esteem through exercise.

So, we were happy for one of our members at Xercise4Less Leeds Kirkstall, Jess Geary to share her own gym experience with her 5 Reasons Why Exercise Lifts Your Mood. Take it away Jess!

1: Exercise Energises Your Mental Health

There are a variety of ways in which exercise can improve your mental health. Firstly, working out increases your level of endorphins- which are natural mood lifters. Exercise also increases serotonin, a neurotransmitter which helps your brain regulate mood, sleep, and appetite. Sleep patterns are massively improved by tiring yourself out through exercise. This helps protect your brain from damage, and safeguards your muscle health. Finally, exercise reduces the chemicals in our immune system which cause us to feel down.

For Jess, “going to the gym really helped me through some really difficult times”. A gym workout can really help you feel a sense of achievement, as well. “I would go to the gym for around 45 minutes and would come out feeling as if I’d accomplished something good”. That led to feeling “really proud of myself for doing a great workout and eventually seeing the results”.

2: Working Out Help You Make New Gym Friends

Jess knows that exercising can also be a really good way to socialise; “you are bound to meet people in the gym if you are going regularly, or even with your friends!” It makes a nice change from going down the pub or sitting around in a coffee shop. As Jess puts it, it’s a super healthy and different way to socialise with people who have similar interests to you.” Exercising with your new friends or a gym buddy group can also motivate you to stick to your workout routine for longer.

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3: Improve Your Brain Function with Exercise

Working out increases your heart rate which pumps more oxygen to the brain so “sometimes after a gym session, you can leave feeling much more awake and sharp”. Exercise also encourages the release of hormones which help grow brain cells. Your red face after a tough gym session is just great for those little grey cells!

4: Leave the Gym with a Feeling of Accomplishment

Creating a fitness plan and sticking to it gives you a real sense of achievement. Jess certainly feels that after her workouts, “one of the main reasons exercise lifts my mood is because I leave the gym having accomplished something”. Completing a tough workout gives a sense of achievement that improves your mood and mindset for the day ahead, just as soon as those endorphins kick in! “It’s a super-effective way to keep your mind focused on something, even just doing a small 30-minute workout can make me feel much better about the day”.

Working out regularly will soon show some physical improvements. Commit to exercising longer-term and soon you won’t be the only one to notice how your body’s changing. It’s a real mood enhancer for Jess when people start to pay attention, “a really great feeling when people start to notice you’ve been going to the gym”. Everyone loves a compliment so “this is a really simple and effective way to boost your mood”.

A Positive Change to Your Mood

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