[2016] Sport Relief fundraising 18th-22nd March

How’s your mileage?

We jumped the gun on this to give away a years membership to raise funds for Sport Relief. Entry was £2 minimum (but we do get all twinkly eyed when we see the generosity of our members – something about the heart in our brand you might say?) All you have to do is run, row, cycle, lunge, hop or if you’re utterly insane…squat the distance of a sports relief mile. 

  • Win a Free Years Membership or FitBit
  • Bring a Friend for just *£2!!! (All Weekend 18th – 22nd March 2016) 
  • OR gym in FANCY DRESS! It’s minimum *£2 per entry to the fancy dress competition. Best dressed wins a free years gym membership worth £150.00

(*All proceeds go towards Sport Relief)

Xercise4Less sport relief campaign

We gave away a FREE years membership!

Members were encouraged to use anything from a spin bike to a seated rower or if they really liked..maybe try lunging for a mile with Kettlebells in the studio? All they had to do was one mile. “However you do it is completely up to you!” We wanted to see how many marathons we could complete together?

Get involved and help give back to the community for a good cause.

Everyone who donates will be entered into the draw and the winner will get either a FitBit or a free years membership here at Xercise4Less! So don’t forget to bring your gym buddy! You might be able to get 2 memberships out us!

2nd chance entry!

For another minimum £2 donation you can enter our fancy dress competition. The best dressed entry will win the same prizes mentioned above. 

Spin a mile?

Spinning doesn’t require you to have any real rhythm. If you like the class atmosphere but have two left feet when it comes to Zumba moves or aerobics steps then Spinning is a truly brilliant choice. Why not go and see if these are running in your local club this weekend?

Guess what? You don’t even need to be able to ride a bike to get into Spin; our Indoor Cycling bikes essentially come with built-in stabilisers, so you can’t possibly bite the floor!

Joking aside, spinning is a low impact, high intensity workout which is excellent for members of all abilities and fitness levels. YOU control how much you push yourself, how fast you cycle and how high you ramp up the resistance so you’ll never be out of your depth. If you feel you don’t not push yourself outside of your comfort zone then you’ve obviously never felt the awesome camaraderie and motivation of a Spin class in full swing…
It’s 100% impossible to get left behind by the rest of the class in the Spin Studio, or to end up feeling out of place. Can you push the pedals round? Yes? Then you’ve got what it takes!
Whether you’re brand new in the saddle or are already a Master of Spin – we need YOU. Sign up to take part in a Spinathon for Sports Relief at your local club and be a part of a fantastic cause.

If you’re still not convinced that Spinning is the best thing since sliced bread then read on to see how our members have been Spinning their way to some seriously amazing lifestyle changes.

How has spinning changed your life?

Daniel Monks who trains at Xercise4Less Bolton says that he does 4-5 spinning classes a week and is really noticing the fat melting away and sees his muscles grow with each class. 

Leigh Philp has been doing 3-4 spin classes a week for almost a year which has helped her lose weight and inches. She’s never joined a gym before coming to see us and is finding important ‘me time’ to get what she wants.

Susan Helders tells us that spinning has made her feel a lot fitter and that she’s made some great friends along the way!

Send us your story!

Have you got the spin bug biting you? Let us know how spinning classes have improved your health by emailing your story to: mysuccess@xercise4less.co.uk so we can feature you as one of our success stories!

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