Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Empowering Women in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month can be a useful time to think about fitness issues that impact our female gym members. Breast cancer often brings with it serious body confidence challenges. An altered body through the physical changes caused by cancer treatment can have a seriously negative effect on a woman’s self-confidence.

Here at Xercise4Less, we know that making fitness as accessible as possible makes a big difference to female wellbeing and body confidence. Exercise empowers women of all ages and equips them with fantastic tools that impact mental health including body positivity. When you can lift a barbell above your head, you can combat insecurities about your body more easily. So how can working out at your local gym aid female empowerment? 

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How Exercise Can Improve Your Body Image?

Although body image dissatisfaction can affect both men and women, studies have shown that women in particular tend to feel especially negative about their bodies. That can harm both a woman’s psychological and physical health with an increased risk of suffering from depression and eating disorders. Exercise though is an important factor to enable women to fight off feelings of low self-esteem and actually be body positive.

Recent studies have found that just one workout in the gym helps improve a woman’s body image. When young women with pre-existing body confidence issues worked out at a moderate intensity for 30 minutes their body positivity shot up. And those effects weren’t just in the moment, they outlasted the fitness session by at least 20 minutes afterwards.

Let’s look at the areas where a workout can help empower Xercise4Less female gym members.

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Fitness Boosts Self-confidence

If you’re in need of a boost to your self-confidence, fit in a quick session at the gym. After sweating through a Les Mills BodyCombat class, you’ll walk out of the gym feeling much better about your body than when you first stepped through the door. Every time you work out, every time you choose to increase your strength at your local gym, you empower yourself. Keep working out and you’ll soon see your physical activity underpinning a new level of self-confidence.

The Positive Discipline of Regular Exercise

Having a regular fitness routine is thus key for longer-term improvement in female body confidence. That discipline of working out routinely is a huge help in changing your body image for the better. When you join an Xercise4Less gym you’re making a lifestyle change. With our inclusive fitness plan, you’ll push yourself harder each exercise session. That mental toughness required to keep going to the gym and keep sticking to your fitness programme will infuse every other area of your life with a more positive attitude.

Fitness Helps You Accomplish New Goals

When you join an Xercise4Less gym you’ll sit down with a Personal Trainer to create an individual exercise plan. You’ll find that setting healthy fitness goals will empower you. The satisfaction you’ll feel when you smash your exercise targets will underpin a new body positivity. Once you’ve started achieving your health ambitions, you’ll be inspired to set new goals for the future. A body positive cycle!

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A Fitness Connection for Female Gym Members

Xercise4Less Gyms tries to create a supportive workout environment for all of our members, female and male. So, when you become part of our fitness community, you’ll find plenty of female members to learn from and be inspired by. Whether you’re working out in our female-only gym or fighting up a storm in the boxing ring, you’ll be encouraged by other women to embrace your physical and mental strength. The communal power of fitness will supercharge your body confidence as you focus solely on your fitness.

Positively Fitter with Xercise4Less Gyms

Friendly. Inclusive. Real. They are the watch words Xercise4Less Gyms lives by. We aim to provide our members with a supportive exercise space and the right fitness tools to strengthen their fitness. Empower yourself by signing up to a gym membership during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and look forward to working on your body with positive confidence.

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