Fitness Friends Together on World Friendship Day 2019

World Friendship Day is coming up soon on 30th July. There couldn’t be a better time to remind ourselves of the power our friends have to inspire and encourage us, both in and out of the gym. The United Nations describes how the International Day of Friendship takes many forms, all of which centre on a “shared spirit of human solidarity”. We believe exercise to be an important one of these forms- one worth celebrating.

We know it can be a challenge to maintain a positive attitude toward exercise week in, week out- but at Xercise4Less Gyms we see every day how having a gym buddy can help you maintain a healthy body and mind. In honour of World Friendship Day 2019, we’re going to look at some of the benefits of working out with a friend (or friends).

Group hug?

The Science of Exercising with Friends

The original idea for a world friendship day came from Hallmark Cards back in the 1930s but there is actual science showing how working out in a group can supercharge your levels of motivation.

The health benefits of friends exercising together in an Xercise4Less gym or elsewhere really underline the phrase ‘strength in numbers’. Studies have found that gym users in groups are hugely influenced by those working out around them. One study showed that starting a fitness programme with friends means that you’re twice as likely to complete it than someone working out on their own. No wonder that group classes like spin cycling, Les Mills sessions and dance-based classes have increased so much in popularity over the past few years.

But what are the exact benefits of exercising all for one and one for all?

 A Friendly Commitment to a Healthy Routine

Exercising with friends comes with benefits but also with responsibilities. We’ve all been there. You have absolutely no intention of going to a 6am boot camp but you feel yourself pulled out of bed because you can’t leave your friend there on their own. Positive peer pressure ensures you keep your exercise commitments, otherwise you’re deep in the doghouse.

It’s much easier as well to stick to a fitness session at your local Xercise4Less gym when you know that you’re going to be training with friends. When you work out with gym buddies in a Zumba session, the friendly encouragement can be positively infectious. A bond is created through the sweat and tears and a sense of camaraderie springs up, leaving you wanting a little more help from your friends.

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Your Friends Help Push You Harder

Fitness friends aren’t just there to encourage you though, they can keep you accountable when your motivation is at its weakest. When you’re in desperate need of some extra oxygen, friends can inspire you with their fitness deeds. Looking across at your fitter boot camp neighbour can motivate you to keep going a little longer; no-one wants to be the weakest link in a group setting.

The thought of what you would tell your Xercise4Less exercise buddies can stop you before you eat the whole of that very tempting chocolate cake. There’s no shame involved because you know from sweating buckets together that the support of your fitness buddies is genuine. And you’re happy also to provide your support when your gym friends need it.

Fun and Fitness Games with Your Friends

Working out alongside other Xercise4Les gym members can lead to new friendships. What could be better than having someone to chat and laugh with in between Body Transformation Camp sets? Having fun when you’re exercising really does make your workout go quicker. And what greater excuse is there for a post-exercise meal than a gym session with a friend.

Having friends in the gym is also more likely to lead you to new forms of exercise from our inclusive group classes to lifting free weights for the first time. Gym friendship opens up all sorts of possibilities and with an exercise partner you now have no excuses not to diversify your workouts. Why would you feel intimidated about going to the Combat Zone for the first time when you can go with a friend to show you the ropes? Or you can feel comfortable working out with an old friend in the privacy of the Ladies Only gym zone.

You’re in Good Workout Company with Xercise4Less

At Xercise4Less Gyms we understand how helpful working out with friends is. That’s why our gym members enjoy inclusive group exercise classes. It’s so simple to book exercise classes online or via our mobile app that you have no excuses not to start working out with friends on World Friendship Day 2019 or any other day!

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