Go Sober for October

Go Sober for October and Replace Gin with the Gym

Before you say no to going 31 days without alcohol for Go Sober October 2019 think of the benefits of trying a booze-free month.

More satisfying sleep. Increased energy. More positive mood. Improved skin. Better concentration. Slimline waistline. A fatter wallet.

All of that sounds pretty good to us at Xercise4Less Gyms. So, why not take up this alcohol-free challenge and support a fantastic cause like Macmillan Cancer Support along the way?

We’re not saying it will be a breeze to give up alcohol for October but as always, we’re here to support you! Here are some practical tips for Go Sober October to get you through the month without letting a drop of drink pass your lips.

Plan a Proper Break from Alcohol

At Xercise4Less we want to help you improve your health and wellbeing so as you say goodbye to the pub for the month, we’ll be right beside you. First tip is to prepare for Go Sober October just like you’d prepare for any competition, in advance! Begin cutting your alcohol consumption in September to about 50% of what it would normally be, and you’ll make a sober October far less of a physical shock to the system.

Work out a less hectic social calendar for October so you’ll be less tempted to jump off the wagon and onto the drinks trolley. Exercise your creativity and come up with potential alternatives to your usual alcoholic drinks with a more sober mocktail perhaps, a non-alcoholic beer or even ginger beer! Keep your shopping list free from alcohol and avoid traipsing down the beer and wine aisle in your local supermarket from October onwards. If you can, clear all those spirits bottles out your house or lend them to someone who won’t be tempted to drown their own sorrows in your alcohol.

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Getting Through a Sober October

When going Sober in October, it can be a good idea to try to keep your mind off what you’re missing. Instead set yourself some goals for the month like fundraising targets for Macmillan or starting a new group fitness class at your local gym. Take your mental focus off alcohol and plan some healthy treats for those lovely hangover-free weekends. Meet up with some old friends but go for a walk in the country and avoid those country pubs! Do something you don’t associate with imbibing a few drinks.

Make sure, too, to drag some mates into doing Go Sober October with you. It’s easier to hold yourself to account when other people are sharing the alcohol-free pain! Some people will find it easier to give up that glass of wine than others, but it will get easier as you progress through your dry month. Keeping yourself busy during October will help but also keep in mind why you’re taking some time off from drinking. With Go Sober October you’re supporting a fantastic cause that helps many ill people. But the health benefits flow to you as well. Let’s look at how abstaining from alcohol can help both your mental and physical health.

The Health Benefits of Going Sober for a Month

Cut out alcohol for 31 days and you’ll see the physical benefits within a few days. A Sober October will give you a much more satisfying night’s sleep as alcohol can really affect your sleep quality of your sleep. You’ll feel your energy levels increase and your ability to concentrate at work and at home improve considerably. With alcohol to dehydrate you, your skin will look far healthier.

With the physical improvements that a sober month will come mental benefits. Feeling more energetic? You’ll feel more inclined to go to the gym leading to more happy endorphins flowing through your body. When a known-depressive agent like alcohol is taken out of the equation and exercise replaces it, you’ll feel sunnier and less prone to depressive thoughts.

You may even lose a few pounds just from the lack of alcohol as that’s loads of extra beer and wine calories that you’re no longer guzzling. Cheers to that! Stopping drinking will also mean you add pounds to your wallet rather than your waist. Celebrate your newfound riches by buying some clothes to fit the leaner non-alcoholic you.

Fighting Fit for the Longer Term

Ultimately, cutting out beer or wine for Go Sober October 2019 will improve your health longer-term. We’re not killjoys at Xercise4Less Gyms but think about cutting back on alcohol over the whole year rather than just one month and take an extra fitness class during the week rather than an extra trip to the pub!

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