Healthy Living Week – Xercise4Less Newport

Healthy Living Week

This April, Xercise4Less Newport will be helping to promote healthy lifestyles to young children from the local area.

As part of Eveswell Primary School’s Healthy Living Week initiative this Easter, Xercise4Less Newport will host 120 children from the school on Friday, April 5th for a healthy and educational visit.

The interactive visit to Xercise4Less Newport will help promote regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle and educate children about the benefits of fitness.

The 1-hour long session will include:

  • A tour of the gym and its facilities
  • An educational chat with some of our inspiring members of staff
  • The chance to take part in a fun exercise class with one of our Personal Trainers

Lead by Example

We will also be inviting all parents to attend the gym with a free day pass as part of our drive to get everyone moving and exercising.

We take childhood health issues seriously and hope to encourage young people and their families to see the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle with a fun and educational day at Xercise4Less Newport.

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