National Fitness Day 2019 – Thomas Bosworth

Reach Olympic Heights this National Fitness Day

The 25th of September 2019, National Fitness Day, is for everyone no matter how fit or unfit you are. A national day of exercise is a great idea even for a professional athlete. A Liverpool Speke Xercise4Less member, Tom Bosworth, is a big supporter of getting the whole country out exercising. Tom isn’t just an Olympic race walker for TeamGB with a Commonwealth Games silver medal and two world records to his credit, he’s also a “man who can walk faster than you can run!” So, get off the sofa and stride into the gym this National Fitness Day 2019. Although you might be a bit slower than Tom!

 Keeping Fit as an Olympic Athlete

For Tom, “fitness is more than just about keeping healthy, it’s my job”. After attending Leeds Beckett University and working out at his Leeds gym, Tom finished 6th in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Thanks to that incredible result he received lottery funding and private sponsorship enabling him to devote himself full-time to race walking. Tom can now “train everyday and race to the best of my ability”.

How does an Olympic walker exercise on National Fitness Day or any other day? Tom’s training really is full-time. He trains twice a day every day except Sundays, “covering between 100km – 140km a week”. In addition, he works through three sessions in his Liverpool gym, “focusing on lifting, squats, deadlifts as well as core work using a lot of Pilates techniques”.

 Eating Up National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day isn’t just about exercise, of course; good nutrition is just as important for a proper healthy balance in your exercise life. And it’s all part and parcel of Tom’s life as a professional walker. Despite moving to Liverpool recently, he still spends a lot of time in Leeds as well as training at altitude for months at a time and that puts demands on his diet.

“Keeping on top of my diet when at altitude is very important, as it’s easy to get sick when training hard in such a tough environment. What are Tom’s tips for food fitness? “Keeping a balanced diet, rich in iron, keeping well hydrated and no alcohol along with a good sleep routine”. If that works for an Olympic athlete, then it will work for you on National Fitness Day!

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Making a Great Fitness Team

As Tom works hard towards the incredible challenge of competing for medals at the Olympics, he knows the importance of a great team around him. And that real team includes Xercise4less Gyms. “When I’m home I need a gym that can match all my training needs and Xercise4less has everything I require and more”. With our fitness support, Tom feels he can really maximise every day.

Every day counts now in the build-up towards next August’s Olympics in Tokyo. Until then Tom will be “spending many hours in the Xercise4less gym before heading to altitude”. That’s why “Xercise4less wanting to work as part of my team is so important”. We’re just delighted to play a part in Tom’s arduous preparations and are willing him on to Olympic glory!

Make Xercise4less Part of Your National Fitness Day Team

Take National Fitness Day 2019 as a jumping-off point for your renewed focus on exercise. You don’t need to train twice a day at your local gym, but you can be inspired by what a fellow Xercise4less member can achieve!

If you’re not already a member, try our no contract gym memberships giving you a flexible monthly payment plan, over 400 pieces of the latest gym equipment, separate ladies-only gym areas and up to 40 fitness classes each week. Make it easy on yourself this National Fitness Day and join the friendly Xercise4less community today.

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