Food Swaps to Improve Your Diet

We have been made to believe that excessive exercise and a low-calorie, restricted diet is the way to maintain our physique. But this just isn’t an enjoyable way to live and is not healthy. Although, we do believe that some discipline needs to be involved when eating. But the key to good health, fulfilment an enjoyment of eating is balance. A good option if you are trying to lose weight or keep your calorie intake down are simple food swaps, choosing healthier options that are just as filling. Introducing small changes gradually into your diet is the healthiest and most achievable way to weight loss, rather than extreme diets and restrictions.


Whether you are a morning person or not, we all need to fuel our day somehow and breakfast is important in doing just that. If in a morning you have a bowl of cereal or some crumpets and butter, a great filling alternative would be porridge oats. Although this may seem boring to some, you can add many different toppings that can be added so that you can change it up every day. Some really yummy toppings are peanut butter, honey, fruit and even your favourite protein powder to change up the flavour.

If porridge isn’t your thing, another great breakfast option to fuel your day is scrambled eggs, bacon medallions and avocado. It is a simple meal to make, full of healthy fats that will keep you full for longer. Or normal bacon will work perfectly, medallions just remove the fat part of the bacon, taking away some of those hidden calories.


We understand that for a lot of people lunch time is a difficult one to tackle because we often can’t access our own kitchen and must depend on food to go. The typical supermarket meal deal is probably a go-to option for many but if you don’t choose this carefully, it can be rather calorific!

If you usually opt for the generic sandwich, crisps and juice deal then something as simple as swapping your snack for fruit will keep your calorie intake down. But by all means, have your favourite packet of crisps in moderation, because we all need some treats in life! You can increase the amount of your meal adding on the fruit which should help you from getting those late afternoon cravings. Also, be mindful of your choice of drink, this can include some hidden calories that you may have missed. For example, your favourite smoothie may be included in the meal deal, but the healthier option would be water or a zero-calorie drink which you can check out on the label.



We all look forward to coming home and having dinner, which a lot of us may consider the largest meal of the day. You can finally get to the kitchen and rustle up that meal that you have been thinking about all day, whether you fancy pasta, fajitas or a burger, we have some simple tips that allow you to have just that, but with fewer calories.

When you make your spaghetti bolognaise, why not try out some courgetti spaghetti, this spiralised courgette is tasty, full of fibre and adds some extra nutrients. Instead of that, if you are fancying fajitas for dinner, replace your usual wraps for lettuce. Romaine lettuce is a really good choice for this because the pieces are big enough for you to stack on your toppings. One for the burger lovers is roasting a pepper to use as your bun, you can add your salad, cheese and ketchup and you won’t be able to tell the difference.


Snacking creeps up on us all when we are trying to track calories! Of course, have some of your favourite snacks occasionally, whether its chocolate cake or a bowl of ice cream don’t hold back. But in order to be balanced, we need to figure out some healthy and filling snacks too, to fil the gaps. Cutting up and apple and adding a dollop of peanut butter may sound peculiar but don’t knock it until you have tried it, this snack is seriously yummy. Forget the crisps and swap them for a bag of popcorn, you can purchase so many wonderful flavours in the supermarket to curb your sweet and savoury cravings. Our final snack choice is fat free Greek yoghurt, topped with a handful of fruit and a tea spoon of honey, its simply delicious, refreshing and super healthy.

We of course want you to be able to enjoy all the things that you love, but these are just some suggestions to help you keep your daily calorie intake down, have your well deserved cheat meals, but just remember to be moderate, this will help you avoid binging.

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