Relationship with Food

A lot of people have looked in to fad diets and quick fixes for weight loss, and yes they may get you the results you want and fast, but the truth is, they are just not a realistic lifestyle choice that you can maintain and they are not good for you. So before you click purchase on your next lot of food supplements or juice diet packages, just take a little moment to read on and find out why having a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food is so important.

First of all, stop restricting yourself from the things that you love! Everybody loves food and everybody needs food so why would we ever want to restrict our bodies from what it needs to keep us going? Eating foods that we love helps to release serotonin which is a chemical in the brain that makes us feel better emotionally, which means that food makes us happy and the key to being healthy is to be happy. So if you want to eat that donut, then eat it, because everything is okay in moderation. Scattering out your naughty treats throughout the week is much better for you and your calorie intake than waiting until the evening or weekend, when you get hunger pangs for something sweet, also you are less likely to binge when you have balanced out your treats moderately. Not only is the restricting and bingeing cycle unhealthy but it also will leave you feeling full of guilt, making you dislike food, resulting in you going back to your restrictive ways of eating for another week.

A varied diet packed with all the nutrients from carbohydrates, protein, pulses, fruit, vegetables and many more is the best way to maintain a sustainable diet, nourishing your body with all these food types makes eating so much more exciting and something that you can look forward too and even experiment with. If you are looking to maintain your current weight or to lose weight, you can still eat all of the things that you enjoy! With weight loss you will just need to maintain a calorie deficit which is a shortage in the amount of calories you take in each day, cutting the calories is not to about restricting yourself of foods and being left to go hungry in order to make sure you don’t exceed your chosen deficit amount, it is about the choices you make throughout the day, fill your plates with greens and low calorie goodness alongside of your carbohydrates and protein and you will then have a full stomach without the calories! Then add in the odd cheat meal a couple of times per week and you will have mastered this in no time. This way of eating alongside of a moderate workout plan will leave you loving life and not worrying about gaining the pounds or feeling unhealthy.

Following restrictive diet plans and putting yourself through liquid diets can have a negative impact on your body and mentality in numerous ways, some of these are; as mentioned earlier, it can result in cravings and binges, it can lead to an excessive calorie deficit which will damage gym performance, loss of general motivation, mood swings and create feelings of depression.

Xercise4Less want to promote to our members that a moderate and balanced lifestyle is the key to living healthily and a good relationship with food is of upmost importance, because we put food into our bodies every day and it is easy to lose sight of why and what we are eating for!

Eat food for happiness, fulfilment and balance, don’t eat food for the scale.

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