Top 5 Quick Nutritional Tips

We are aware that nutrition and health can be confusing subjects. People and professionals seems to have different opinion on what a balanced diet should be and what type of food it should involve. However, despite the general disagreement, there are a few things that research supports. 

Here you can find 5 nutritional tips to make your life easier…

1. Carbs are NOT the enemy

In contrary to popular belief, carbs are not the enemy and are actually a natural part of every body’s diet. The trick is eating the correct amount according to your goals. This of course all depends how you wish to set your macro intake for your body ‘now’ in lieu of how you want it to be.

2. Eat 6 meals a day

Eating 6 small meals a day helps you lose weight by keeping your metabolism ticking over all day. The best part about meal prep isn’t just about the aftermath of eating the food, it’s about getting creative and figuring out what foods you can combine to get the correct % balance of macros. You will need a diet that includes the best nutritional benefits, variety and taste which will help keep you on track and achieving the results you want. Obviously, supplements are a popular choice for some who find it difficult to hit their macros with the ingredients they have, but these shouldn’t ever replace your daily healthy meals.

3. Supplements

If you are aiming to gain weight and build muscle but are struggling, supplements are a great way of helping you taking those extra calories and grams of protein without forking out huge amounts of money on food. Let’s face it 3 chickens a day plus the veg is going to get pretty expensive over a long period of time. Supplements are a convenient and affordable way to hit your macros without burning the wallet.

4. Planning meals so you don’t need a vendors

One of the keys to healthy eating is planning your meals so you know what you’re eating and when, so you’re never resorting to eating unhealthy snacks from vending machines or giving into temptations from the local cafe or shop. Planning your meals wil also help save you far more money as you waste far less food.

5. Buy a shaker

Buying a shaker will be one of the best purchases you ever make as it will easily help you blend your protein shakes. Sometimes the life value of plastic shakers can run short due to how they can get tainted with smells over time, so it’s a good plug to let you know that Kan of Steel provide metal shakers that contain a spherical coil that is renowned to blend protein powder into nourishing liquid seemlesssly.

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