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Virtue may be its own reward but at Xercise4Less Gyms we’re offering something more substantial than that! Until 12 August we’re offering a FREE 3 month tastecard when you sign up to a gym membership. As risk reward ratios go, it’s a no-brainer. Join the best fitness centre in your town, enjoy huge discounts at thousands of restaurants and benefit from up to 40% off cinema tickets. Now that’s what we call a proper reward!

Rewarding yourself is actually a great way to maintain the exercise habit. Whether you want to lose weight, work out more effectively or sustain a new fitness routine, setting rewards is a super way to stick with goals. Having something to look forward to just makes it easier to keep moving forward even when you’re fading from fatigue.

Reap the Rewards of Working Out

Many fitness studies have demonstrating the effectiveness of rewarding yourself when you hit your fitness targets. Thankfully your reward doesn’t have to be in heaven, you can celebrate right here on earth with low cost movie tickets and delicious restaurant discounts thanks to Xercise4Less and tastecard!

Let’s take a quick look at some ways you can celebrate hitting an important exercise target or achieving a specific fitness goal with rewards that relax, delight, encourage and pamper you.

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The Reward of Time for Yourself

This isn’t a million dollar reward but a free treat. Give yourself a break from working out but also take time out from the stresses and strains of other people! You might have a very busy work and family life but it’s vital to give yourself some breathing space especially after expending so much energy at the gym. Whatever your lifestyle demands, you need to make sure you don’t burn out; it’s simply healthier and more rewarding to grab some solo time to rest and recuperate. Carving out some solitude is a priceless reward in its own right.

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Making Time for Gym Friends is a Reward in Itself

You’ve done the hard work of making some gym friends while you all worked up a sweat together. But why leave your friendship at the gym door? Plan a shared meal with your fitness friends to reward yourself after a great gym session. You can even use your tastecard if you’ve joined before 12 August. You get to meet interesting people of all walks of life in your local Xercise4Less gym so take the rewarding opportunity to deepen your camaraderie eating out of the fitness space. Eating perfectly healthy food, naturally! 

Encourage a Friend to Join as a Reward for You

Working out with your friends is always better than sweating it out all on your own. It’s a lot more fun chatting breathlessly to pals between sets and you barely notice the length of the session when you’re exercising alongside good mates. Why not reward yourself by encouraging your friends to sign up to an Xercise4Less membership. You know how good it is and they shouldn’t miss out either. This is a reward that keeps on giving as your friends will be there in the future to support and motivate you through friendly competition. Exercising with friends might also encourage you to try new group fitness classes; it’s just easier when you’re all in it together.

A Treat as An Occasional Reward

Food is not the enemy of fitness, so they say, and that’s why celebrating a top workout with an indulgent treat is a great reward idea. Buy your favourite cake, enjoy a slap up meal at a restaurant or sip a cool glass of wine from the fridge as a reward for all your hard physical labour. Have a fun treat after a full-on workout every so often but don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about it. Just don’t make it a full-time habit or you’ll have to work out even more!

Claim Your Restaurant Reward with X4L

Join Xercise4Less Gyms between 23 July to 12 August and you can claim a delicious reward with a free 3 month tastecard. Eat out at thousands of restaurants around the country and then work off the calories with a tough session at your local Xercise4Less gym.

Psst, existing members can also redeem a FREE tastecard, too!

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