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Kickstart your fitness for just £10

Spring into fitness at Xercise4Less Gyms with our latest membership offer. Join us today to get your first month for £10 with zero joining fees. Take advantage of this offer by boosting your fitness and smashing your training goals in the new season.

To get started, simply enter promo code ‘10FM’ to activate your membership and get yourself down to your local Xercise4Less gym.

Tailor your fitness workouts at Xercise4Less

Here at Xercise4Less, we provide you with a wide range of fitness and exercise equipment to allow you to work out with all the facilities you could need to optimise your training session. Also, a friendly, inclusive environment makes us open to all. Whether you are a new starter, returning from an injury or time away from the gym, or a serial fitness buff, we are the place for you.

Aside from exceptional fitness equipment, we also deliver fun and functional fitness classes if you prefer to target specific areas of fitness or you want to participate in group exercises, meeting like-minded people with similar objectives to build-up your social network as well as making great strides along your fitness journey.

Target your fitness with specific training zones

Our gyms feature a range of zones, splitting up the type of workouts you can do without the place feeling cluttered. Ladies can work out in our ladies only section, giving you an area to zone out from the crowds and really focus on your fitness. A full-length boxing ring and MMA cage offer the ability for those interested in combat to take out their frustrations on the punchbag, pads or even spar with a friend.

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Member Benefits: Train with us across the country

With over 50 gyms across our estate, you can join your local Xercise4Less and be able to use your membership nationwide. Whether you are going away for the weekend, away on business and want a workout after a stressful day, or even if you relocate you can use any one of our gyms.

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Why wait to kickstart your spring fitness? Join today at the click of a button. Whatever your fitness needs, we will help you reach your goals along your fitness journey. 

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