Battle Rope Exercises To Blast Belly Fat

Battle ropes - main
Battle ropes - main

Why battle ropes?

If you are wanting to lose weight quickly whilst enhancing your cardio performance, then battle ropes are the resource for you. Come down to your local Xercise4Less Gym and grab a pair of ropes to blast that belly fat and get a real sweat on with this high-intensity exercise regime. Just working with the ropes for ten minutes can increase your heart rate to peak levels, improving your overall fitness.

As well as boosting your cardiovascular fitness and aiding weight loss, the ropes are extremely versatile and enhance your grip, strength and power. The high-intensity nature of the exercise means you can focus on your explosiveness and aerobic endurance to gain the most from your fitness session.

Battle rope workouts at Xercise4Less Gyms

Below are a range of battle rope exercises which will torch the belly fat and get your heart pumping in no time at all. See results quickly and say goodbye to those excess calories!

Double wave with a push-up

This exercise targets a range of areas, including glutes, core, hamstrings and shoulders. To begin, place yourself in a deep squatted position, making sure you hold both ends of the rope. Move your hips up as you fully extend your knees to get to an explosive standing position, whilst using both arms in a powerful upward-wave motion. To add intensity, perform two explosive squats and combine them with a two-sided wave.

If you want to push yourself even more, you could incorporate push-ups.

battle ropes - man using them

Burpee with a double-lateral jump

Much like the double wave, the intention of this exercise is to target your glutes, core and hamstrings. Begin in a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you. Place your feet behind so you are resulting in the push-up position. Move your feet back to the starting squat position, then, leap as high as you possibly can with your arms aloft to complete the first burpee.

The next step is to powerfully jump sideways, clearing each end of the rope individually. Make sure that each end of the rope are approximately two feet apart. Once you are clear of both ends of the rope, perform another burpee and continue facing in the opposite direction.

Double-arm crisscross in a wall-sit position

Intensify your workout with this next exercise, giving you a new position to test yourself and your body with during your fitness session. The double-arm crisscross delivers a full body workout to really blast that belly fat and eliminating the calories.

To begin, sit against a wall with your hips and knees at a 90-degree angle, ensuring your back is making full contact with the wall. Keep your neck and back straight whilst you hold the end of the rope with both hands. Once you are firmly in position, start to make crisscross shapes with the ropes so that it pulls on the core of your body. One thing to remember is to keep your weight on your heels and off your toes to avoid any unwanted pressure or strain being placed on your knees.

Battle ropes - man

Make battle ropes a staple of your circuit training

Battle ropes will become a key component of your fat burning program, ensuring you burn the required calories as well as building up your cardiovascular fitness levels in the process. Implement each of the above exercises into your circuit, completing three rounds and making sure you take a well-earned rest between each round. The advised resting time is around 60 seconds.

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