Battle Rope Exercises To Blast Belly Fat

Battle ropes - main
Battle ropes - main

Why battle ropes?

If you are wanting to lose weight quickly whilst enhancing your cardio performance, then battle ropes are the resource for you. Come down to your local Xercise4Less Gym and grab a pair of ropes to blast that belly fat and get a real sweat on with this high-intensity exercise regime. Just working with the ropes for ten minutes can increase your heart rate to peak levels, improving your overall fitness.

As well as boosting your cardiovascular fitness and aiding weight loss, the ropes are extremely versatile and enhance your grip, strength and power. The high-intensity nature of the exercise means you can focus on your explosiveness and aerobic endurance to gain the most from your fitness session.

Battle rope workouts at Xercise4Less Gyms

Below are a range of battle rope exercises which will torch the belly fat and get your heart pumping in no time at all. See results quickly and say goodbye to those excess calories!

Double wave with a push-up

This exercise targets a range of areas, including glutes, core, hamstrings and shoulders. To begin, place yourself in a deep squatted position, making sure you hold both ends of the rope. Move your hips up as you fully extend your knees to get to an explosive standing position, whilst using both arms in a powerful upward-wave motion. To add intensity, perform two explosive squats and combine them with a two-sided wave.

If you want to push yourself even more, you could incorporate push-ups.

battle ropes - man using them

Burpee with a double-lateral jump

Much like the double wave, the intention of this exercise is to target your glutes, core and hamstrings. Begin in a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you. Place your feet behind so you are resulting in the push-up position. Move your feet back to the starting squat position, then, leap as high as you possibly can with your arms aloft to complete the first burpee.

The next step is to powerfully jump sideways, clearing each end of the rope individually. Make sure that each end of the rope are approximately two feet apart. Once you are clear of both ends of the rope, perform another burpee and continue facing in the opposite direction.

Double-arm crisscross in a wall-sit position

Intensify your workout with this next exercise, giving you a new position to test yourself and your body with during your fitness session. The double-arm crisscross delivers a full body workout to really blast that belly fat and eliminating the calories.

To begin, sit against a wall with your hips and knees at a 90-degree angle, ensuring your back is making full contact with the wall. Keep your neck and back straight whilst you hold the end of the rope with both hands. Once you are firmly in position, start to make crisscross shapes with the ropes so that it pulls on the core of your body. One thing to remember is to keep your weight on your heels and off your toes to avoid any unwanted pressure or strain being placed on your knees.

Battle ropes - man

Make battle ropes a staple of your circuit training

Battle ropes will become a key component of your fat burning program, ensuring you burn the required calories as well as building up your cardiovascular fitness levels in the process. Implement each of the above exercises into your circuit, completing three rounds and making sure you take a well-earned rest between each round. The advised resting time is around 60 seconds.

Why Xercise4Less Gyms?

We are proud of our friendly staff and inclusive community in our gyms and welcome people from all backgrounds and experiences to join us. Whether you’ve never stepped foot into a gym before or are an experience gym goer, join the Xercise4Less community today and take those all-important first steps onto your health and fitness journey.

Our members find everything they need to reach their personal goals in regard to health and fitness from our friendly staff to dedicated Ladies Only gym zone, special Spin studio or group fitness classes including Les Mills workouts and also toning and conditioning.

Strength Training Exercises For Losing Belly Fat

strength training - feature
strength training - feature

Effective strength training exercises for losing belly fat

When it comes to losing belly fat, your first thought might be running on a treadmill or taking on a stepper. And you wouldn’t be wrong about using cardio to lose fat but strength training along with a healthy diet is a key component of any successful weight loss plan. In fact, weight lifting is a very effective method of burning body fat including your love handles. To lose belly fat, you have to lose overall body fat. By increasing your muscle mass through lifting weights, you boost your metabolism and you burn more calories and more fat at rest. As a bonus, lifting weights heavy enough to challenge you but still allow you to finish full sets also burns plenty of calories.

Lose belly fat with squats

As far as weightlifting exercises for belly fat goes, Squats are the perfect way to start our strength training list. Squats are a compound movement that work your entire body, improving your leg strength and building a solid core. Add a dumbbell or barbell to your squats and you’ll shed stomach fat, ramp up your metabolism and improve your overall fitness even quicker than you could hope for.

strength training to lose belly fat - squats

Deadlifts help reduce stomach fat

At Xercise4Less gyms we find Deadlifts a very efficient way of pushing your whole body. Using a barbell our gym members are able to add muscle and supercharge their metabolism to help burn stubborn belly fat. You’ll build strength in your lower body from your abs and thighs to your legs and lower back. Finally blitz your belly fat for good with a Deadlift compound movement.

strength training to lose belly fat - deadlifts

Forward lunge bicep curls for a flatter belly

Lose belly fat working out with the many free weights available in our Xercise4Less gyms. Step forward then a great way to max your belly fat–burning: the Forward Lunge Bicep Curl. This strength training exercise targets your quads, hamstrings, glutes and, of course, your biceps. Ideal as part of any effective fat loss workout, the Forward Lunge Bicep Curl combines a popular upper body exercise in the bicep curl with one of the best leg exercises in the forward lunge to give you a whole body workout that will really leave you furiously melting calories.

strength training to lose belly fat - dumbbell lunges

Melt that belly fat with some kettlebell swings

Grab a kettlebell in the large Xercise4Less free weights area and start swinging into belly fat burning mode. Explosive training moves like Kettlebell Swings are perfect if you’re looking to improve your strength and torch fat at the same time. You’ll develop your muscle endurance, build solid glutes, more flexible hips and eventually a toned core. Say hello to the Kettlebell Swing and wave by bye to belly fat.

strength training to lose belly fat - kettlebell swings

Continue burning fat with suitcase carries

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Hold a kettlebell on one side and walk for a short distance, engaging your core at the same time, just as if you were carrying a suitcase. Suitcase Carries are actually simply wonderful for helping get rid of belly fat! Don’t worry, do a few of these strength training exercises and you’ll soon feel the calories burn. An all-around weights exercise that raises your heart rate, builds your core strength and targets lots of major muscles from quads and shoulders to biceps and obliques. You even gain better posture but most importantly you lose body fat faster when you include Suitcase Carries in your Xercise4Less gym programme.

Strength training that blasts fat with Xercise4Less Gyms

Smash your weight loss targets with Xercise4Less Gyms. When you want strength training exercises that help you burn belly fat, you want the fantastic facilities available to Xercise4Less gym members. Strengthen your body more effectively in our large free weights area or weightlift privately in our Ladies Only Gym Zone. Whatever method of exercise you need to lose belly fat, from our inclusive fitness classes to a full-size boxing ring and spin studio, you’ll find what you want at your local Xercise4Less Gym.

Best Resistance Machines To Lose Belly Fat

Best Resistance Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Main
Best Resistance Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Main

Which resistance machines to use to lose belly fat

Losing belly fat and giving yourself a flatter stomach isn’t easy and doesn’t come about quickly. In fact, you can’t directly target your love handles. Getting rid of belly fat requires a full body workout so you lose weight from your whole body and shed that stomach fat. At your local Xercise4Less gym you’ll find lots of quality resistance machines available to aid weight loss, so you never have to wait around to work off that fat from your belly or anywhere else. Let’s take a look at some of the best resistance machines you can use to help you lose belly fat in an Xercise4Less gym.

Lat Pull Down Machine

The lat pulldown machine or cable pulldown machine provides one of the best exercises for fighting fat. This resistance machine primarily works on the ‘lats’ or the latissimus dorsi muscles, the large muscles across your middle and lower back. The lat pulldown machine however also works most of your upper body including the muscles in your shoulders, arms, biceps and traps. Always keep in mind that adding muscle will help you burn more calories at rest and contributes to a stronger fat-burning metabolism, so you lose weight in your middle quicker. Using the lat pulldown machine will keep you shedding fat and really deflate your spare tyre!

Best Resistance Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Lat Pull Down

Shed fat with the chest press machine

Similarly, the chest press machine in your Xercise4Less gym also targets your upper body. The chest press though works on your pectoral muscles, triceps, and deltoids enabling you to build a strong body and burn real belly fat. Bench pressing and lifting weights in general may not expend as many calories as cardio workouts, but the chest press will help make your daily activities a lot easier to manage. You’ll gain muscle and lose fat and help your body to burn more calories even while you’re not in the gym. If you go to an Xercise4Less gym and use the chest press machine, then you’ll benefit from a great tool for achieving a flatter stomach.

Best Resistance Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Chest Press

Shoulder press

Help yourself lose some belly fat by using one of the most effective exercises to achieve muscular shoulders. Add real muscle with this classic bodybuilding shoulder press exercise and increase your fat burning metabolism at the same time. This ease of use of this Xercise4Less gym resistance machine makes this an effective exercise that everyone from beginners to experts can benefit from. Shoulder press machines work the muscles of your shoulders to the core and strengthen your fat resistance while they’re doing their muscle-building job. As a resistance machine to use to shift belly fat the Shoulder Press is top of the class.

Pressurise your belly fat with a leg press machine

The leg press is a popular resistance machine for building key muscles like the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Perfect for beginners, the leg press machine at your local Xercise4Less gym only allows movement in a fixed pattern so you master the leg lifting technique before trying, for example, more challenging barbell and dumbbell leg lifts. You can develop your fat-burning resistance by adjusting the weights you’re lifting very quickly as well. You maximise muscle growth and effective fat-loss with the leg press machine while lifting heavy weights in a safe way. Burn lots of calories and flatten that tum with a turn on the leg press resistance machine.

Best Resistance Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Leg Press

Lose stomach fat with the bicep curl machine

You may not immediately think of the Bicep Curl Machine as useful in ridding yourself of stomach fat. But the more muscle tissue you have, the faster your metabolism becomes as muscle tissue burns a high number of calories. And the faster your metabolism becomes, the more belly fat you’ll lose! Use the biceps curl machine to tones and shape your upper arms and strengthen the important muscles you use in everyday life to lift, bend, and pull. The bicep curl machine isolates your biceps so you can build more mass and definition effectively. The Bicep Curl Machine is a pierce of effective resistance equipment to develop your belly fat-burning capabilities.

A flat belly with an Xercise4Less gym membership

Want a flatter stomach? Then join Xercise4Less Gyms. Whatever type of resistance machine you want on your belly-fat-reducing journey, we’ll provide it and in sufficient quantities to get your body leaner quicker. From dedicated workout areas like our resistance machines zone to the private Ladies Only Gym Zone we offer quality gym equipment to help you build more muscle and lose more fat and that includes stubborn belly fat!

The Best Exercise Machines To Lose Belly Fat

Best Exercise Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Equipment Generic
Best Exercise Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Equipment Generic

Shift belly fat using exercise machines

Dying to get rid of your love handles? Desperate to shift some of that unwanted weight? At your nearest Xercise4Less gym you’ll find plenty of exercise machines to help you lose belly fat. These cardio machines will all help you slim down and shed pounds from every part of your body including your midsection. A healthy diet and some resistance training are also key parts of any effective weight loss fitness programme, but cardio exercise machines are particularly useful in any quest to get rid of excess fat. So, what are the Best Exercise Machines to Lose Belly Fat with?

Treadmills for effective belly fat loss

If you’re fighting the battle of the belly bulge the treadmill is a fantastic fat burning machine to try. The treadmill has been shown to burn calories at the highest rate of any cardio exercise machine and running on a treadmill is one of the most effective ways to lose belly fat. With treadmill running you can burn calories for overall fat loss, but you can also directly affect the belly fat underneath your stomach muscles. While running is a powerful weapon for fighting stomach fat, walking at a fast pace on your Xercise4Less treadmill is also useful in slimming down. Walk on an incline on the treadmill and blast some serious calories as your heart rate is increased and your abdominals are engaged to help stabilize your body when you walk uphill.

Best Exercise Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Treadmill

Lose more belly fat with an elliptical trainer

A low impact exercise machine, the elliptical trainer is ideal cardio for losing stomach fat and toning your body. This cross training fitness session will get your heart rate up, work your legs and arms, and if the elliptical machine in your local Xercise4Less gym has moving handlebars, it’ll put your whole body to work burning calories. Get comfortable on the elliptical trainer and gradually increase your pace and the machine resistance to really blast your belly fat. Losing love handles takes time but you can accelerate your weight loss journey with some quality time on the elliptical trainer.

Ditch excess weight with stationary bike exercises

Of all the cardio exercise machines in your Xercise4Less gym the stationary bike has to be one of the best when it comes to burning calories. Cycling on a stationary bike is not just very efficient in burning calories and fat but it also helps tone your legs, thighs and buttocks. Pedalling hard on a stationary bike is more likely to help you lose an extra inch around your middle than crunching abs for example. When you’re capable of moderate-paced cycling, you might include some HIIT stationary bike sessions in your weight loss programme. Increase the intensity at which you ride to 75-85 percent of your maximum heart rate and go for 20-30 minutes at high pace to gain even more lean muscle. Putting in some time on the stationary exercise bikes can have a really positive impact on your weight and health.

Best Exercise Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Stationary Bike

Lose your love handles on the rowing machine

Rowing machines are sometimes forgotten about when it comes to losing unwanted fat. That’s surprising because rowing hard is massively effective in burning calories. Why? A stationary rowing machine works your entire body requiring equal effort from both your lower and your upper body and achieving huge gains in overall cardiovascular fitness. Simply put, you should put the rowing machine at the centre of your belly fat-loss programme at your Xercise4Less gym.

Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat - Rowing Machine

Burn extra fat with a stepper workout

A stepper, stair climber or ClimbMill all simulate walking upstairs. There are two main types of gym stepper machines, the pedal steppers and the step mills. On the pedal steppers you push down on the pedals while keeping your body mostly still to work your legs and core while the step mill is more like a flight of stairs that moves like an escalator. The ClimbMill works your quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes and is a real cardio workout. Whichever one you use you can vary the resistance and speed to really ramp up the belly fat burning benefits. A stepper workout is excellent low-impact cardio exercise which burns plenty of calories and helps you lose weight.

Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat - Stepper

Lose more weight with Xercise4Less Gyms

Always keep your weight loss journey on track with Xercise4Less Gyms. We provide all the belly fat burning tools you need to lose weight from your middle and achieve a more toned and shaped body. Build on the fat loss support offered by our friendly community of gym members and expert personal trainers to realise your fitness goals faster. Benefit from innovative gym facilities like our Ladies Only Gym Zone, spacious Spin Studio or Combat Zone with full-sized boxing ring and completely transform your stomach weight loss programme. Enjoy working out with fellow gym members in up to 40 inclusive group classes in our spacious exercise studio or create your own circuits in our large fitness studio. Join an Xercise4Less gym and you take a step closer to reaching your weight loss targets.

Gym Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Faster

lose belly fat waist measurement - shutterstock

Lose Belly Fat Faster With Real Fitness Workouts

We’re all aware that carrying excess stomach fat is not good for your health and wellbeing. But even when you work out in your local Xercise4Less gym regularly, it’s not always easy to shift that visceral belly fat. So how do you burn belly fat faster? Take a look at these five Gym Exercises to Lose Belly Fat and start toning your stomach for real.

1. Gym Burpees To Lose Belly Fat

Ready for a more toned tummy? Supercharge your belly-fat-burning routine with an explosive plyometric exercise that works your core, your chest and your shoulders, lats, triceps and quads. Here’s how you do burpees. From a standing position squat down and place your hands flat on the floor in front of you. Kick your legs backward into a push up position, perform a push up, and then quickly reverse the movement. Reach your arms over your head and jump upwards to complete one burpee. If you want to lose your gut, you really want burpees.

group burpees - lose belly fat blog

2. Reduce Stomach Fat with Mountain Climbers

Burn your belly fat faster than ever before when you include Mountain Climbers in your gym routine. Mountain climbers work your core hard as well as other major muscle groups; essentially this is a moving plank exercise. Try Mountain climbers like this: get into a high-plank position with your wrists directly under your shoulders. Lifting your right foot up, drive your right knee towards your chest. Touch the floor with your right foot and then return to the starting position. Then, drive your left knee toward your chest and bring it back. Alternate legs with each mountain climber repetition and start losing some stomach fat.

circuit training - mountain climber

3. Blast Away Belly Flab with Kettlebell Swings

At Xercise4Less Gyms we provide our members with loads of kettlebells for a very good reason. A Kettlebell Swing is one of the best calorie-torching exercises you can do in a gym. You’ll fall in love with the belly-fat-burning effectiveness of a kettle bell swing as you clench your abs, hammer your core and engage important muscle groups like your glutes, hips, and quads. Ready for a kettlebell swing? Bend at your hips holding a kettlebell at arms-length with both hands in front. Rock back slightly and pull it back between your legs. Squeeze your glutes, drive your hips forwards and swing the weight to shoulder height. Let the bell return back between your legs and repeat. Could there be a more effective gym exercise to lose belly fat?

strength training to lose belly fat - kettlebell swings

4. Medicine Ball Slams Help Sculpt Your Abs

If you want to know how to how to lose belly fat faster, then you should consider including a Medicine Ball Slam exercise in your workout session. Performing an explosive movement like the Medicine Ball Slam gets all the muscles between your neck and your hips working harder. You don’t need a huge weight either, a 3-kilo medicine ball will work perfectly to elevate your heart rate and burn some serious stomach fat as long as you keep the intensity up. Start a medicine ball slam by holding the ball above your head with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slam the ball on the floor as hard as you can. Catch the rebound and repeat. It’s that simple to prevent an expanding waistline!

medicine ball slam - lose belly fat blog

5. Reduce Excess Belly Fat with a Dumbbell Overhead Lunge

Can you feel your stomach fat receding? Well, finish off our set of gym exercises to lose belly fat with the core-chiselling Dumbbell Overhead Lunge. The move engages your torso, back and posterior and will help put an end to your bulging belly. Use a pair of light to medium dumbbells for this fat burning exercise. Press the dumbbells overhead so your palms are facing. Step forward into a lunge position without pushing your shoulders up by your ears. Pause and then bring your back leg forward to bring your feet together. Alternate legs as you walk forward towards a much leaner stomach.

overhead dumbbell lunge - lose belly fat blog

A Belly-Fat-Burning Hand from Xercise4less Gyms

At Xercise4less Gyms we provide all the fitness tools you need to improve your health and wellbeing and that includes helping you to lose belly fat. Use these stomach fat-preventing exercises in your local Xercise4less gym and shed unwanted weight from around your middle. Benefit too from our inclusive fitness classes, expert personal trainers, and superb gym facilities including a Ladies Only Gym Zone, Combat Zone with full-size boxing ring and spacious Spin Studio. Whatever help you need in losing belly fat faster, Xercise4less Gyms will provide it.