Five Ways To Build Your Biceps

bicep workout - main
bicep workout - main

Take your time, building biceps can be a waiting game

Working your biceps can often seem like a mundane process, or like you are feeling as though you aren’t really getting anywhere. This is probably because you are just repeating the same exercises, and not giving you the best results for increasing your biceps through fitness. Here at Xercise4Less Gyms, we are happy to help you on your way to building your biceps and strength with five simple workouts.

1.The barbell curl

Probably the most used bicep exercise. A simple but effective weight training regime, the barbell curl directly targets the bicep to add both size and strength to the whole muscle, with typically more loading than other bicep workouts. This is a foundational bicep exercise, ideal for building an initial level of mass to enable you to lay the platform for more elaborate exercises.

To correctly complete a barbell curl, follow the steps below for maximum efficiency.

  • Hold the barbell with an underhand grip, slightly more than shoulder width apart
  • Raise your chest and expose the bicep by pulling your shoulders back with your elbows located under the shoulders and just in front of the ribs
  • Curl the barbell up using the biceps, keeping your posture straight, keeping your elbows to the side of your body

2. The chin-up

Perhaps an exercise not typically associated with biceps, but equally as effective as any for building up muscle and strength. The chin-up can be used to boost your upper body and general size. It is important to get your technique correct for this exercise, as you are placing a lot of effort and energy into it. You do not want your efforts to be wasted.

  • Hang from the bar with your wrists facing towards you
  • From a dead hang, make the back stable and keep your chest up
  • Slightly lean back and pull your chin over the back of the bar to complete
Bicep workouts - hammer curl

3. The hammer curl

The hammer curl, performed using dumbbells, allows you to significantly increase arm size and strength. It also enhances your grip strength and wrist stability to help reinforce potentially susceptible areas whilst training your arms in the process.

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells, place them to your side with your palms facing the body
  • Make sure your chest remains tall, your shoulders set back and elbows under the shoulder
  • Lift the dumbbell up, ensuring you do not rotate the wrist to prevent strain or damage
  • Flex your elbows to force the biceps to contract, then lower under control and repeat this

4. Incline dumbbell curl

A variation of the traditional bicep curl, the incline dumbbell curl works solely on your biceps without the necessity to include your shoulders. This exercise really hones in on your bicep, with you sitting on a bench with your torso in a reclined position, meaning your bicep is more exposed and improving your range of motion.

  • Set an incline bench at a 45-70 degree angle
  • Hold the dumbbells by your side, pulling your shoulders back and your chest up
  • Position your elbows to the floor, then curl the weights up to enable contraction
  • Slow lower the load and repeat the exercise
Bicep workouts - woman curl

5. Cable curl

Whilst free weights are primarily the most used for building your biceps, you can also use resistance machines to work on this muscle group. The cable curl encourages strength, muscle growth and optimum range of motion. Your time under tension time can also be increased through this exercise, enabling hypertrophy and muscular demand. Mix up your angles to prevent your muscles from becoming too used to one exercise and placing exertion on all areas of your bicep.

  • Set the cables at your chosen height, ideally from a low position
  • Pull the handles, rope or bar attachment to complete the curl
  • Repeat to build your muscle gradually, giving yourself a full bicep workout

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