Effective Exercises To Boost Your Core

Core exercises - main
Core exercises - main

Strengthen your core with Xercise4Less Gyms

It is important to develop and build your core to give you a balanced fitness session. The core is a group of muscles that provide you with strength and stability to both your upper and lower body. We have provided a list of exercises for you to quickly and effectively build your core strength. Get yourself down to your local Xercise4Less gym and give them a go!

1. The Plank

Why not start with the most daunting one? The plank is highly effective for building your core, but you will certainly know about it once you’ve completed the exercise. This essentially engages and stimulates all your core muscles in a physically challenging way.

To begin the plank, prop your upper body up with your forearms, with your lower body resting on your toes – in almost a press-up position. Ensure you remain as horizontal as possible as this will enable maximum exertion on your core for optimum results. It is imperative you do not allow your hips to collapse or your back to lower.

You should hold the position for 30-60 seconds, depending on your level of fitness and how long you feel you can sustain the exercise. This can be amended as you develop your fitness and become more comfortable with the exercise.

If you are feeling confident, you can increase the intensity by extending one arm in front of you for a further 10-15 seconds.

2. V-Sits

Maybe it is time to introduce your gym visits to v-sits. This is an abdominal exercise which also works your obliques and hip flexors. To perform this exercise, you will start by taking a seated position on the floor. As you slowly inhale, contract your abdominals whilst lifting your legs to a 45-degree angle. Once you are in this position, lean forward with your hands or place them by your sides if you feel unstable.

Hold this position for up to a minute before having a well earned relax for 15-20 seconds. Once you have relaxed, repeat this process two more times. As you feel your body becoming stronger and more supple, you can increase the duration.

V sits - core exercises

3. Bicycle Crunches

This is a classic exercise which operates by working a whole host of your core muscles at once, especially the abdominals and obliques.

For success in this exercise you will need to lay flat on the floor with your back pressed to the ground. Place your hands behind your head, making sure you do not restrict your neck in the process. Then, bring one knee up to a 45-degree angle, whilst keeping the other knee completely straight.

The next step of the exercise is to move your legs back and forth, imitating the action of peddling on a bike. Make sure you alternate between your knees, extending one knee whilst lifting the other. As you are doing this, touch your left knee with your right elbow, and your right knee with your left elbow. Complete this on both sides, for around 10-25 reps. Relax and complete a further two sets.

bicycle crunches - core exercises

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