Cross Trainer Workout Guide

Cross Trainer

For the best cross training fitness use our Full Body Cross Trainer Workout Guide. At Xercise4Less gyms you’ll find all the equipment for effective functional cross training whether you’re ready to join a gym, new to gyms, a casual gym goer or an experienced gym user. Working out on a gym equipment cross trainer is simply easier with Xercise4Less with our 16 ellipticals and cross trainer gym machines available in your local People’s Gym.

Energise your health and wellbeing with this full body cross training fitness session. Build your stamina and improve your overall fitness through a heart-pumping cardio workout. Hit your exercise goals even quicker with this cross trainer gym session. Talk to our friendly Personal Trainers to see how you can make cross training an important part of your Xercise4Less fitness plan.

How to Work Out Your Whole Body with Cross Training Exercises

Cross trainers are highly effective for losing weight, providing an intense workout for the entire body but taking it easy on your joints. Gym cross training machines are also highly adaptable, and you can tailor your workout to target specific muscle groups. It’s simple as well to learn how to work out with a cross trainer and a cross training machine is one of the safest pieces of gym equipment. A gym cross trainer machine provides both an upper-body workout and the lower-body workout of any elliptical machine.

When using a cross trainer in your local Xercise4Less gym, good posture will ensure that you get the most from your cross training session. Remember to keep your back straight, your hands at shoulder height on the handlebars, and concentrate on keeping your heels down on the pedals. Go at your own pace on the cross trainer gym machine but try changing the intensity through varying the speed and the resistance once you’re comfortable working out on a cross trainer.

You should have no problem getting to grips with the good quality cross trainers available in our gyms, but our Personal Trainers are always on hand to provide advice or cross training tips. Every one of our gyms is fully equipped with cross training machines including 16 ellipticals.

Read on for more detailed instructions on how to get the most from this cross training fitness guide.

Full Body Cross Training Workout Session

Lift your cardio performance with this cross trainer machine workout. If you’ve just joined the gym or are new to gyms, you’ll find this a great cross training workout to start with. Exercise in the cardio section of your local Xercise4Less gym and mimic walking, running and climbing stairs as you benefit from an effective full-body workout on the cross trainer over 30 minutes.

This continuous cross training gym workout consists of 5 stages, each stage lasting for 6 minutes:


Cross Trainer Workout Stage 1

This is the warmup section. You need to be training at 40 percent of your maximum effort level. The cross trainer gym machine should be set to a resistance level of 4.


Cross Trainer Workout Stage 2

You need to increase your cross training fitness pace up to 60 percent of your maximum effort level during this stage. Also raise that cross trainer resistance up to level 8.


Cross Trainer Workout Stage 3

A mix of high and low intensity at resistance level 12 will take you through this cross training gym stage. Each minute of stage 3 is going to consist of 50 seconds of low intensity 40% effort level. Then the last 10 seconds of each minute put your hands on the fixed handlebars and at your max effort level really drive those legs and sprint for some intensive functional cross training.


Cross Trainer Workout Stage 4

Reduce the cross trainer gym machine resistance back down to level 8. This cross training stage will be a continuous 6 minutes at a 60 % effort level.


Cross Trainer Workout Stage 5

The final cross training fitness stage is the cool down, bring the cross trainer resistance level back down to level 4 and your effort level at 40 percent to finish off your full body workout.

Join Xercise4Less Gyms for the Best Cross Training Workouts

When it comes to cross training gyms, there’s nowhere better than your local Xercise4Less fitness centre. Not only do we provide enough exercise equipment like 19 ellipticals and cross trainers for our gym members, but we offer more than 400 pieces of fitness gear in every gym. Use this Full Body Cross Trainer Workout Guide as part of your Xercise4Less exercise programme and achieve your health and wellbeing ambitions even quicker than you’d hoped.

Using the cross trainer for a full body functional cross training workout is helpful no matter where you are on your fitness journey. If you’re ready to join a gym, new to gyms, a casual gym goer or an experienced gym user, the People’s Gym provides the right equipment and the right workout environment. From a dedicated Ladies Only gym zone and energising Spin studio to a full-on combat zone and an effective functional fitness area, our gym members have everything they need to get fitter quicker. Sign up to an Xercise4Less gym membership and enjoy heart-racing inclusive group exercise classes including the latest Les Mills fitness session. Or change your whole outlook on fitness and nutrition with our amazing Body Transformation Camps and Boot Camps run by our friendly expert Personal Trainers.

Join Xercise4Less Gyms today and start seeing real results for your real body using gym cross trainer machines or lifting the heaviest free weights. Whatever you need to realise your fitness ambitions, Xercise4Less Gyms provides it.