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group fitness class

Here at friendly, inclusive Xercise4Less Gyms we offer four main categories of fitness class to help you achieve your exercise targets and enjoy yourself in the process. The categories are split into; high energy, toning and conditioning, dance and health and wellbeing. These genres cater all your fitness needs and give you the opportunity to train with like-minded people who are working towards a similar goal. 

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High Energy

Get your heart rate pumping and boost your fitness by joining our High Energy classes!  These classes are great for increasing your energy, reducing stress and making your body more efficient! From BODYATTACK™ to Boxercise™ and Step sessions, we have something for everyone! Or if you prefer something more challenging, join on of our HIIT style (High Intensity Interval Training) classes!

All our clubs offer Indoor Cycling classes. This is an amazing way to challenge your fitness using a stationary bike! So, if you want to get fitter and burn calories, these classes are for you!

Toning and Conditioning

Want to get more from your workouts in the gym? Our Toning and Conditioning classes will help to change the shape of our body by strengthening your muscles.

BODYPUMP™ is one of the most popular Group Fitness classes worldwide and we are pleased to offer this in most of our clubs! This high repetition workout will get you burning calories fast! We also run classes from Legs, Bums & Tums to Total Body Workout. We even run Core Conditioning and Abs Blast classes to turn your body into a fully functional machine!

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Dance classes are a fantastic way to lose weight, have fun and improve stamina! From Zumba™ to SH’BAM™ and Dance Fitness, you can work out to your favourite tracks through a range of different styles!

Health and Wellbeing

Increase your energy and calm, whilst improving your strength and mobility with our Health and Wellbeing classes. From various Yoga styles to Pilates and BODYBALANCE™, we have something for you! If you are looking to calm you mind, whilst building your fitness, these classes are for you.

Head over to to sign up for your chosen class at your local Xercise4Less gym!

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Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2020 – Mike Ryan

Man Lifting Barbell

Gaining confidence and motivation in the gym

After struggling to strap himself into his aeroplane seat on a flight, Mike Ryan felt like he had hit rock bottom and realised that he needed to do something about. Mike, 37, had been training at the gym every day using the free weights zone in Manchester but still managed to gain excess weight. The weight gain wasn’t caused by a lack of activity but overeating and unhealthy eating habits which led him to pile on the pounds.

Naturally, this caused Mike to lose his motivation and confidence in himself but by taking his gym workouts to the next level, he was able to push himself out of his comfort zone and improve his general health and fitness.

Work on health and wellbeing

Mike’s self esteem hit rock bottom during this challenging time of his life. He was having trouble sleeping, was experiencing real discomfort and struggling with breathing. He wanted to work on improving this and feeling better about himself – not just for himself but for his children too.

Mike said:  “My children were my biggest motivation. I wanted to be able to play football with them and more importantly, be around long enough to see them grow up.”

Despite weight training for 1 hour a day, Mike was the first to admit that he wasn’t really pushing himself out of his comfort zone. Whilst he was in the gym, he would spend time on his phone scrolling through social media and not really take his training seriously.  However, the biggest issue of all of was Mike’s diet. Because Mike was spending an hour lifting weights in the free weights gym zone in Manchester, he’d treat himself to a takeaway afterwards. Sometimes even having 4-5 takeaways a week and sometimes even twice a day. By adjusting his diet and taking his nutrition a lot more seriously, he began to notice positive changes to his life.  

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Transforming fitness at Xercise4Less Manchester

Seen as Mike was finding himself stuck in a bit of a rut, he wanted to mix things up. He eventually signed up for one of our Transformation Camps and because he was getting bored of his typical training, he thought it might help him to make positive changes to his body. 

“The camps looked fun and I wasn’t really seeing the changes I was hoping for by training on my own. I gave my 8 week Transformation Camp not only hard work when in the gym but I was really watching what I was eating. It wasn’t long until I started to see changes in my body and was feeling better and sleeping better.”

Mike was also able to push himself harder in the training sessions compared to when he started as his fitness level and stamina was improving. When he started to see the numbers of the tape measure going down, this was the biggest motivation of all and kept him focused on his end fitness goal. Mike has only positive things to say about Transformation Camps at Xercise4Less following his experience.

“I know gyms can be intimidating places but remember, nobody is watching at you. We’re all there for the same reason, same goal – to be better than we were yesterday. I’d always encourage regular members to help others too. If you see someone new and unsure of what to do – be nice, help them, even if it’s just a smile or a nod of approval, it goes a long way. Remember, we were all newbies once.”

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