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Six New Year’s Fitness Resolutions You’ll Stick To

Ready for the fresh start of a New Year? You’ve eaten and drunk your way through December, and you know that January 2020 is the perfect time to make some health and wellbeing changes. You know too that those New Year fitness resolutions will have faded away before the end of that first month. For all your good intentions, your good resolutions will have failed their fitness test.


Unless you’re a member of Xercise4Less Gyms! Take a look at our 6 New Year’s Fitness Resolutions You’ll Stick To and find achievable exercise ambitions that will survive the whole of 2020. Read on for New Year resolutions that will rejuvenate your fitness journey and help you accomplish the workout targets you want.

1: Look Forward to Your New Fitness Year

Start off your New Year of improved fitness by celebrating your exercise accomplishments of the last year. No matter if your progress has been small or large, give yourself a handsome clap on the back and then plan for the new fitness year. Make your health and wellbeing goals for this year simply being better than last year. Narrow your fitness targets to just eating better. Or losing weight. Or being more active. Don’t try and achieve everything all at one. With manageable goals you’ll find it far easier to stick to your fitness resolutions as you move through the year. Above all, make your fitness resolutions about you and not about trying to impress other people. Workouts fuelled by your own desire to get fitter will be much easier to maintain right throughout 2020.

2: Resolve to Start Small

The second day of our Christmas workout routine and there are no turtle doves but turtle dove squats and 12 repetitions for you to do. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, feet pointing outwards. Bend at the knees, pushing the hips back but keeping your torso straight. Keep squatting until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Stand back up and repeat to get your Xmas season off to a healthy start.

3: Aim for Better Fitness Not Perfect Workouts

Gradual and continuous fitness improvement will help you last through the year. Aim for better workouts and avoid trying for the perfect session. Plan for your fitness programme to go wrong at some stage and plan what you can do to change your workout routine up. Busy lives and work commitments can sometimes get in the way of your fitness but don’t worry, you just need exercise consistency over time to progress. Leading a more active life isn’t going to happen overnight. Just focus on getting better little by little and you’ll find yourself sticking to your New Year fitness resolutions.

4: Schedule Your Gym Time in the New Year

Make the time for working out by scheduling your workout on your calendar. Set your phone alerts to remind you of your next gym session and prepare a backup plan for exercising on those days when you feel too tired or too busy at work to go to the gym. When you schedule a workout, you’re far more likely to go through with it. Make sure your exercise schedule is sustainable with your current work and family routine.

5: Lean on Our Gym Community

We talk a lot about community at Xercise4Less Gyms but that’s because we know how much of a support it can be. When you’re taking on some New Year fitness resolutions, don’t miss out on the communal support offered by our encouraging personal fitness trainers and friendly gym members. Wherever you are on your fitness journey it’s always valuable to get the expert advice of a personal trainer in a one-to-one session or boot camp. Find a reliable exercise buddy from our gym community and you’re also less likely to miss a session and more likely to stick to your New Year fitness goals.

6: Make Fitness Fun in the New Year

Working out may not always feel like fun but when you enjoy your exercise session you’re much more likely to stick with it. Find a way of exercising that you enjoy, and you’ll find it easier to keep your fitness resolutions right through 2020. If you hate running on the treadmill, work out in our functional fitness area. Feel constrained by resistance machines? Start lifting in our free weights zone. Try some of our fun group fitness classes and benefit from the endorphins of a sweaty class of Les Mills BODYCOMBAT or the stress release of a Yoga class in your local gym. Choose workouts that will have you coming back for more, New Year after New Year.

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New Year’s Resolutions that will Work Out

Exercise whenever you can and work out however you can, and you’ll keep on track for improved fitness in the New Year. With our 6 New Year’s Fitness Resolutions You’ll Stick To you’ll focus on making fitness fun and your exercise programme manageable. Work out in the boxing ring or in the supportive environment of our Ladies Only Gym Zone; enjoy the company of friendly gym members or the motivation of expert personal trainers in group fitness classes. Xercise4Less Gyms provides every tool you need to stick to your New Year fitness resolutions and achieve your exercise goals in 2020.

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