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Combat your fitness with a punchbag workout

Build your cardio and physical fitness through the punchbag. Put on a pair of boxing gloves and repeatedly hammer away at the punch bag. This will provide you with a high-intensity workout, burning the calories and blasting belly fat in order to help you to achieve your fitness goals. You can incorporate several techniques when using the punchbag, ensuring you give your body a testing workout.

Aside from the physical benefits, the punchbag also offers benefits to your hand-eye coordination by forcing you to focus on a specific target, honing in on certain spots of the punchbag for optimum results.

Punchbag Workout Guide - Hits

Improve your aerobic fitness

Boost your aerobic fitness by hitting the focused target. The simple act of moving around a target means you are constantly changing body positions and challenges the cardio respiratory system. Throwing punches for at least two minutes at a high level of intensity provides a great workout. As well as improving your aerobic fitness, you can boost your core stability and coordination. This is done by remaining on your toes, transferring your body weight from foot to foot as you strike the selected target. Once you are in full flow, your core will develop and throwing a combination of punches helps your coordination, so you are in total control of what you are doing. Furthermore, the coordination and balance mean that your posture remains correct and provides support to your body, preventing you from falling when you make sudden movements.

Increase power, strength and endurance

Your power will also benefit from a punchbag workout as you are focusing on as many muscles as you can throughout the exercise. The main muscles that are used are; arms, shoulder, chest, back and waist to help generate power through your upper body. When performing punches such as upper cuts and hooks, you make full use of your back and arms whilst straight jabs give the chest and shoulders attention.

The main perception of boxing is all about power and strength. However, your stamina and endurance will dramatically improve with such a high-intensity workout. You can even add this to a HIIT workout, making sure you get your full session of cardio in, as well as building up your muscle mass. You can also blast that belly fat and lose weight through the punchbag. As the core elements of the exercise are based around aerobic fitness, you will rapidly burn calories as you encounter resistance from the punchbag as you hit it, causing your muscles to become firm and toned. With this comes a reduction in body fat percentage, adding a whole host of health benefits such as reducing the risk of diabetes, heart conditions and high cholesterol.

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Punch away your problems

Boxing and combat exercises offer assistance to your mental health as well as your physical wellbeing. Constantly hitting a heavy bag will help to build your confidence and self-esteem, as well as developing new-found techniques. As you continue to pound the punchbag, all the negative stress from the body will quickly evaporate as your mind is totally focused on the task at hand. You have no time to think about other things as you are participating in a physically exhausting, aggressive exercise. It also allows the body to release endorphins, improving the mood and counter the feeling of depression or aches and pains which are the result of exercise.

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