Assisted Pull-Up Machine Workout Guide

assisted pull up - main
assisted pull up - main

The benefits of the assisted pull-up machine

Develop your upper body strength with the assisted pull-up machine at Xercise4Less gyms. This strength training machine uses counter weight to help you fully complete a successful pull-up. The assisted pull-up machine strengthens and tightens your back and core area as well as the under-arm and back area. These areas are notoriously difficult to tone, and you will have to remain patient, building up slowly.

Once you are familiar with the equipment and have built up your confidence to progress, you can add weight to the machine to increase the difficulty and resistance.

How to use the pull-up machine effectively

Firstly, grasp the machine with your palms facing each other in a neutral position, with your knees situated on the kneepad. Pull your shoulders back and down, locking them into position. Then, hold this position and bring the other knee onto the pad as you lift up into the start position.

It is important to keep your shoulders drawn inward, slowly lowering your body until your arms result in a fully extended position. Ensure you momentarily pause at the top before lowering yourself. This will help you to maintain a more efficient form, lessening the potential risk of injury or discomfort.

The perfect amount of pull-ups

There is no set amount of pull-ups you need to achieve in order to have a better workout than yesterday, but around 10 pull-ups is a good number to aim for. This will not happen overnight, and you may need to lessen your expectations at the beginning and work your way up towards a perfect 10. It is vital that you become accustomed to your own bodyweight, and this can be achieved by holding a dead hang for as long as possible. After this point, you will be able to gauge each and every pull-up by determining how long or how easily you can hold your weight before pulling yourself up and completing a rep. For optimum results, use a full range of motion to work your muscles and fibres more rigorously than normal. Keep this extended movement as slow as possible in order to reduce joint stress.

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