Hip Abductor Workout Guide

Hip Abduction Machine
Hip Abduction Machine

Build a strong lower body at Xercise4Less

Following regular leg workouts and bum workouts will help you to build up a great deal of strength and muscle in your lower body which will benefit your other gym sessions and general life too.

If you want increase muscle mass in specific areas such as your glutes, make the most of the hip abductor machine in the resistance machine zone in your Xercise4Less gym. Some of our Ladies Only zones also have a hip abductor meaning that you can work on your lower body strength and start introducing weight training to your workout routine in a comfortable and inclusive space.  

Hip Abductor Machine

How to use the hip abductor effectively to grow your glutes

To make the most of the hip abductor at Xercise4Less Gyms, follow the workout guide to make sure that you’re hitting the right muscles and reaching your full potential in the gym. Firstly, what are you using the hip abductor for? It helps to strengthen and grow the gluteal muscles which are made up of 3 separate muscle groups. By building up stronger and bigger muscles, they will appear more prominent and toned.

When using the hip abductor, start by taking a seat and moving the footrests to a comfortable position. Your workout will be better if you’re starting with your knees together because you get a full range of motion. Once you’re comfortable, position your feet flat on the footrests. Now move the pin into your desired weight. To perform one rep, push your legs outwards as far as they go. Hold this position for a second and then return to your starting position. Repeat this process for 10 reps and 3 sets.

To use this machine to really target your glutes, push out far enough to feel it in your outer glutes and hips. This is what will help your lower body muscles really grow and increase the strength. Try to increase the weight whilst performing these sets just to push yourself and help you to get that little bit stronger. Form is always important when using weighted equipment in the gym. Start with a lower weight to perfect your form and then once you’ve built up more confidence, start to add more weight. Let’s build that peach!

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The benefits of strong glutes

Having a strong lower body and strong glutes has lots of benefits. If your bum and legs are one of your problem areas, working on these muscles and toning these parts of your body will improve your body confidence which is really important for your mental health. Not forgetting how strong glutes will help you navigate daily life with more confidence and strength especially with tasks like heavy lifting at work.

This will mean that you’re able to perform more advanced exercises like barbell squats and lunges with ease as you’ve already built up strong enough muscles using the hip abductor machine in the resistance machines gym zone. If one of your main fitness goals is to build muscle, use the hip abductor during your leg workouts to help you increase strength and build up more confidence to start using the free weight gym zones more at Xercise4Less.

Barbell Weighted Plates

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Choose from quality weighted equipment, cardio machines, our unique boxing and MMA facilities or smaller fitness studios including spin studios. Not forgetting our inclusive Ladies Only zones and our wide range of group exercises classes including the famous Les Mills classes that will help you to smash your fitness goals.

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Diverging Lat Pulldown Workout Guide

Diverging Lat Pulldown
Diverging Lat Pulldown

Increase muscle definition on your back

Start building up muscles in your back and increase your upper body strength using the diverging lat pulldown at Xercise4Less Gyms. Improve your strength, muscle mass and general fitness and stamina using this machine in the resistance machine gym zones.

To elevate your back workout or take your full body workout to a new level, maximise this piece of equipment and start reaping the benefits! This machine was designed to help you target your latissimus dorsi (lats) which are the biggest muscle in your back. With toned and defined lats, your back will look much more muscular and stronger.

Using the diverging lat pulldown

Resistance machine zones at Xercise4Less have something for everyone and helps people target individual muscles and potential problem areas. The diverging lat pulldown will help every member work on their back muscles and strength regardless of their strength and amount of weight training experience.

Before using the lat pulldown, sit down and adjust the leg rest so that it is resting just above your thighs. The pads shouldn’t be squashing your legs but there shouldn’t be a huge gap as this will make the weight lift more difficult. Once you’re comfortable, sit down and choose the weight you want to lift by moving the pin. Now you’re ready to lift!

Stand to reach the diverging lat pulldown handles and return to your seat. Pull the handles down so that your elbows are close to your waist, hold for a second and stretch your arms until they are straight. Repeat this 10 times and then rest for a couple of minutes. Repeat this for 3 sets. Try to increase the weight as you go to start building up strength and muscle. Once finished, return the diverging lat pulldown to the original motion and stand up.

To start seeing results in your lats, repeat exercises like this regularly during your back workout. Once you feel confident, start to use different machines such as the lat pulldown or assisted pull-up machine to build strength. You’ll then be able to perform exercises like deadlifts and bent over rows with more confidence.

Barbell Weighted Plates Deadlift

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Get stronger, get bigger and get fitter

In our inclusive and great value gyms at Xercise4Less, we have a wide range of machines in the resistance machines zone to help you build up strength. No matter your fitness goals and preferred type of training, we have something to suit you.

Try to push yourself every time you step into the gym. This might mean squeezing a few extra reps into your workout or increasing the weight so that you’re building up strength and the size of your muscles. The diverging lat pulldown machine should be used regularly in your back workout, pull day or in a full body workout so that you’re able to work numerous muscles at one time and create a balanced amount of strength in your upper body.

It’s really important to get your form right though. This not only prevents injury but maximises your workouts because your body is working to its full potential. If you ever start to feel pain whilst using the diverging lat pulldown, it’s likely that your form isn’t right so try to perfect this and then you’ll smash it.

Man-Lat Pulldown-Back Workout

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Whether you’ve never stepped into the gym before or you’re an experienced gym user, join Xercise4Less Gyms today and start transforming your physical and mental health.

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Benefits of Resistance Machine Gym Workouts

Older Woman using Smith Machine _ Weights
Older Woman using Smith Machine _ Weights

Improve your physical health with resistance machines

By using resistance machines available to you in our Xercise4Less Gyms, you’ll be able to transform your body and transform your fitness. Move one step closer to your fitness goals by using our resistance machines gym zones which include machines such as the leg press, lat pulldown and abdominal crunch.

There are many benefits to resistance training that you don’t want to miss out on. Resistance machines help with muscle gain and improve individual muscle strength. Using these machines regularly will also boost weight loss and burn fat at a faster rate which will improve your body confidence and make you feel happier and healthier.

Dorothya Sunderland Jan20201200x628

Resistance workouts increase strength and build muscle

One of the best things about resistance machines at Xercise4Less Gyms is that they help you to get stronger and grow muscle. Resistance training allows you to work on growing individual muscles through targeted movements. For example, the lat pulldown focuses only on your latissimus dorsi (lats) which allows you to really push yourself during your back workout to get bigger and stronger. If you feel like you’ve got specific problem areas on your body or just want to work on getting some muscles bigger than others, resistance machines can really help.

Xercise4Less Gyms have resistance machines that help you work all muscle groups. During your next back workout, use the seated row. For your next abs workout, use the abdominal crunch. For your next shoulder workout, use the shoulder press. Whatever your fitness goals, however you want your body to look, resistance machines will help you to achieve the muscle definition you want.

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Weight loss with resistance workouts

The possibilities to achieve your weight loss goals at Xercise4Less Gyms are endless. You’ve got access to a wide range of cardio equipment, an amount of free weights equipment to last a lifetime and resistance machines that allow you to target every single muscle group.

Resistance machines help you to isolate key problem areas and work these muscles to make them stronger but also more defined. You’ll increase muscle definition by losing body fat too. For example, if your lower arms bother you and are a reason for low body confidence, the tricep extension machine and seated tricep dip will help you to reduce body fat and build muscle in your arms. This will result in toned arms. 

Resistance machines also help you to burn calories at a quicker rate. Following a resistance workout, especially at a high-intensity level (i.e. low weight, high reps or intermediate weight and fast reps) will increase your heart rate and put your body into a fat burning state. This helps your body to burn more calories and ultimately lose more weight. To work towards your weight loss goals, don’t neglect resistance machines because they can really help to improve your weight loss journey.

Resistance training - leg press

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Best Resistance Machines To Lose Belly Fat

Best Resistance Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Main
Best Resistance Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Main

Which resistance machines to use to lose belly fat

Losing belly fat and giving yourself a flatter stomach isn’t easy and doesn’t come about quickly. In fact, you can’t directly target your love handles. Getting rid of belly fat requires a full body workout so you lose weight from your whole body and shed that stomach fat. At your local Xercise4Less gym you’ll find lots of quality resistance machines available to aid weight loss, so you never have to wait around to work off that fat from your belly or anywhere else. Let’s take a look at some of the best resistance machines you can use to help you lose belly fat in an Xercise4Less gym.

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Lat Pull Down Machine

The lat pulldown machine or cable pulldown machine provides one of the best exercises for fighting fat. This resistance machine primarily works on the ‘lats’ or the latissimus dorsi muscles, the large muscles across your middle and lower back. The lat pulldown machine however also works most of your upper body including the muscles in your shoulders, arms, biceps and traps. Always keep in mind that adding muscle will help you burn more calories at rest and contributes to a stronger fat-burning metabolism, so you lose weight in your middle quicker. Using the lat pulldown machine will keep you shedding fat and really deflate your spare tyre!

Best Resistance Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Lat Pull Down

Shed fat with the chest press machine

Similarly, the chest press machine in your Xercise4Less gym also targets your upper body. The chest press though works on your pectoral muscles, triceps, and deltoids enabling you to build a strong body and burn real belly fat. Bench pressing and lifting weights in general may not expend as many calories as cardio workouts, but the chest press will help make your daily activities a lot easier to manage. You’ll gain muscle and lose fat and help your body to burn more calories even while you’re not in the gym. If you go to an Xercise4Less gym and use the chest press machine, then you’ll benefit from a great tool for achieving a flatter stomach.

Best Resistance Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Chest Press

Shoulder press

Help yourself lose some belly fat by using one of the most effective exercises to achieve muscular shoulders. Add real muscle with this classic bodybuilding shoulder press exercise and increase your fat burning metabolism at the same time. This ease of use of this Xercise4Less gym resistance machine makes this an effective exercise that everyone from beginners to experts can benefit from. Shoulder press machines work the muscles of your shoulders to the core and strengthen your fat resistance while they’re doing their muscle-building job. As a resistance machine to use to shift belly fat the Shoulder Press is top of the class.

Pressurise your belly fat with a leg press machine

The leg press is a popular resistance machine for building key muscles like the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Perfect for beginners, the leg press machine at your local Xercise4Less gym only allows movement in a fixed pattern so you master the leg lifting technique before trying, for example, more challenging barbell and dumbbell leg lifts. You can develop your fat-burning resistance by adjusting the weights you’re lifting very quickly as well. You maximise muscle growth and effective fat-loss with the leg press machine while lifting heavy weights in a safe way. Burn lots of calories and flatten that tum with a turn on the leg press resistance machine.

Best Resistance Machines To Lose Belly Fat - Leg Press

Lose stomach fat with the bicep curl machine

You may not immediately think of the Bicep Curl Machine as useful in ridding yourself of stomach fat. But the more muscle tissue you have, the faster your metabolism becomes as muscle tissue burns a high number of calories. And the faster your metabolism becomes, the more belly fat you’ll lose! Use the biceps curl machine to tones and shape your upper arms and strengthen the important muscles you use in everyday life to lift, bend, and pull. The bicep curl machine isolates your biceps so you can build more mass and definition effectively. The Bicep Curl Machine is a pierce of effective resistance equipment to develop your belly fat-burning capabilities.

A flat belly with an Xercise4Less gym membership

Want a flatter stomach? Then join Xercise4Less Gyms. Whatever type of resistance machine you want on your belly-fat-reducing journey, we’ll provide it and in sufficient quantities to get your body leaner quicker. From dedicated workout areas like our resistance machines zone to the private Ladies Only Gym Zone we offer quality gym equipment to help you build more muscle and lose more fat and that includes stubborn belly fat!

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