Rowing Machine Workouts For Effective Weight Loss

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Lose Weight With Rowing Machine Workouts

The rowing machine may lie relatively neglected in the cardio zone of your local Xercise4Less gym. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t harness the superb weight loss capabilities of one of the most versatile pieces of cardio equipment in any gym. You may not be drawing oars on a river, but you will accelerate your weight loss journey as a full-body workout on the rowing machine strips fat and builds lean muscle. A rowing machine workout combines both strength and cardio training, engages practically all of your major muscles from your arms and core to your legs and gets your heart rate up to the max. While it’s low-impact on your joints, rowing machine exercises are high impact for weight loss as you burn a ton of calories with each workout on the rower. Your workout on the rowing machine doesn’t even have to be that long; consistency is key. Lose more weight long-term with 30-50 minutes on the rower three times a week.

Ready to give the rowing machine a go? Let’s take a quick look first at proper rowing technique so you get the most from our Rowing Machine Workouts for Weight Loss.

get rid of love handles - rowing

Correct Rowing Technique

Allow your rower seat to slide forward as you sit up straight. Hinge at the hips so your shoulders are in front of your hips, with arms straight and your hands beyond your knees. Keep your back, shoulders, arms, and core engaged as you drive with your legs, pushing the seat away from the rowing machine flywheel. As you drive with your legs, open your hips so your body swings back to about 11 o’clock. As your body swings back, bring your hands in toward your lower ribs to complete the rowing stroke. Reverse those motions to return to the starting position in one smooth motion by releasing your arms forward and letting your body swing forward and the seat slide forward at the same time.

Make sure you warm up before every session on the rowing machine with 5-10 minutes of gentle rowing and cool down for the same period after a fat burning rower session. Now you understand the right way to exercise on the rowing machine, here are some effective weight loss rower workouts for you to try.

Row Repeats for a Rowing Fat Burner

Jump on the rowing machine in your Xercise4Less gym for some fat-shredding Row Repeats. Put the resistance setting on the rowing machine at 10 and make sure you’re properly positioned on the rower with your feet fully fastened. Take an overhand grip on the bar and ensure that the rower screen is on and that you can clearly see the time and distance data. Row at a comfortable pace for 5 minutes then row for 250 metres as fast as possible trying hard to maintain the correct stroke technique. Rest for 60 seconds, then row another 250 metres as hard as you can. Keep this pattern going for ten all-out 250 metre rows to burn plenty of calories.

Lose More Weight as You Build Endurance

Your rowing workout will always benefit from some endurance work and this 20 minute rower workout will help supercharge your weight loss programme. Start building your cardio endurance at an easy clip for five minutes to warm your body up. Then row for 20 minutes at the fastest pace you can consistently sustain for that period. When your 20 minutes is done and you’ve burned lots of fat, record your average stroke rate and average speed so you can challenge yourself for your next rowing machine workout.

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Intense HIIT Rowing Workout To Burn Fat

A high-intensity interval-style workout is always effective for weight loss and this HIIT Rowing Workout really burns some serious calories. Warm up with a lightly paced 5 minutes of rowing. Then row as hard as you’re able for 30 seconds before resting for 30 seconds. Repeat for a total of 6 rounds, then take a 3-minute rest. You’ve just finished one HIIT rowing set, now do two more to complete this workout!

Time Trial for Effective Weight Loss

A rowing Time Trial workout over 2 kilometres is always a key component of any rower weight loss routine and perhaps the toughest challenge. Start off trying to cover 500 metres four times as fast as you can with one minute of rest in between. As you drop weight and add muscle, gradually reduce your rest time by 5 seconds and challenge yourself to doing the full 2 kilometres in one full-paced effort.  

500m Sprint Repeats to Lose Weight

If you thought the Row Repeats were tough, wait until you try these 500m Sprint Repeats! Remember though, as you’re grinding it out on the oars, how effective these rowing machine workouts will be for your weight loss targets. Warm up with 5 minutes of steady rowing. Sprint row for 500 metres while trying to keep each sprint under two minutes. Do these rowing sprint repeats 8 times with 40 seconds of rest between each one to feel a real calorie burn. If you’re finding the rest time insufficient at first, take up to 60 seconds but try not to rest for longer. Don’t worry, it won’t be long before you’re back to the shorter rest period.

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Real Weight Loss Results with Xercise4Less Gyms

Whether you want to row, run, or weightlift your way to your weight loss targets, you’ll get there quicker with Xercise4Less Gyms. We don’t just offer fat busting gym facilities like our Ladies Only Gym Zone or Combat Zone with MMA cage; we provide our membership with a real gym community of friendly members and expert personal trainers ready to be your cheerleader on your fitness journey. Enjoy up to 40 inclusive exercise classes in our spacious fitness studio or spend your workout time on the stationary cycles in your spin bike studio. Anything you need to supercharge your weight loss including plenty of rowing machines is available to you at your local Xercise4Less gym.

Rowing Machine Workout Guide

Rowing Machines
Rowing Machines

Use this Xercise4Less Full Body Rowing Machine Workout Guide to increase fat loss, build muscle, and improve your functional speed and endurance. Whether you’re ready to join a gym, new to gyms, a casual gym goer or an experienced gym user, you’ll find Xercise4Less gyms the perfect place to start your fitness journey as you row towards transformed health and wellbeing.

With this full body rowing machine workout session, you can really challenge yourself with high intensity cardio exercises. Always make sure the rowing machine is part of your Xercise4Less fitness plan as there are tremendous crossover benefits to other exercises including lifting weights. Start working towards your fitness goals as you work out on the rowing machine.

Work Out Your Full Body with Rowing Machine Exercises

Give your all to rowing as you use this Xercise4Less Full Body Rowing Machine Workout Guide using the following row machine variations:


Rowing Machine Row Repeats

Rowing Machine Build Endurance

Rowing Machine Burn Fat

Rowing Machine Time Trial


Choose one or two of these rowing routines and really work up a sweat. Make sure you master the proper rowing stroke first though to make the best use of our rowing machines. Each rowing stroke has two parts: the drive and the recovery. Start the drive by pushing your feet down to straighten your legs, keeping your arms straight and gripping the handle firmly. When your legs are almost fully straight, drive your elbows back to bend your arms and bring the rower handle powerfully towards your chest. At the end of the drive your torso should be leaning back slightly with your elbows behind your body. Recovery begins as you reverse the movement back to the start, bending your knees and sliding the seat back towards your heels.

If you have any questions about rowing machine technique, our friendly Personal Trainers will be around to advise and guide you where necessary. You’ll also have access to multiple rowing machines in your local Xercise4Less gym, so you won’t have to stand around waiting to start rowing. All of our fitness centres offer over 400 pieces of exercise equipment to transform your real body including lots of rowing machines.

Read on for more detailed instructions on how to perform these full body rowing machine exercises correctly.

Full Body Rowing Machine Row Repeats

Tone your real body and build muscle with a Rowing Machine Row Repeats session.

Put the rowing machine damper setting at 10, then position yourself correctly and safely on the rower with feet securely fastened and an overhand grip on the bar. Make sure the screen is on and that the time and distance data are clearly visible. Row for five minutes at a comfortable pace, then row for 250m as fast as possible, while maintaining proper rowing form. Rest for 60 seconds, then row another 250m at maximum effort.

Repeat for a total of ten all-out 250m rows.

Full Body Rowing Machine Build Endurance Workout

As the name suggests, this rowing exercise, the Rowing Machine Build Endurance, is all about increasing your physical stamina.

After an easy-pace five-minute warm-up, row for 20 minutes at the highest rowing effort level you can consistently maintain.

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Blast Calories with the Rowing Machine Burn Fat Exercises

Blow off some calories with this fantastic high-intensity interval-style cardio session, the Rowing Machine Burn Fat exercise.

Warm up with an easy-pace five-minute row. Row as hard as you can for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this on the rower for a total of six rounds, then take a three-minute rest. That’s one set. Maintain the same intensity every time so you row approximately the same distance.

Repeat for a total of 3 Rowing Machine Burn Fat sets.

The Rowing Machine Time trial for a Whole Body Workout

Build your endurance with a Rowing Machine Time trial session.

Start this test of your physical stamina with 1 all-out 500 metre row. Take 60 seconds and then repeat another 3 times for a total of 2 kilometres. As your rowing machine endurance improves over time, gradually cut your rest time by ten seconds until you’re rowing for 2 kilometres in one go.

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