Leg Press Machine Workout Guide

Leg Press
leg press female fitness-workout guide

The leg press exercise machine isolates and stimulates your quads, glutes and hamstrings and helps your legs grow to their full potential. Build key muscles in your legs and embrace an effective fat loss tool when you start working out on the seated leg press machine.

Ready for the best leg press exercises for every level of gym goer? Our Leg Press Machine Workout Guide will support you to a higher level of fitness whether you’re ready to join a gym, new to gyms, a casual gym goer or an experienced gym user.

At your local Xercise4Less gym you can work out at any of our 20 leg stations. Sit down with one of our friendly expert Personal Trainers to work out the right spot to include a leg press session in your individual exercise plan. Transform your fitness ambitions when you take on this lower body leg press gym guide today.

Work Your Lower Body with This Leg Press Exercise Session

With this Xercise4Less Leg Press Machine Workout Guide you’ll get a full lower body functional workout as part of your normal leg strengthening routine or a machine circuit workout. Start your fitness journey with a bang using the following leg press gym exercises: When using the leg press machine, pay attention to your form to maximize its strength-building benefits and prevent injury. Get the most out of your leg press machine routine by not trying to lift more weight than you should. If you can’t control the leg press movements, you should reduce the weights. Keep your buttocks on the leg press seat and don’t place your hands on your knees. Keep your head against the seat back and follow through the entire range of motion without lifting your hips during the leg press exercise. Don’t be concerned if you’re having difficulty getting comfortable working out on a leg press machine. Our Personal Training staff will be on hand in your local Xercise4Less gym to show you how to adjust the leg press safely before starting. You’ll always be able to work out on the leg press machine as every one of our gyms is fully equipped with 20 leg stations for our members. Read on for more detailed instructions on how to get the most from these lower body leg press exercises.
high feet leg press female fitness-workout guide

A Terrific Standard Leg Press Session

Put pressure on your lower body and benefit from this Standard Leg Press exercise.

Place your feet shoulder-width apart on the leg press machine pad. Make sure your toes aren’t pointing straight forwards. Straighten your legs and release the leg press handles. Keep your entire back, particularly the lower portion, firmly set against the seat.  Keeping your feet set, lower your legs towards your chest then press up again without fully locking your legs out at the knee.

Do 15-25 Standard Leg Press reps and repeat in 3 sets.

The High Feet Leg Press for a Lower Body Machine Workout

By varying your foot position while on the leg press machine you can emphasize different muscles.

In the High Feet Leg Press you place your feet higher up on the foot pad to encourage the hamstrings and glutes to activate, which takes stress off the quads. This is a great leg press machine substitute for deadlifts and hamstring curls.

Do 15-25 High Feet Leg Press reps and repeat in 3 machine sets.

Supercharge your Lower Body with a Low Feet Leg Press

Strengthen your knee and hip joints with this Low Feet Leg Press session.

Place your feet low on the leg press machine foot pad to shift the stress of the exercise onto the quads. This is a great substitute for squats.

Do 15-25 Low Feet Leg Press reps and repeat in 3 machine sets.

low feet leg press male fitness-workout guide

Narrow Stance Leg Press Exercises

Energise your leg muscles with a session of Narrow Stance Leg Press reps.

Bring your feet closer together to work the outer thigh muscles. The lower you place your narrow stance, the more quad dominant this leg press variation will be. 

Do 15-25 Narrow Stance Leg Press reps and repeat in 3 sets.

Develop Your Legs with a Wide Stance Leg Press

Finish off your leg press machine exercise session with this Wide Stance Leg Press set.

Place your feet further apart than the narrow stance leg press and push the exercise emphasis on to your inner quad muscles. This leg press machine move has similar benefits to a standard sumo squat.

Do 15-25 Wide Stance Leg Press reps and repeat in 3 sets.

Join Xercise4Less Gyms for the Best Leg Press Machine Workouts

Use this Leg Press Machine Workout to start transforming your lower body at your local Xercise4Less Gym. If you’re not already one of our gym members, you’re really missing out. Not only is our gym membership able to access 20 leg stations in every gym, but they’re part of a real community of likeminded fitness enthusiasts at all levels of fitness. On hand in each fitness centre are friendly Personal Trainers happy to help guide you to the next level of fitness whether you’re ready to join a gym, new to gyms, a casual gym goer or an experienced gym user.

The latest leg press equipment and a supportive gym community are just part of the Xercise4Less Gyms experience though. We work hard to create the right environment for all our members, female and male, exercise beginner and gym veteran. However you want to work out, you can exercise more easily at an Xercise4Less gym than anywhere else. Choose from a dedicated Ladies Only gym zone, special Spin studio, a combat zone as well as a highly effective functional fitness area. As an Xercise4Less gym member you also benefit from top class group exercise classes including Les Mills fitness sessions with friendly expert Personal Trainers ready to take you to the next level of fitness. Try too our incredible Body Transformation Camps and Boot Camps to start shaping your real body.

Join Xercise4Less Gyms today and begin your journey towards a higher level of health and wellbeing the right way; the Xercise4Less way.

Leg Extension Machine Workout Guide

Leg Extension
Leg Extension

Work your quads hard with this Xercise4Less Gyms Leg Extension Machine Workout Guide. Put your legs under pressure at one of our 20 leg stations as you work out your thighs, build lower body strength and improve muscle definition. This strength training workout is great for every level of fitness from being ready to join a gym, new to gyms, a casual gym goer or if you’re already an experienced gym user.

Using the leg extension workout machine at your local gym Xercise4Less can be an important part of your fitness plan. So, when you discuss your exercise ambitions with our friendly Personal Trainers, make sure to include this leg extension gym machine workout in your fitness programme. Whatever equipment you need to smash your exercise targets, Xercise4Less Gyms will provide it.

Transform Your Lower Body with a Leg Extension Machine Workout

With this Xercise4Less Leg Extension Machine Workout Guide you’ll get a lower body functional workout that will really boost your fitness levels. Work your quadriceps with this exercise for a leg extension gym machine.

Do not use this leg extension exercise for low-rep, high-load strength conditioning to avoid the risk of any possibility of knee ligament strain. Use a moderate load for the leg extension weight and follow the instructions below as to the number of recommended leg extension reps. Avoid doing this leg extension workout with any speed as you’ll just use momentum rather than engaging your muscles and don’t lock your knees at full extension. This can strain the knee joint.

If you have any questions on how to use a leg extension machine, just ask one of our friendly Personal Trainers in your local Xercise4Less gym. Our fitness staff are always on hand to offer tips on technique or encourage you when you need some extra motivation. You’ll never have to queue either to exercise on gym leg extension machine at an Xercise4Less fitness centre, we provide 20 leg stations in each gym so everyone can enjoy a legs day!

Read on for more detailed instructions on how to build up your lower body using exercises for the leg extension machine.

The Best Lower Body Leg Extension Machine Session

Work out with one of our leg extension machines at the Xercise4Less gym leg station for a leg-building boost.

Choose a moderate weight and sit on the leg extension workout machine with your legs under the pad, your feet pointed forward and your hands holding the side bars. This is your starting position. Adjust the pad so that it falls on top of your lower leg just above your feet. Ensure too that your legs form a 90-degree angle between the lower and upper leg to prevent undue stress at the knee joint.

Using your quadriceps, extend your legs to the maximum as you exhale. Ensure that the rest of your body remains stationary on the seat. Pause a second on the contracted position. Slowly lower the weight back to the original position as you inhale, ensuring that you do not go past the 90-degree angle limit on the leg extension machine.

Do three sets of eight to 12 leg extension machine repetitions.

Join Xercise4Less Gyms to Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

Put some kick into your leg strength with this Leg Extension Machine Workout Guide. Put this gym leg extension exercise into practice at our 20 leg stations when you join Xercise4Less Gyms today. But when you join our fitness club, you’re also joining a real community of friendly people just like you who are keen to get fitter, lose weight or tone their body. We put your needs at the heart of Xercise4Less Gyms. You decide your exercise targets and we help you achieve your fitness dreams with a targeted effective workout plan. Whether you want to exercise using a leg extension machine or prefer lifting free weights, our Personal Trainers will work with you to reach your fitness goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

As the People’s Gym, we give our members what they need whether they’re ready to join a gym, new to gyms, a casual gym goer or already an experienced gym user. Our gym membership includes a fully dedicated Ladies Only gym zone, heart-racing Spin studio, a pulsating combat zone as well as a highly effective functional fitness area. As an Xercise4Less Gyms member you also benefit from top class group exercise classes including Les Mills fitness sessions with friendly expert Personal Trainers ready to take you to the next level of fitness. Try too our incredible Body Transformation Camps and Boot Camps to push your body towards real sustained improvement.

When you join Xercise4Less Gyms today you kickstart your fitness journey to take you from the leg extension machine to the combat zone.

New Year Fitness Resolutions

group fitness christmas dinner blog
fitness 12 days of Christmas 2019

Six New Year’s Fitness Resolutions You’ll Stick To

Ready for the fresh start of a New Year? You’ve eaten and drunk your way through December, and you know that January 2020 is the perfect time to make some health and wellbeing changes. You know too that those New Year fitness resolutions will have faded away before the end of that first month. For all your good intentions, your good resolutions will have failed their fitness test.


Unless you’re a member of Xercise4Less Gyms! Take a look at our 6 New Year’s Fitness Resolutions You’ll Stick To and find achievable exercise ambitions that will survive the whole of 2020. Read on for New Year resolutions that will rejuvenate your fitness journey and help you accomplish the workout targets you want.

1: Look Forward to Your New Fitness Year

Start off your New Year of improved fitness by celebrating your exercise accomplishments of the last year. No matter if your progress has been small or large, give yourself a handsome clap on the back and then plan for the new fitness year. Make your health and wellbeing goals for this year simply being better than last year. Narrow your fitness targets to just eating better. Or losing weight. Or being more active. Don’t try and achieve everything all at one. With manageable goals you’ll find it far easier to stick to your fitness resolutions as you move through the year. Above all, make your fitness resolutions about you and not about trying to impress other people. Workouts fuelled by your own desire to get fitter will be much easier to maintain right throughout 2020.

2: Resolve to Start Small

The second day of our Christmas workout routine and there are no turtle doves but turtle dove squats and 12 repetitions for you to do. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, feet pointing outwards. Bend at the knees, pushing the hips back but keeping your torso straight. Keep squatting until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Stand back up and repeat to get your Xmas season off to a healthy start.

3: Aim for Better Fitness Not Perfect Workouts

Gradual and continuous fitness improvement will help you last through the year. Aim for better workouts and avoid trying for the perfect session. Plan for your fitness programme to go wrong at some stage and plan what you can do to change your workout routine up. Busy lives and work commitments can sometimes get in the way of your fitness but don’t worry, you just need exercise consistency over time to progress. Leading a more active life isn’t going to happen overnight. Just focus on getting better little by little and you’ll find yourself sticking to your New Year fitness resolutions.

4: Schedule Your Gym Time in the New Year

Make the time for working out by scheduling your workout on your calendar. Set your phone alerts to remind you of your next gym session and prepare a backup plan for exercising on those days when you feel too tired or too busy at work to go to the gym. When you schedule a workout, you’re far more likely to go through with it. Make sure your exercise schedule is sustainable with your current work and family routine.

5: Lean on Our Gym Community

We talk a lot about community at Xercise4Less Gyms but that’s because we know how much of a support it can be. When you’re taking on some New Year fitness resolutions, don’t miss out on the communal support offered by our encouraging personal fitness trainers and friendly gym members. Wherever you are on your fitness journey it’s always valuable to get the expert advice of a personal trainer in a one-to-one session or boot camp. Find a reliable exercise buddy from our gym community and you’re also less likely to miss a session and more likely to stick to your New Year fitness goals.

6: Make Fitness Fun in the New Year

Working out may not always feel like fun but when you enjoy your exercise session you’re much more likely to stick with it. Find a way of exercising that you enjoy, and you’ll find it easier to keep your fitness resolutions right through 2020. If you hate running on the treadmill, work out in our functional fitness area. Feel constrained by resistance machines? Start lifting in our free weights zone. Try some of our fun group fitness classes and benefit from the endorphins of a sweaty class of Les Mills BODYCOMBAT or the stress release of a Yoga class in your local gym. Choose workouts that will have you coming back for more, New Year after New Year.

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New Year’s Resolutions that will Work Out

Exercise whenever you can and work out however you can, and you’ll keep on track for improved fitness in the New Year. With our 6 New Year’s Fitness Resolutions You’ll Stick To you’ll focus on making fitness fun and your exercise programme manageable. Work out in the boxing ring or in the supportive environment of our Ladies Only Gym Zone; enjoy the company of friendly gym members or the motivation of expert personal trainers in group fitness classes. Xercise4Less Gyms provides every tool you need to stick to your New Year fitness resolutions and achieve your exercise goals in 2020.

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A tasty workout routine fit for Christmas dinner

group hiit fitness workout xmas dinner blog

Enjoy your Christmas dinner after these tasty workouts

Everyone looks forward to their Christmas dinner, don’t they? Succulent roast turkey, moreish roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, plum pudding, pigs in blankets, add in a couple of glasses of wine and you have a festive dinner table to remember. Are you aware though of how many calories you’re actually consuming? British Christmas dinner eaters will typically get through over 6,000 calories on the 25th of December. To burn off what is two days of calories for a man, you’d need to run a half marathon, brave the freezing sea for a five hour swim or take on four hours of body squats.

If you can’t indulge at Christmas, when can you? At Xercise4Less Gyms we’re no Christmas grinches so we want to help you get dump those Xmas dinner calories but how?

group hiit fitness workout xmas dinner blog

Our Spirit of Christmas Fitness Session

We’re afraid that the annual Christmas Day Walk won’t quite manage to crunch those 6,000 calories so it’s just not possible to have your Xmas cake and eat it too! Instead here’s a 20 minute high intensity HIIT session to start working off your Christmas dinner. Complete these calorie-burning exercises in order and repeat four times. Work out hard for 40 seconds and recover for 20 seconds in between each set.

Christmas Belly Burpees

From a standing position squat down and place your hands flat on the floor in front of you. Kick both legs out straight behind you to be in a plank position. Bring both legs back in towards your chest placing your feet flat on the ground. Reach your arms over your head and jump upwards to complete one rep. Now you can enjoy that Yuletide log.

Little Drummer Boy Lunges

Standing with your upper body straight and your core engaged, stretch one leg in front and the other behind, lower your hips until both legs are at a 90 degree angle and push back up. Repeat on other side to offset the Christmas dinner calories.

Jolly Jumping Jacks

Stand with your legs straight and your arms to your sides. Jump up and spread your feet beyond hip-width apart while bringing your arms above your head, nearly touching. Jump again, lowering your arms and bringing your legs together. Return to your starting position and repeat to burn off the seasonal excess.

Santa Shoulder Taps

Start to work off your Christmas dinner with Santa Shoulder Taps. Start in a kneeling-plank position with your legs hip-width apart and your ankles crossed. Keeping your body straight, tap your left hand on your right shoulder before returning to start. Alternate this movement with opposite arm to finish your first rep.

Christmas High Knees Up

Stand up straight and place your feet about hip-width apart. Bring one knee up as close to your chest as possible then drop it back down and repeat on the other side. Do these Xmas High Knees with a hopping motion, staying on the balls of your feet the whole way through the exercise.

Fitness All Year Round

Now that you’ve worked off your festive over-indulgence, don’t stop. Keep moving forward on your fitness journey with the help of the inclusive Xercise4Less gym community and our fantastic gym facilities and exercise classes. Now you have no excuses not to work out the whole year round. Remember exercise isn’t just for Christmas!

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Full Body Weight Plates Workout Guide

weight plates-upper body workout guide
weight plates-upper body workout guide

Grab a weight plate to build muscle and shred fat with this total body workout from Xercise4Less Gyms. Weight plates exercise sessions should be included in your fitness programme whether you’re ready to join a gym, new to gyms, a casual gym goer or already an experienced gym user. When you exercise at your local friendly Xercise4Less gym with this Weight Plates Workout Guides you’ll soon find yourself accelerating towards your fitness goals.

Weight plate exercises are just as useful for your whole body as a dumbbell session or a kettlebell workout, but you also work hard on your grip strength and core stability, ideal as part of your inclusive exercise plan. Let’s look a little closer at this Full Body Weight Plates Workout Guide.

Whole Body Weight Plate Exercises to Burn Fat and Add Muscle

Start to transform your body and see real results from this Xercise4Less Full Body Weight Plates Workout Guide with the following weight plate exercises:


Weight Plate Squat
Weight Plate Row
Weight Plate Pinch Carry
Weight Plate Halo
Weight Plate Crunch Reach


This weight plates workout has five lifting exercises. Do all the reps for each exercise, then rest for 60 seconds. Keep your abs, lower back and glutes engaged for every rep so your body remains stable and you improve the power transfer between your upper and lower body. If you’d prefer to focus on specific parts of your body, check out our Lower Body Weight Plates Workout Guide or the Xercise4Less Upper Body Weight Plates Workout Guide.

If you find you need help at any stage of this weight plates workout, just talk to our friendly Personal Trainers. Xercise4Less fitness staff are always available to advise or guide you when you need it. Get the full calorie-burn benefits of this workout session with the 4 sets of Olympic bumper plates and 1 Ladies Only Olympic bumper plate set available in your local Xercise4Less gym. Whatever exercise equipment you need to get fitter, Xercise4Less provides it.

Read on for more detailed instructions on how to perform these weight plates exercises correctly.

Weight Plate Squat Full Body Exercises

Jack up your upper legs and hamstrings with this massive full body workout move, the Weight Plate Squat.

Stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder width holding a weight plate. Place the weight plate between your legs and bend at your hips and knees with your chest up and your weight on your heels. Pause in the bottom position for one second, then squeeze your glutes to get back up.

Do 10-12 Weight Plate Squat full body reps and repeat in 4 sets. Rest for 60 seconds.

Weight Plate Row Full Body Workout

Improve your balance and target your middle back muscles with these Weight Plate Row exercises.

Stack the needed number of weight plates on top of a small weight plate on the ground, allowing you to easily grip the rims. Take a shoulder-width stance in front of the weight plates. Bend at the hip with your knees slightly bent, keeping your back flat. Grab the weight plates from the side and let them hang below your chest, arms extended. Maintain a flat back, pull the weight plates to your chest by flexing the elbows. Avoid jerking the weight plates. Return the plates to the starting position and repeat.

Do 10-12 Weight Plate Row full body reps and repeat in 4 sets. Rest for 60 seconds.

Weight Plate Pinch Carry for a Whole Body Session

Work your forearm muscles and benefit from these Weight Plate Pinch Carry exercises.

Hold a weight plate between your thumb and fingers and walk for 30 metres. Switch arms and repeat the distance. This is one set.

Do these Weight Plate Pinch Carry full body reps in 4 sets. Rest for 60 seconds.

Weight Plate Halo Full Body Exercises

Weight Plate Halo is great for building rotational strength and works your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and back.

Stand with feet hip-width apart and hold a weight plate with an outside grip, arms extended overhead. Bend your elbows and rotate your arms to move the weight plate around your head in a circle and down the other side. Continue for 30 seconds. Switch direction; repeat.

Do 8-10 Weight Plate Halo full body reps and repeat in 4 sets. Rest for 60 seconds.

Weight Plate Crunch Reach Full Body Workout

Focus on your abs with this amazing Weight Plate Crunch Reach set.  

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Take the weight plate up over your head, then bring it back over. As you sit up, straighten your arms and push the weight plate up into the air as high as you can. Make sure you elevate your chest and straighten your back at the same time. Then bring the weight plate back into your chest as you lie back down to start again.

Do 8-10 Weight Plate Crunch full body reps and repeat in 4 sets. Rest for 60 seconds.

Join Xercise4Less Gyms for a Full Body Weight Plates Workout

We know how to get you fitter at Xercise4Less Gyms and that’s why we provide all the fitness equipment you need for your inclusive exercise programme including weight plates. Use this Full Body Weight Plates Workout Guide to start your fitness journey or jump start your progress if you’re stuck on an exercise plateau. If you’d prefer to split your workouts, try the Upper Body Weight Plates Workout Guide or the Xercise4Less Lower Body Weight Plates Workout Guide for effective ideas on building muscle and shedding real weight.

No matter what stage of the fitness journey you’re at, ready to join a gym, new to gyms, a casual gym goer or an experienced gym user, at the People’s Gym our friendly personal training experts will guide and motivate you towards the most ambitious fitness goals. Not only do you get the best value gym membership with Xercise4Less, you get a huge range of the latest gym equipment including 4 sets of Olympic bumper plates. You can also use our 1 Ladies Only Olympic bumper plate set in a dedicated Ladies Only gym zone if you want a more private space to exercise in. A Women Only fitness space is only part of our impressive fitness environment. Xercise4Less members get to use a special Spin studio, functional fitness area and a combat zone in all our gyms nationwide. Add in the impressive results of our Body Transformation Camps and Boot Camps, and inclusive group fitness classes including Les Mills workouts and you have all the ingredients needed to supercharge your fitness journey.

Join Xercise4Less Gyms today and work out an inclusive exercise plan including weight plate exercises with our friendly Personal Trainers. Why delay your body transformation, start your energising fitness journey right now!